Haven is a highly detailed, extremely large world with a very small playerbase. We need more players to grow!

Experience-point system complete with detailed combat and non-combat skills, highly detailed magic system, player-run economics and even player-ownable ships!

18+ Player Races, 20+ Player Towns, 8 Religions 3 Continents! 4 Planes of existence!

Newbie-friendly but geared towards grown-ups, run by grown-ups with multiple years of experience.

Mud Theme: Medieval/Fantasy

Haven Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Bjorn
Posted on Sat Nov 17 19:36:01 2012 / 0 comments
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Haven is a huge world of continents, islands and seas. the original continent is the stage for most of the world. All the races save gnolls and dark-dwarves claim a piece of it for themselves. Most towns with access to water have a running drydock where a player can purchase various types of ships to sail and explore the rest of the world.

There are three types of spell casters: faith (clerics), natural (druids) & conjuring (magi). As well as a song system for bardic types.

The game strives for realism as much as we can with a day seperated by night with two moons. We also offer death by starvation, thirst and disease!

Come join us, and sail the seas of Kailie!

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Review posted by David E Brackett
Posted on Mon Jun 30 21:06:15 2008 / 0 comments
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I have been playing Haven for about three weeks now and i have nothing but outstanding remarks for this seasoned MUD. In this following review im going to cover: Quests, Playability, Playerbase, Wizard Staff, Guilds, Combat and of course, the overview.

Quests: The quests on this game are of pure choice, but if done you get rewards. Now some quests on here are dependant on some skills, some of them require combat. Some of them require delivering a letter for the town, and another is of exploration(which is selfless because it gives you a bonus for just knowing the MUD). Out of all the towns they have quests to offer and they offer rewards. Which is great for development of your character if they are for doing errands for the city.

Playability: There is an OOC channel to talk to other players no matter where your at. Another good thing i like about it is it displays your REAL name, instead of Hammer, it will display Doug. If you SO deem you dont want people of the mud to know your real name you can just keep your mud name it is totally optional. There is no 'old skool' syntax, which means you use words to define your syntax. Like 'cast fireball on second orc' will cast a spell at the second orc. Also you can use plural in the mud too, so if you want to drop all your carrots, you just 'drop carrots' and all of them drop. There is numerous types of currency with different values, and banks to store your money. Your armour/weapons/items that you have on your body is SAVED. Everything in the MUD is roleplayed, and if you're new like me no problem everyone is patient with your learning. Instead of just your basic 'HACK AND SLASH' playing, you can gain exp by doing other things _besides_ quests. Me personally, i like fishing on this game, its simple and relaxing while chatting to other players. There is also farming, mining, and cooking. There is virturally a ton of things to do on this mud too while trying to accomplish the 500 levels until the top. To keep your money flow balanced there is a skill called bargaining which bases off your money making abilities with the merchants.

Playerbase: Unfortunately there is a low playerbase, 10+ almost on at weekends and afternoons. But recently there has been a trickle of people in that have been playing regularly, which is good.

Wizard Staff: The most wizards that i have seen as a mortal is only two. But i know there are a couple invis and behind the scenes. There is a main arch named Duuk which is the owner of the MUD and maintainer. He is always willing to help out new players and he makes changes daily. They are all friendly and former experienced players which know the MUD rather well.

Guilds: When you start this game you are just a person in your city. Then you can tour the city and find out what guilds are offered. From what i have SEEN there is a huge variety. I play as a human cleric, but there is druid, mage, necromancer, evoker, fighter, cavalier and much much more. Dualling consists of mixing guilds i.e. Cavalier + Cleric = Paladin. Necromancer + Cavalier = Deathknight. And much more! This mud strays far from the stock classes etc.

Combat: The combat on this MUD is awesome. It is a good speed and you dont need to be on your toes to enjoy ruthless battle. PK is handled differently on this mud as well, instead of getting charged with killing someone or selective killing. You have to kill that person with the 'rp' qualities of it. If someone comes barreling in your town and killing guards left and right, you can engage as a defender! There is a fairness rule however like no level 100's will kill level 10's etc. Casting spells is simple as is just melee. When you kill an animal you can 'skin' it to get some money for your kill.

Overview: This MUD is all original, and very worthwhile to play. I suggest this to everyone who reads this. Everyone is friendly, and the roleplaying is good. The helpfiles are helpful(wow :P) and they explain a lot in detail. Well i've mentioned almost too much, but if you have a good feeling or want to see more Give us a visit!!

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Review posted by Lazarith
Posted on Mon Dec 6 08:14:07 2004 / 0 comments
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Haven is one of those muds which can have both the greatest moments, and some of the worst. While I have to say it is one of the more addictive muds I have played, it also has the rather annoying tendency to change dramatically overnight. One day you may be a powerful player and the next you might find yourself the subject of a widespread and little discussed change, bringing you to the bottom of the food chain.

The players are for the most part fun and the admin are usually quite helpful. Its interface is very easy to use and it is a simple mud to get started on. However, the tendency for rapid change in areas which affect a large number of players can cause large balance issues which diminish gameplay.

All and all I have very fond memories of this game and I suggest it to anyone looking for a good change of pace.

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