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Mage 20th Anniversary World of Darkness Mage Bygone Mortal Mortal+ Demon

[Unknown] Rhost
August 19, 2023

August 19, 2023
Venture into Ancient Empires: an immersive blend of history, myth, and fantasy. Choose your path, create your destiny, shape your world. Adventure awaits!

[LP] CD-Driver
August 01, 2023
Acropolis is an ever-growing ROM-based MUD that has more enhancements (good enhancements) than 99% of ROM MUDs out there. We are constantly adding new features to make your MUDding

July 31, 2023
Accessible fun medieval game with custom quests and crafting systems!

[Smaug] Heavily Modified
July 28, 2023
All you know is that you are now within the King's Labyrinth...

July 24, 2023
GodWars: Rogue Edition revised is based upon the one popular GodWars: Rogue Edition by Listy, Adreno, Chloe, Nuitari and BobMarley. The...

[GodWars] Rogue Edition/Lords of War
August 19, 2023
Insomnia MUD - UK Based Nightmare LPC derivative, funny,

[LP] Originally Based on Nightmare 3.3.1
August 19, 2023
Player Empire System (Materials, Town, Army, Nation), Wilderness meshed with Empire system. 5 Tier Multiclassing, Custom World, Mix of Godwars-Rot-Rom, Sphere power system, Almost

[GodWars] Merc Godwars Dystopia 1.4 Age of Heroes 2 + some Rom and Rot
August 14, 2023
After the end of the Punic Wars in the third century BC, Rome focused all its strength on conquering the Iberian...

[Custom] Iberia MUD Engine (Custom, Java)
August 12, 2023
Celestial Knights is back!

[Circlemud] DBX: CKMud 0.5b
July 31, 2023
Reclaim the Outpost!

[Dikumud] Started with Diku Gamma 0.0 in 1991
July 28, 2023
Welcome to Aadaria - We are based on the AOD by Shryp, and have recently renamed from Aadarian Realms to Aadaria. Aadarian Realms was created in 2014 by Tijer, our aim...

[Rot] Aadarian Codebase/AoD
July 27, 2023
Many years after the mists had risen, a power struggle so fierce occurred that it tore the realm apart. The evil gods Zod, Xix, Talice, and Jalaal evolved a vicious plan....

[Emlenmud] Heavily modified
July 26, 2023
This MUD has been home to many professionals over the last 30 years, including university professors and sillicon valley game makers!...

[Dikumud] Heavily-modified. Converted to C++/Database structure.
July 25, 2023
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Shattered World -- Mud Review posted by Shriek
Posted on Mon 21 Aug 2023 09:03:12 AM CDT / 0 comments
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I have come back after a long time away. This place used to be a lot of fun. Maybe it can be again. Right now there aren't many people about. But that might change. For now you can explore and get stuff you would normally be competing for a lot more easily. Real estate is pretty cheap right now.

Classic 6Dragons -- Mud Review posted by Boostersteel
Posted on Sat 29 Jul 2023 01:58:26 AM CDT / 0 comments
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I have just refound this mud after years of looking. I first played this about 10 years ago before it was called 'classic' it was amazing back then and is still amazing now. The fact that vampires and dragons feel so powerful is great. Iíve been playing a dragon and it takes time to level up but it is worth it you feel powerful and not just squishy. The player base is great and helpful and the imms are helpful. So if your looking for a place to hang or even one to call your mud home (they have them here as well) come on in you won't regret it.

See you there

DragonBall Evolution -- Mud Review posted by Katsurai
Posted on Sun 23 Jul 2023 10:01:11 AM CDT / 0 comments
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Been playing Dragonball evolution for years. The only mud I still enjoy. Great community, lots of events, and frequent updates. If you're a fan of the dragon ball franchise, I highly recommend checking it out.

Geas -- Mud Review posted by Phelan
Posted on Wed 19 Jul 2023 05:04:17 PM CDT / 0 comments
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This Mud. Is the greatest mud I have ever laid my eyes upon. I know that's a pretty common claim for these types of game, but I promise that this time is real. Every Line Matters. Every single line of text in this game drips with hidden meaning and inneundo that would stump even Hemmingway. The hidden secrets I've found to which I am the only discoverer number in the hundreds. I've built stories with people whose subtlety in their roleplay hides depths of dreams, wonders and failure. The setting is a dark fantasy dystopia. The world is deeply broken and its gods are self-serving, racial tensions are at all time highs due to recent history, occupied territories see executions daily. Your character is thrust into the middle of this to act as yet another pawn in the grand scheme. From there you can choose to develop yourself mentally, physically or something in between. Every choice matters, every mistake piles onto another. As a result everyone feels unique to play around, the sum of their character's deeds becoming the foundation of their rich backstories.

Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) -- Mud Review posted by 20 year veteran
Posted on Tue 04 Jul 2023 12:51:58 PM CDT / 1 comment
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The mud itself is pretty good the vast amount of race/class combinations you can make are basically endless. The problem is this reward system for playerkilling that makes the elite too strong and literally ruins all fun for any clanned playerkiller because of it. It has gone unaddressed for years. That coupled with the worst IMMstaff I have ever encountered makes it kind of a toxic enviroment to play in. People just bitch and complain on the out of character channel all day and then one of the admin will tell them to suck it up or some other asshole remark that makes people basically quit. The playerbase has dwindled down to almost a minimum from the great MUD it once was. At this point the game is basically the owners cash cow, it is a free mud but basically it is ignored by the owner and he just collects cheques from people who want in game advantages purchasing con cards.

Comment posted on Tue 04 Jul 2023 12:51:58 PM CDT by Ben:

I started playing Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) in college around 1996 or 97, I can never remember. Over the years, the game has had it's ups and downs, but over all I have really enjoyed my time on DSL, and the players and imm staff are awesome. The game code has undergone massive changes, and a lot of really cool features have been added, including: areas, storylines, mechanics and more digital flavor than you can imagine. Whether you want to concentrate on roleplaying or player killing (or both!), DSL provides a fun environment to explore and discover. The player base is friendly, and we help newbies get rolling so they can join in the fun.

If you haven't tried it out, give it a shot! Currently (Summer, 2023), our numbers are down, and we could really use some new people to come in and join us. Con is right around the corner, and it would be a great time to come!

Haven Of The Embraced -- Mud Review posted by Matthew
Posted on Sun 17 Mar 2019 12:55:24 PM CDT / 0 comments
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Haven of The Embraced has been a fixture of my life since I was 14 or 15. I love the players and the community that we have on Haven. I never got into Table-Top roleplaying, but roleplaying on Haven is a lot of fun, with the right partners. I do most of the development for the game and have done so since approximately 2012 and I enjoy putting new features in and seeing players enjoy them. I take player feedback seriously and do whatever I can to make sure everyone that logs in will enjoy their experience, however they choose to play Haven.

I left for a few years due to personal reasons but I'm back and I've been putting changes in on a regular basis since. I take pride in this game and want to make it as popular as it had been back when it first opened. Hopefully, we can rise through the ranks and be in the top 10!

Asteria -- Mud Review posted by Belgahr
Posted on Tue 12 Mar 2019 07:22:29 PM CDT / 0 comments
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I love this mud. The mechanics are great and getting better all the time. Greg and Arcades have put a ton of work into this and it shows. I am really looking forward to the growth of the player base as this mud is new and still undiscovered. If you want someone to play with just look for any character that starts with Bel.

7 Degrees of Freedom -- Mud Review posted by Beth
Posted on Mon 11 Mar 2019 02:44:08 PM CDT / 0 comments
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I do NOT recommend this mud! As it seems like most MUDs of late, one person rules this mud. If they decide they don't like you for whatever reason, expect to be miserable playing this mud. If you walk blindly into this MUD, you will be fine. If you have an opinion on anything and it disagrees with this power, forget it. Your name will be dirt and expect to not have a fun time. You will be silenced. If you persist, you will be kicked off. You have been warned.