High magic and futuristic technology collide in one of the foremost MUDs of its class.

With past and future time periods, intricate game mechanics and a unique environment, Tempus aims to be the best there is.

TempusMUD is an immersive fantasy role playing game set in an evolving universe of ancient magic and futuristic technology. As a time-traveling adventurer you choose your own path to power in this intensive multi-player experience.

Set apart from other MUDs by dovetailing diverse genres, the worlds of Tempus range from the visceral to the ethereal. Temporal rifts in time weave together a medieval fantasy past, a cyberpunk future, and the great elemental planes into a sweeping universe taking you to the outer regions of existence and back again.

Like an interactive novel, the online text environment ignites the mind and imagination with diverse character classes, immortal quests, exotic races and religions, powerful clans, welcoming players and countless features.

The players and Immortals of TempusMUD invite you to alter our world.

Mud Theme: Time Travel/Fantasy/Cyberpunk

TempusMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Strago
Posted on Sun Apr 29 16:31:57 2012 / 0 comments
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This Hack-Slash circle based but far from circle mud is one of the best and has a lot of regular players. Tempus is newbie friendly with a huge world. You should really check it out. Player killing is allowed. Tempus has a Remort system where once you get to the max level you can start again and raise your stats even higher. Ten times to be exact. The equipment is level-less. Meaning you do not have to wait to be max level to get the best gear in the game. You just have to be rich enough or lucky enough to get it.

The remort is also a dual class system so you can make whatever kind of combo you want. Want to be a Thief/Mage? By all means go ahead. Tempus has a timeline where if you want swords and staffs you would fight in the past. If you want Guns and Implants for your character you go to the Future. There is classes for the future and past alike. So you can also be a Cyborg/Cleric. I only know one mud that has this kind of classes where you can be both. Makes for some interesting characters.

Hope to see you soon, Strago.

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Review posted by derek
Posted on Mon Jan 5 20:12:12 2009 / 0 comments
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I've played Tempus on and off for over ten years. I've seen it grow and change throughout that time getting better and better.

My favorite part is the class system. There are great classes to play from the past and the future. Remorting, restarting and adding a second class gives even more power and options to your character. My Knight/Physic is my favorite character to play. The mix of martial skills from Knight and science alterations from Physic gives me lots of options for taking down mobs in many different zones.

Unique and diverse zones are another great part of Tempus. Tempus has the expected layers of Heaven and Hells, elemental planes, etc. But have you ever adventured in a lively candy factory with a terrible hidden secret? What about roaming a Virtual reality hidden deep withing a doctors subconscious? Unique zones like this are what keep me coming back to Tempus year after year.

Finally the Quest system is awesome. There are many types of Immortal run quests from pk quests to trivia quests. You can use the quest points earned to improve on your items or create brand new ones. Tempus even has it's own fantasy football league, so there are lots of ways to participate and be part a part of Tempus.

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