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The universe of Areth is a dimensional eddy, a Sliders-esque parallel Earth into which dimensional anomalies deposit beings from other worlds, times, or even realities. If you've never seen Great Dragons, Predators, Kzinti, and Klingons slaying wizards protected by legions of acid-blooded Aliens, play Areth and you will.

Game-wise, Areth's a fair and challenging game environment. Immortals are strictly forbidden to aid *any* mortal in gameplay, give out free equipment, or level their friends. Everything on Areth, except for the boost to level 2, is earned by the player's own innate skill on a level playing field. This annoys twinks who schmooze their way to the top on other muds, but we're not interested in them anyway. On the other hand, players looking for a fair, challenging game environment are well rewarded here. We have 12 classes planned, 9 are currently available: Cleric, Mage, Paladin, Psion, Rogue, Samurai, Ninja, Martial Artist, and Warrior. There are presently over 300 functional skills/spells, and by the time the rest of the class work is done there will most likely be around 450.

We're also looking for a few talented builders. Talented means being able to build using a text editor, not MZF or OLC.

Mud Theme: Medival Fantasy, Sliders at high levels

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