Mud Connector Resources


Authors: Al Kelley, Ira Pohl
A personal recommendation, this book was used as a guide in my first C course and I still use it as a reference as needed.


AVAE (Ack!Mud Visual Area Editor) is a full featured offline Area Editor for ACK! Area files. It could probably be persuaded to work with other area formats as well as most settings are done in XML. For screenshots and installers/sourcecode, visit the site.


By W. Richard Stevens. The essential book for any UNIX programmer, its 700 pages cover everything from handling files and directories, the standard I/O library, process control to interprocess communication via shared memory and sockets. The book focuses greatly on standard and compatibility: this can be of immense help if you intend your MUD server to be compatible across UNIX platforms. I can honestly say that APUE is the book from which I have learned the most about UNIX programming; it's the only reference book I keep permanently on my desk.


Amberyl's extensive collection of MUSH listings.


Amberyl's automated listing of MUSHes.


Windows Area Editor for standard SMAUG and ROM areas - uses graphical (GUI) interface to easily add rooms, exits, objects, mobs and resets. Can be customised from configuration file to add extra flags etc. Features "area walkthrough" to simulate playing in the area, "area check" to check for missing links, and cross referencing (see which rooms lead *to* a particular room, for instance).


August Mud Client is a modern mud client for all platforms written in Scala that allows scripting in any JVM-based language (Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, etc). The focus for the client is to provide a clean interface and excellently written composable components and turn over the control to the user via the scripting framework.


BIM MUSTRO 2 is a rpg game development construction kit and game engine. It is open source(written using Java technology) and free of charge. The game is Internet-based multiplayer. The construction kit allows a developer to create areas, characters, creatures, items, and skills/spells. The game engine has a 2D bird's eye canvas. Players can combat mobile creatures and earn experience from 0 to 50 levels. Players can also communicate either locally or globally or through in-game mail. Contains many other features including guilds, no-rent item saving, item crafting, optional pvp, detailed character creation, questing, and more. This construction kit and engine is in alpha development, but can currently be used to invoke a server and login to the virtual world with partial functionality.


Home of open source software created by BIM. The BIM Telnet Client is an application written using java only. Features include: Aliases Triggers(trigger a pattern of commands and even notify other open characters within the applications context so that those characters can act as a trigger) Patterns(execute multiple commands with one simple command) Communicate with other characters in the application context(control multiple characters with one interface) Map grids and save them in persistant storage. These grids can be used to send notifications to other characters in the same context to seek a grid location(both characters must be using the same grid). Another bonus for the grid map is that a search can be done on text that is retrieved from the server. If a match is found then a pattern is executed. Open source


Unlike its predecessor it is more light weight and isn't for multiplay. It features aliases and triggers based on wildcards instead of indices. It has a built in journal for keeping notes. It also can execute batches of commands called sequences that can be either manually entered or recorded for later execution. Notes on usage can be found in the README file. Target Compile: JRE 1.8


BeipMU is a fairly fully featured and compact Mu* client. It requires no install and doesn't touch the registry. All user settings are stored in the config.txt file. So this means it'll work fine from a USB stick or even a floppy disk. BeipMU is completely free and still actively updated and supported.


At ZeroLag, we believe that a great hosting provider is made up of more than state-of-the-art hardware and software; it must also include people with the ability to solve problems and engineer custom solutions to fit the unique needs of its clients. This philosophy is firmly established in our company culture and drives how we operate our business, develop our services, and support our clients.


BioMUD is a new mudclient on the scene, in its infant stages. Currently, it is in BETA and is seeking testers for its open beta testing. As of current, it is Windows only and will be ported to Linux/MAC after beta5. It is BSD licensed, open sourced written in pure ANSI-C. Please come and give it a try and help make the Next Great Mudclient that is made for US by US.


One of the most widely used platforms for muds


Clio is a client designed specifically for use with MUSE's MUD2, which is direct descendant of Trubshaw & Bartle's original MUD. However, it can also be used as a standard telnet client for any MUD. Features include ANSI colour, full colour logging in HTML, sound effects, scroll back buffer, definable function keys, local command editing, command history, autologin, and MUD2 player status display. Clio runs under Windows, Linux, and Unix.


The home page for CoffeeMud, an all-java MUD with dozens of Races, hundreds of spells and abilities, and intelligent MOB behaviors.


By Aho, Sethi and Ullman. If you want to go deep in compiler construction, this is the book to get. A classic in computer science, it is commonly called "The Dragon Book" (because of the cover illustration). The book covers a lot of ground in its 800 pages, from lexical analysis, syntax analysis, run-time environments to code optimization. The book starts at a fairly advanced level -- you should have decent knowledge of computer science.


Brad Templeton's web page explains what copyrights are and aren't. Often, MUD creators are in doubt about their rights with regards to their and their admins' work; this site might help.


Download arcade, chess, war, puzzle and many more free games


DuckClient is a MUSH/MUCK/MUX client for chrome. It is downloadable on the chrome web store, and supports triggers and autologin. is a reliable hosting service that allows both MU*, and website hosting in addition to it's original talker hosting. Support is very helpful and informative in all aspects with a willing staff on hand.


ECI Games, simple MUD hosting, nothing fancy.


A number of Erwin's code snippets usable in MERC derived MUDs can be found here. Also, mcl - MUD Client for Linux - a small and fast Linux-only client.


Snippets, mudftp, MERC programming FAQ, Merc/Derivative programmers webring, a client, some hard to find/new codebases, and a mud personality test.


An extremely comprehensive list of games-related web sites and newsgroups. Sparse as far as descriptions go but definately worth looking at!


Interesting further reading for those who are already comfortable with the C language.


An interesting way to create 3D homepages.


Free Games site offers ranked directory of free games on the internet.


GGMud is a multiplatform opensource MUD client, it has a graphical interface based on GTK with full ANSI support, alias, triggers, highlights, gags, tickcounter with tintin++ compatibility. Actually works on Win32, Linux and MacOSX. This program is born from a merge of SClient and tintin++.


Extremely affordable hosting for mud, moo, mush, and mux games with NO lag.


A Forum for all things GodWars. For Players Immortals Coders, everyone who works and plays in the godwars community. This sites aim is to help EVERYONE old and new. Players of GodWars 95, 96, Deluxe, Lords of War, Dystopia and Vampire Wars.


This WWW-site offers three ways (WWW, JAVA and native) of connecting to MUDs/telnet sites through a firewall that only allows HTTP traffic (WWW pages).


Written for Envy Muds in general, Miracle's outstanding guide is applicable for building on any mud. It is extremely useful for both beginning and experienced builders and includes both OLC and MZF walkthrough examples for each step of the area building process. It also contains numerous tips, hints, and FAQs.


A formal description of a wide range of intermud protocols. These specifications were written to help MUD admins implement these protocols.


Authors: Kris Jamsa, Ken Cope
For those of you considering developing a mud under Windows, a good reference for using the Winsock API.


Author: Dave Roberts
Contains internet RFCs and provides a reference for the various protocols used with internet programming.


Author: Douglas E. Comer, David L. Stevens
A best-selling reference for TCP/IP programming.


Author: Douglas E. Comer
Another good reference for TCP/IP programming.


One of the most complex virtual server systems - offering high speed connections and fast machines for small scale to large scale websites. Note - A suitable knowledge of Unix is required for these servers.


By John R. Levin and co. If you want to write your own scripting language for your MUD or even parse structure data, the lex and yacc tools are good choices for lexical and grammar analysis. This book is a good introduction to these tools. It also covers the difference between the traditional lex/yacc and e.g. the GNU versions, bison and flex. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) make the ultimate mud hosting platform. Root Access, Premium Bandwidth, Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, Slackware - Starting at $19.95/mo for 64MB RAM, 1GB Disk.


Lyntin is a multi-platform mud-client that's geared towards the hacker/programmer mudder who requires a more sophisticated API for building their own modules. Lyntin is entirely written in Python, sports several interfaces (text, Tk, curses), and is compatible with Tintin commands and behavior.


Excellent Mud Client written entirely in Tcl. Can run in several different modes, including both console and GUI modes. Runs under any OS that can run Tcl. Way easier to install than many unix/linux clients IMO.


Info about RWHO (now defunct)


More detailed information about the various server types.


An interesting site that charges $1/month to host a mud + mud website


MudIt is a program which will help you to keep the organized records of the equipment for any mud you play.


An iOS MUD client with a number of advanced features, including macros & triggers, status bars, multi-command and repeat-command support, external keyboard support, tons of customization options.


Informational page about Nick Gammon's MUSH Client, a MUSH/Mud client for 32-bit windows (Windows 95 and Windows NT).


MUSHclient - a fast MUD client for Windows. Written in C++ for high speed. Has 500,000 line scrollback buffer, remembers last 5,000 commands entered (can be recalled sequentially or by searching), aliases, triggers, timers, keypad- navigation, speed-walking, auto-say, scripting, ANSI color supported, user-defined font and size, user-defined macros, spell checking, built-in editor, logging, copy/paste, printing, multiple worlds can be opened. Supports MXP, MCCP. Now supports plugins written in VBscript, Jscript or Perlscript to extend your MUD experience.


MUSTRO is a Graphical MUD. The construction kit is distributed with the gaming environment. Uses two dimensional bird's eye view display. Alpha stage of development(most of final code already exists, but debugging is needed). Source code is open source and freely available. Written entirely in Java(not an applet). Uses Remote Method Invocation. Stand-alone vs Networking transparency. Includes a sprite creation engine package (imagescan) which works with java Graphics objects. Uses System properties to implement platform independence. Theme is dependent on the creator's vision (although swords and sorcery is the primary focus).


This site has links code for areas, daemons and fun little toys which can be added to most any LPC mud.


Mink is a comprehensive MUCK resource site, featuring The MUCK Manual, The Argo Roleplaying System, Forums, and an extensive archive of downloadable MUF programs.


This site is filled with mud snippets form many differnt code themes. you can take and give snippets. Come on down and check it ou


Basic Information on Muds and Mudding


Information about Mud Clients and Servers


Updated to 1.20 recently! Plot Maps quickly using keystrokes! Add labels, auroras, additional lines, floors, etc. Export to multiple image types! Can also record out of game keystrokes to attempt to sync up a game with the map editor! Easy to use!


Italian site about muds and RPG: news, cheats, code, forum, gossips, artciles, novels.


MudPuddle is a service that is just trying to get started. It is looking for people interested in having them host their mud for only $7 for every 20 megs!


User Submitted List of MUD, MOO and MUSH games.


Mudlet is a modern free, cross-platform, open-source mud client. It is fast, and designed to be easy to use for both new and experienced users. The developer is open to user feedback. One of it's best features is the triggers/scripts interface, which is set up like a file manager. Uses LUA for scripting. It comes in the Ubuntu repository, and is available from it's PPA as well as the executable binaries offered for Windows and Mac.


Mudlet is a quality MUD client, designed to take mudding to a new level. It’s a new breed of a client on the MUD scene – with an intuitive user interface, a specially designed scripting framework, and a very fast text display. Add to that cross-platform capability, an open-source development model, and you have a very likable MUD client. Available for Windows, MacOs AND Linux platforms.


An online multi player gaming network that is getting National and International attention. We offer unlimited gaming hours for only $9.95 per month.


MUSH/MUX code, tutorials, utilities, artwork, and more!


FTP site for locating NCSA Telnet for Dos PCs.


A shareware version of Netterm is available here.


You may want three entries, one for the area editors, one for the client, and one for the windows pennmush port. Nick is still active, often seen on M*U*S*H, and is responsive to problems and bug reports. -- Sandi


A Directory of Multiplayer Online Games (MPOG's) and gaming-related websites such as those for Clans and Fans. Also includes the latest News and Views related to the world of MPOG's and a Discussion Forum.


DIKU MUD Area Editor is an application used to create Diku/Magma MUD compatible area files. The interface replicates the experience of a MUD but offers graphical editors for areas, rooms, mobiles, items, scripts, shops and quests. Diku Edit was written using C++ and MFC.


The official chronicle of the first three story arcs at OtherSpace: The Interactive SF saga.


PAiN is a new MUD codebase written with Java with it's own database written with C++.


Young MUD codebase written in C++, with scripting in JavaScript. Supports Telnet (with MCCP, MSDP and MSSP) and WebSockets.


A nice simple website where you can play free online board games, such as Chess, Checkers, Sudoku, and Many more.


Authors: Rawn Shaw, Jim Romine
An overview aimed at mud newbies looking to get started.


Portal is a brilliant mud client. it is compatible with virtually hundreds of MUDs/MOOs/MUSHes etc... It has literally hundreds of features, with an easy to learn scripting feature to add your own features as well. Fully user-customisable.


The once-popular and feature rich Pueblo client for Windows has been revived!


Sclient is an small fast mudclient to be runned under Linux/X windows. It's very much under development but it's still a great client(rated 3 of 5 on


A windows MUD client allowing graphical interaction with a host. SMud is geared towards MOOs, but should work with most MUDs as well.


multiplayer-space-trading-war-game. Take a planet and expand or die. A mixture between Sim-City and Dune II. Takes tons of your time if you want to become one of the best. Login as (demo, demo) if you'd like to look at some higher level planets.


Snippets created by Salem for the mud DWB, Mainly for RoT 1.4 and RoM 2.4. Updated Weekly with new snippets every month


A site featuring many RoT/Rom snippets that are very useful on any mud


This commercial-quality Macintosh program, written to work both in classic and native modes, claims that it's a dedicated MUVE client, but it works just fine with MUDs and MUSHes. It has full ANSI, events/triggers for sound/color highlighting, and other helpful features.


Second Shifters is an online station with a focus on the darker tastes that so many mudders have in common. We're broadcasting 24/7 and will often take requests (so long as they don't include Britney Spears). Take a listen and enjoy.


Covers Volunteer CS program management, marketing, design and other things applicable for game admins.


Authors: Andrew Busey, Joseph Poirier
A somewhat out of date text, but sufficient for beginners looking for an overview.


SegPlay is a fun, free, and challenging interactive artistic experience which allows you to color in detailed patterns of photographs and well known art images, without lifting a paint brush or crayon. Its the largest collection of Paint by Number patterns on the Internet!


Sequential Logic provides Internet Website, Domain & Sub-Domain Hosting as-well-as Internet, Intranet, & Extranet Design, Development, Programming, Optimization, & Marketing.


Simple, clean and extendable python mud client. Unfortunately only on pre-alpha stage.


We do not have our gaming products page listed however we will be promoting a virtual server product that lets you get the security and control of a dedicated server for your mud, websites and anything else you want to put on it for only $99 a month.. This includes 500 megs of hd space, 128 ram and 10 gigs transfer a month... You no longer have to worry about your cpu or memory usage due to normal shared systems or someone from another mud accessing your files, We put YOU in control.


A collection of over 250 articles about MUDs & MUSHes. Most are about design, but other highlights include engineering articles by Richard Bartle and online industry articles by Jessica Mulligan. Updated daily.


News for nerds, stuff that matters! A great news/community site for gamers and nerds of all breeds.


Here is a good selection of (mostly) ROM 2.4 snippets.


Authors: Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
The definitive guide (IMO), written by the fathers of the C language.


Adoption Library, Parents waiting to adopt, children awating adoption, adoption chat, find lost birth relatives, and much more.


Jeremy Elson's page containing information about The CircleMUD code base.


The Dawn of Time is a MUD codebase developed by Michael Garratt (a.k.a. Kalahn), which was originally based on the ROM codebase. Work began on the Dawn codebase in 1997, and it was first publically released at the end of 2000. Thus it has a similar "look and feel" to the Diku/ROM styles of MUD, and of course it is free :). Some of Dawns features include: Compiles and runs under Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD), Windows (Cygwin and Microsoft Visual C++), and OS X Full MXP (MUD eXtension Protocol) support - probably the most advanced MXP server on the net. MSP (MUD Sound Protocol) support MCCP (MUD Compression Protocol) support Fully Customizable Colour System, with mudwide templates Support for ANSI, IRC and HTML colouring conventions OLC (online construction), many MXP driven - including the following in game editors: Game editor (gameedit, customize the behaviour of a number of game features - more on this later!) Area editor (aedit) Room editor (redit) Mobile editor (medit) Object editor (oedit) Help editor (hedit) Race editor (raceedit) Class editor (cedit) Clan editor (clanedit) Skill Group editor (skgrpedit - for editing things like 'mage basics') Spells/Skills editor (sedit) Social editor (socedit) Ban editor (banedit) Mix editor (mixedit) Deity editor (dedit) Herb editor (herbedit) Command editor (comedit) Mobile Program editor (mpedit) A number of aspects within the OLC editors are automated: Automatic saving of olc work every 15 minutes and prior to hotreboots, reboots and shutdowns Automatic balancing of mobs when you set their level, (the stats can then be overridden) The autobalance parameters are easily customized for a muds requirements (see system/mob*.txt within the support files download) Automatic adjustment of racial flags, body parts, form etc when you set a mobs race Ability to rebalance all the mobs in an area/vnum range with the autobalance command Ability to adjust room flags on a range of vnums with the setrooms command. Ability to read and convert rom area files GameEdit - The Game Settings Editor Gameedit allows the editing of a large number of game parameters, text fields and values. The game settings editor is fully MXP enabled, every underlined word in the example is a link that can be clicked to edit settings. The mxp feature does require an MXP capable mudclient such as mushclient to be used. Replay command works for all channels as well as tells (e.g. replay immtalk) - imm only. Separate DNS and Ident resolving process (meaning DNS lookups don't lag the mud) Laston database, with search criteria Extensive helps (over 1000) Player Help searching command - helplist Textsearch command, able to search for any text, searching the following: helps socials roomname roomdescription roomextdescript objdescription objextdescript mobdescription mobprog Mobprog debugging and development: Online mobile programming help using the mobhelp command (with no parameters to list all). A 'token' object (which is invisible to mortals, can optionally stay in a players inventory over death, and can optionally degrade over time). Mobs can use this to tag players and remember state - e.g. when a player kills a citizen in mekali they are given a token. Guards and other citizens in mekali change their behaviour depending on the number of 'I killed a mekali citizen' tokens a character carries. Room progs are simulated by putting a mob in the room with the unseen flag (with this flag, the mob can only be seen with holylight and is unaffected by area attacks). Object progs are currently not available, but are planned when a complete scripting language will be fully embedded. Automatic logging of mobprog bugs and view the call stack (log and callstack accessed with mpinfo). Help with the mobprog if checks using the ifhelp command. Queued events using mob queue command: (e.g. mobhelp queue) Extensive admin commands and information Extensive "wiznet" information services that lets you know of ongoing events (such as players connecting) "Hot reboot" feature lets you update the server without players having to disconnect Source code supplied (C++) Integrated web server - lets players check who is on in their web browser, before connecting, and other things, like viewing help files. MudFTP/DawnFTP support - lets you edit room descriptions etc. in your favourite text editor Ability to disable mudftp, dawnftp and irc connection support Automapper including support for maps of different scales - shows an text-based map of the current room and surrounding rooms. Clans with ranks Personal and Clan banking Intergrated name generator into creation Spell system which supports creating new spells by making an alias to an existing C++ spell function Arealist automatically sorted by level and alphabetically (depending of the command used to access it). Letter writing Lockers and mail boxes Corpses autosave Option to have short descriptions in place of player names Ability for players to introduce themselves (so their name appears by their short for selected players) Support for different who list formattings Idle time shown in the wholist for all formats Optional Remort support (support intergrated into race, class and game edit), remort process integrated into the mobprog system (mobhelp remort) Second weapon support - can be a skill or free to all players Separate OOC rooms Generic channel system, making it easy to add new channels Advanced note functions including forwarding, respooling and wordwrapping. Advanced language systems including over unique 10 languages Global socials Ability to subdue as an alternative to killing XP is also awarded for roleplaying (by default) Ability to bury and dig up items Ability to ride and tame pets Speedwalk and players leaving tracks/trails Directional yelling (i.e. you can hear the direction the yell came from, and volume) Alias with parameter subsitution Dueling system for pkill combat (when enabled in gameedit) Intelligent object manipulation (E.g. objects automatically unlock when you attempt to open and have the key, when you have key and attempt to lock, it will automatically be closed) Ability to load players into the game while they aren't logged in, edit their pfile and resave or abort changes. ... There are many many many more features, but this list is just a start, to give you an idea. It is interesting to comparing the size of the code with some other popular codebases (.c, .cpp and .h files): ROM: 46,434 lines SMAUG: 134,650 lines Dawn: 190,872 lines If you are interested in evaluating the Dawn Codebase, you can log into one of the Dawn based muds listed on the muds page, or download your own copy of the mud (further instructions of the getting started page).


A searchable list with over 1600 text-based mud listings and over 60 graphical mud listings. Reviews, community forums, mud players' directory, and much more!


This page contains just about everything a Mac user would need to start mudding. Includes links to mud servers, mud clients, editors, and various other resource links.


compiled by Eric Steven Raymond. Contains explanation of the jargon used by "hackers" that is not people that maliciously break into systems, but the original description: "A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary". If this description fits you, and especially if you find UNIX systems enjoyable you will be delighted to read through this book which represents 20 years of hacker history. Where does "The Infinite-Monkey Theorem" come from? What about TANSTAAFL? NOTE: This guide can also be downloaded from Eric's page ( and is also referred to as "The Jargon File".


- by Brian Kerningham and Rob Pike. You might know Brian as one of the authors of the 'C' programming language. This book does not tell you the syntax of C but essential basics of programming: how to debug, test, measure performance, design correctly. The book uses C, C++ and Java as examples.


The StarterMud Project was started to convert various Mud Servers over to Windows for either coding, building or even running a mud. Currently, There a MSVC ports of Rom24b6 and a Win/Linux cygwin version. I've also done an MSVC port of Rot1.4. All have requested code or some improvements. More added upon request.


A list of the Top Mud sites, voted by the players, and a place to submit articles and discuss anything mud-related.


xpertmud is a Unix/X11/KDE MUD Client with support for ANSI-Color, Word-Wrapping, Bookmarks with MUD-Specific scripts, inputline history and multiple windows. It offers the best scripting functionability out there: - Choose between Perl and Python - Use the full power of perl regexps for Triggers, Aliases and Keybindings - Timers allow you to execute tasks in the background - use multiple windows to have important status information always visible on screen - Keybindings allow features like Keypad-Walking, hotkeys for battles, ... If you know perl or python, there are no limits in what you can archieve with this client. Example script for the BT3030 MUX included.


TinTin++ is a console client for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Its features include Perl compatible regular expressions, automapping, and a powerful yet easy to learn scripting language.


Tortilla is a modern Russian client for MUD-games. Tortilla is written from scratch in C ++ under the influence JMC. Tortilla easy and fast as the JMC, but has new features such as support for UTF-8, support for protocol MSDP and other. Tortilla is flexible through a system of plug-ins. Plugins can be written in C ++ or Lua.


Trebuchet is an advanced cross-platform (Windows, Unix and MacOS X) Muck client with support for the latest in Muck features, including GUI dialogs for server-side programs.


Uplink Hosting is a new fully featured professional hosting company. With luck, the owner also operated a mud and decided to offer packages designed for them for the community. is aimed squarely at becoming the one-stop resource site for developers of all types of virtual world.


Budget web hosting to suite your pocket with the best Tech support. Free Domain Name with every site.


The website for Wizards of the Coast, creators of Magic: The Gathering. Magic is a trading card game, where your _deck_ determines your magical knowledge, and your intelect and imagination are required to defeat your oponent(s).


Over the past years, I have created several derivative bases, and saved the best 4. I know that some of you recognize me from either my muds I have run or from the joint effort Jihad Mud... run by Elkor and myself. I am posting all my past bases due to the many requests I have received, and also due to that I will be taking a hiatus from coding for a short while. I hope everyone enjoys my creations.


Wolfpaw provides MU* hosting services ranging from those needed for a new world, just getting on its feet, all the way to Co-located machines for large worlds. We are one of the Internet's leading MU* hosting providers, hosting over 200 individual games, including Achaea, Aetolia, and Imperian. Our network was designed with text based games in mind, and is fully owned and operated by us. Featuring redundant internet connections, totaling 145 Megabits of bandwidth dedicated only to us, site wide backup power, high security, and 24 hour on call staff to ensure our machines stay running at optimal performance. We want your business. Please feel free to email us and let us know exactly what you need - we will do our best to provide it at the lowest cost possible.


By Steve Maguire. Although from Microsoft Press, this books does actually impart a decent amount of techniques that will help you ensure that the quality of the code you write stays high. Steve Maguire's lessons about defensive programming are sprinkled with real-life experienced gained at Microsoft. This book focuses mostly on C programming.


A recommendation from one of our users: "It is a great book if you are into the whole fictional genre and are interested in muds and computers."


Xidus.Net's MU* hosting packages start at $10/mo, or $100/yr. We will provide ANY resource you need to develop or maintain your text-based virtual environment. Installation support with the codebase of your choice, free subdomain/DNS, e-mail, web hosting, player stats, and web-based management interface. Servers are well-stocked (P3-866/256M mem/20G disk) and lightly-loaded, colocated with Above.Net in SJ, CA, with absolutely BLAZING speeds. (visualize multiple OC48s!) Contact for more info and specific availability.


zMud is the world's premier Winsock MUD client for PC/Windows. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI;color, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90% compatible with TinTin++ clients.


A text based Mud Client for Linux, written in Perl5, supporting readline, SSL, ANSI, MCP (MudClientProtocol) and full telnet negotiation support. is a service provider specializing in network services and MU* Hosting. MU* hosting includes, but not limited to MUD, MOO, MUSH, and MUX. All services are provided free of charge.


A very nice graphical cross-platform client written in Tcl/Tk.


A mush client written in Perl, built around the Net::Telnet and Tk modules. It is meant to be a simple program which is easily customizable. Its features include logging, macro definition, speech filters, command history, ANSI colors, multi-input and output windows and many other goodies.


zMUD is the world's leading MUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, automatic map generation, equipment database, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, Simutronic game support, VT100 support, MSP, MXP, MCP, MCCP support, Pueblo emulation, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90 percent compatible with TinTin++ clients. Compatible with proxy servers and firewalls, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and NT.

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