Indeterminate Destiny


Our hostname is 2000.

Ever play Ashen Dust, Asgardian Nightmare, Aadarian Realms or Calindrian Council? If so you might want to stop here for a look. I have taken several items of those and other MuDs and combined them all in one place!

Here are some exciting reasons to give our MUD a try: * Devote system for leveling your character after you reach hero status. * Brand new mission system for earning awards as you explore various options of the game. * Brand new explored code for tracking rooms you visit as well as mobs and objects you interact with. * Completely automated clan creation system. * Ashen point system for giving your character a wide range of bonuses. * Standard questing system for earning equipment. * Forging system for collecting materials and forging your own equipment. * Global questing system similar to the standard one, but with more mobs. * Arena system for challenging other players with many advanced options. * Most PK rules are code enforced to prevent illegal interference. * Banks which can store objects and money. * Charts for tracking top stats of all players. * Can't choose a class? Skill percents will save over reroll. * Just like rerolling? Practices and trains from missions and questing also save!

I have many more changes and ideas planned and hope you will stop by and see them sometime soon.

Mud Theme: Fun

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