Everwar Rebirth Redux


Many years after the mists had risen, a power struggle so fierce occurred that it tore the realm apart. The evil gods Zod, Xix, Talice, and Jalaal evolved a vicious plan. They incarnated themselves into mortal forms and gathered their allies with intent to rid the lands of goodness forever. Towns were ransacked and burned and women and children were slain as the army of evil spread through Ashbourne and up the mountain routes of the Northern Mountains.

Left no other choice, Baalzom, Aethelhelm, Kiri, and Ishta joined ranks and came in their mortal forms to lead the armies of good against overwhelming odds. After many legendary battles and disturbing losses to both sides, the creator decided he must take action. To ensure no future immortal would take sides, the creator appointed four new deities responsible for the heavens.

Yilil-goddess of Mysticism, Sevumas-god of War, Miredrind-goddess of Arcane and Droarid-god of thieves. The creator had seen to it that all mortals would bathe in the splendor of a shared parthenon and hoped that this may bring a new sense of peace on the prime material plane. It wasn't the first time the creator was wrong and won't be the last.

Meanwhile the mortal battles raged...

In a battle fought on the great plains, armies sought to protect their homeland. Hundreds of thousands perished. Their bodies rotting in the summer heat brought plague and famine for both sides. The army of light led now by Ishta, turned to magic to keep his troops safe from plague. The sheer numbers of healthy troops quickly tipped the scales of battle in the favour of righteousness. Faced with an imminent loss, Xix turned to the forces of Evil to assist his army. He summoned the powers of hell using an ancient tome found near Spires Peak. Lightning streaked across the heavens as the the earth cracked open. Rising from hell itself came Lovith and her minions; Illithids riding fire breathing horses, and black spider-like half breeds known as Driders, wielding corpses as bludgeons, became the leaders of the forces of darkness.

Lovith's army met with Ishta and the forces of good on "the plain of plagues". The general of the army of light, Aethelhelm, led an incredible advancement through the legions of darkness, eventually ending in the desecration of hundreds of lives and an epic battle between himself and Zod.

Not far to the north, in a last desperate move, Ishta managed to lure Lovith to the great bridge above the Stygian Lake. As Lovith and Ishta faced off on the bridge, skaven battle-daggers riddled Ishta's body. The green-tinted poisoned blades quickly worked their venom into his system. Lovith crossed the chasm bridge and picked up his feeble torso.

In a death embrace, she hefted his body high above her head. As she did, he removed two blades from his own chest and crushed each through her skull. As their bodies toppled toward the sea, his voice was left ringing in the minds of all those nearby,... and on into legend

"Fight for me,... fight for the light!"

Can you help to put an end to the eternal struggle of Everwar? Will you fight for the Army of the Light or for the Minions of Darkness? Your story begins here... Won't you help write the ending?

Be reborn into greatness, Everwar Rebirth Redux. Player wiped January 1st 2015. All new features. Custom "Diablo" style loot system. 12 Different Professions with some cross class skills/spells. Active administration to keep the mud updated.

Mud Theme: PvP, with Roleplaying

Client Recommendation: www.zuggsoft.com

Everwar Rebirth Redux Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Malok
Posted on Fri Jun 27 09:59:33 2014 / 0 comments
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As someone who has been playing muds of several varieties since 1996, I can say that every once in awhile there comes along a rare gem that can put many things together. Everwar is such a game. Being a complete newbie to this codebase and this mud for nearly two weeks now, I must say that I'm still learning things and having fun. This mud is not perfect, if you don't like savage pk, then it may not be for you. However, you are not alone, and there's always roles on whatever side you choose that needs to be filled. The mud is split up into two playerbases that can't interact with each other besides killing each other. Seperate who screens, seperate sides of the map.

I also tried both sides and have stuck with Light, myself. Both sides have a lot of helpful people. My favorite thing though in the game is the progression. You don't have to PK to progress, but it does make it faster. You can solo, but it's way slower than teaming up. In order to progress in this game, you really have to stick with the pack and show teamwork. It's an interesting change from the lone wolf pk muds we've all seen. The classes are great too, the races are interesting stat wise(but no racial skills).

So come check it out. You won't regret it.

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Review posted by Talon
Posted on Mon Jun 2 09:53:29 2014 / 0 comments
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If you are looking for a unique, hardcore PvP MUD then look no further! I have been playing this style of MUD off and on for over 15+ years and the customization they have done for this one is unique and fresh. There may be a little bit of a learning curve but I know many of the players on both sides (Light/Dark) would be willing to help show new players around. Once you understand the concept the player-killing aspect is top notch.. and the more players we have the better!

The general concept is that there are two sides (Light vs Dark) that both have a semi-protected area that they are safe and able to grow beyond new player status. Eventually you will need to leave the protected areas to obtain the best skills, equipment and guilds for your character. Anytime you are outside of the homelands you are susceptible to player vs player combat from the other side. There are 11 professions to choose from all with their own unique abilities. Come try it today and send me a message if you need help or have questions!

- Talon

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