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Mud Address:    pogo.mudhosting.net 5555
Codebase:            [MUX]
Listing Last Updated:     November 07, 2016


On Pogo, we pull our theme from as many diverse, and far-flung pieces of pop culture and mesh it all together in our super-blender. We crossbreed Walt Kelly's famous Pogo comic strip, which only draith seems to know of, with a breed of Jabberwock, add a touch of silliness, mix it with the groob, diversify it with big nonsense words such as tiddlydewinks and then puree it within the confounded minds of Firesign Theatre. Get the idea? Go figure.

We base part of our MUX down home on the swamp of the 'Pogo' comic strip, and then we take off from there. When you connect for the first time, you find yourself in the Tulgey wood of Limboland. See, it's a fun place. So we strongly encourage you to join our entourage of troubadours, fools, philosophs and small metal things which bounce back at you.

Mud Theme: Social & Old-school

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PogoMUX Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed267
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status265
Total Telnet Attempts3091.157
Total Website Attempts00.000
Telnet Attempts This Month2929.419
Website Attempts This Month00.000