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SMAUG is a derivative of the version 2.1 distribution of Merc Diku Mud. SMAUG 1.4 (C) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998 by Derek Snider SMAUG code team: Thoric, Altrag, Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scryn, Rennard, Swordbearer, Gorog, Grishnakh, Nivek, Tricops and Fireblade. Their license agreement is in the file './SMAUG/license.txt

EldhaMUD is a derivitive of SmaugFUSS1.4a, a bug fixed version of Smaug1.4a. EldhaMUD contains substantial enhancements to Smaug/Merc/Diku Mud code, and includes code written by the Smaug/Merc/Diku Mud Teams, code supplied by various snippet authors (see credits.txt) and changes and additions made by the EldhaMUD Team.

In order to use EldhaMUD you must follow the Diku/Merc/Smaug licenses and our license. The exact terms of the Diku license are in the file './DIKU/license.diku'. The exact terms of the Merc license are in the file './MERC/license.merc'. The exact terms of the Smaug license are in the file './SMAUG/license.txt'.

Our license terms are: -- Copyrights must remain in original source. -- A mention that this is a EldhaMUD based MUD must appear in the login sequence. EldhaMUD makes no effort to retain compatibility with any original Diku code, Merc code, Smaug code, any patches, upgrades or code snippets or area files.

Client Recommendation: zMud, cMud

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Telnet Attempts This Month70622.774
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