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Based on the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques, Redwall MUCK offers players a chance to RP in the world of Redwall. It is set many generations after the Redwall Series ends, so, while many of the same organizations exist, none of the characters from the books are still alive. The technological level of Redwall is roughly equivalent to that of Medieval England. Players have the opportunity to play many different species, Vermin or Woodlander. Building is welcomed.

Mud Theme: The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

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Review posted by Lucidius
Posted on Mon Apr 12 20:44:48 2004 / 0 comments
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A very well thought out MUCK, with friendly players, a good storyline and cool characters. Quite simply a very enjoyable experience.

Admins consist of only one person and the MUCK could benefit from a full admin council.

Players tend to hold zealously to canon(in theme) ideas and are very heplful when it comes to fleshing out a role. Stop by and give it a try though, you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by Finch
Posted on Sun Jan 11 20:11:38 2004 / 0 comments
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Ahhh, Redwall MUCK. Where I discovered the world of MUCKs, MOOs, and MUSHes. What can I say besides...sweet. Still my favorite. Ever. Very newbie friendly, reasonably easy to get a character(as long as the staff cares), and plenty of people to rp with.

Completely roleplay based, the actual battles can be...annoying depending on who you fight. Newbs should refrain from fighting for a while and just observe. Pretty simple as far as commands go, the homepage is wondeful for information. You can easily customize your character, as long as you don't go too far(out of medieval Europe weapons and such). People can be really strict on this.

Which leads me to the only problem. People who have played for a long time generally despise newbs. Many of the leaders and veterans in there barely even rp any more. This lack of rp has caused a decline. The head staff members have tried to liven it up some, but there is too much resistance. It has grown stale.

Fortunately, there is new hope on the horizon. Some adventurous young souls are brave enough to step up and do something. The MUCK was great before and it's becoming even better. My advice...jump on... NOW!

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