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A wind rises in the Mountains of Mist, sweeping down through the streets of Caemlyn, circling around the straightlaced avenues of Cairhien, swirling about the mountains a wary man calls The Dragonwall. It was not the beginning. There are no beginnings nor endings in the Wheel of Time. But it was _a_ beginning.

Cuendillar is set in a mirror world, as established by Jordan in his works, where the events of the novels have not come to pass in exactly the same manner. The world sets forth towards its own destination, striking its own path along the way. Characters from the novels will not be present, but the game offers many of the same character types one would find in the books.

Cuendillar is operated with the permission of Robert Jordan. All players are required to read: NEWS PERMISSION when they log into the game.

Mud Theme: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series

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Review posted by Imaerin
Posted on Tue Feb 10 19:54:10 2009 / 0 comments
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I have played on Cuendillar for many years, as life permits. There are both good things and bad things to say about this game, but then, no game is perfect.

Cuendillar is a mirror world based on the Wheel of Time, but it lacks any of the characters from the books, and the historical events, and the names of all the noble houses have been changed. It is set well before 'The Eye of the World', the first book in the series, and has its own extensive history. The staff and players both have put a great deal of time and effort into creating this game, which has withstood the test of many years. Unfortunately, over time, the playerbase has dwindled, for what reasons I am not personally aware.

Cuendillar is a MUSH, therefore, it is very RP-oriented. There is no code, and no mob-killing. However, the game does have a very extensive chargen system, which I find personally to be fun to go through when creating a character. I'm particularly fond of the assets and flaws required to be set on your character, which helps flesh out your character concept considerably.

You also choose a number of skills, which become very useful in combination with the +roll system for spontaneous RP, as well as avoiding situations where twinking might occur. It's about as close to a MUD as a MUSH can get, in that sense. But rather than focusing on code strength so much, the code merely enhances and backs up the roleplay.

There is also a +roster system of pre-made characters, such as Sitters of the White Tower, other Aes Sedai and their Gaidin, and various rulers, as well as nobles, councilmen, Children of the Light, Queen's Guards, and every day commoners, which can be taken off the roster by players either for temporary purposes, for for long-term play. Obtaining a +roster character is as easy as requesting one, unless an application is required, and even the application process for a +roster character is not very difficult. When I first started playing there, I applied for the Queen of Andor off the +roster when the area first opened, and was approved. It's that simple, though they do require that you play a certain amount of time before you attempt to choose such a high-ranked character.

Currently, the areas open for roleplay on Cuendillar are Tar Valon and the White Tower, as well as Caemlyn and Cairhien. There are also plots that lead outside these areas. There was an attempt to start an Aiel area a while back as well, but that died due to a lack of a large enough playerbase to support the extra area.

While I have played on Cuendillar, the roleplaying is very good and high quality, and never feels like a waste of time. I've seen lots of things, from sweeping plots to plots that involved only a few people, to individual RP scenes behind closed doors. The players are generally very friendly, even if their characters are in opposition to one another. The plots are mainly player-driven, supported by the staff via requests for information and approval of said plots.

Cuendillar has a very long history, which is currently being recorded on the Cuendillar Wiki, and while the game's page here on Mudconnecter has not been updated in some time, the game is still active with RP to be had. Some staff members have gone, and new ones have replaced them, and there is a concerted effort going on to bring the game back to life.

From my experience, the staff have been very helpful, but not easily accessible to the players. You can't just page a staff member and ask what you want. You have to submit a request via the +request code, and wait for a response, which could take anywhere from a few minutes, to many days, depending on what is requested. Of anything on Cuendillar, this is the only major complaint I have about it. Beyond that, I think it's a great place to play!

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Review posted by Alijha
Posted on Sun Aug 12 18:57:16 2007 / 0 comments
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I started playing on Cuen in the 'long ago', a time I can't put a specific date on. It was that era when Wheel of Time roleplaying had passed its golden age, Angreal MUSH was shut down, and staff were still involved in actual plot.

This has since changed. Wheel of Time roleplay is dead as far as history is concerned; players have moved on to other things.

What killed it? I would say that a staff singularly disinterested in RP but heavy on the red-tape. Players bothered enough to come up with TP ideas were irritated to discover that staff, and certain staff in particular, already had their special PC characters. And if you didn't like that, you would be 'disappeared' by some random Forsaken or super-strong channeler of Segade or Nynaeve's invention that was impossible to kill.

Actual character development was set aside and in its place, we were given the Traveling weave. Exciting RP was replaced with impossible enemies who drove players away in droves. Every position of power meant for Players (the Amyrlin/Keeper, city officials, Mistress of Novices [Tower RP being the center of the MUSH], etc) were increasingly staff controlled, so players have increasingly little say in anything on the MUSH.

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Review posted by Tobas
Posted on Fri Dec 5 20:40:43 2003 / 0 comments
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As the lack of reviews here really does not do the MUSH justice, I thought I'd put in one.

I don't even remember when I started on Cuendillar, but what struck me from the start was that they really deserve the Most Newbie-Friendly award that they have received, since I quickly got into things. During the years, I've participated in plots and played with countless of players and characters, letting my characters develop along with the MUSH itself.

One of the very special things with Cuendillar is the fact that things really do happen, there are things moving in the world and it's very apparent in the game if you just take the time to look for them.

The rp is extensive and has given me quite a few wonderful sessions. The staffers have been the greatest, helping you with anything that you might wonder about, yet not serving everything on a plate - there's an endless amount of possibilites if you only take the step and join in with the world of Cuendillar.

Oh. And the character-creation system is a wonderful, wonderful thing for us avid roleplayers. :)

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