Witchcraft and Wizardry


It is a dark era in our world's history.

War leaves death and destruction in its wake. It is a time of depression and shifting social mores. Financial crisis sows suffering at every level of society. Gasoline prices soar, for those fortunate enough to own a car. Owning a home is even less likely. Bold criminals are treated as celebrities. Radical politics have become dangerously popular, and it is no longer safe to be honest about your views, your religion…even your own thoughts.

Behind this grim Earth is another world, hidden and secret…the wizarding world.

In this world of magic, there is a widening chasm forming between those that wish to continue living secretly alongside the Muggles, and those that would see wizards rise up and rule the world. These revolutionaries are inspired and inflamed by the words of a charismatic and intelligent wizard named Gellert Grindelwald. His followers increase their numbers every day, spreading their doctrine of domination over the Muggles through the simple mantra that it is "For the Greater Good." Wizard is turning against wizard, and tensions are reaching a boiling point.

Which side will you choose?

----------------===============(@v@)===============----------------- Witchcraft and Wizardry is set in J.K. Rowling's World of Harry Potter long before Harry was a twinkle in anyone's eye. A +Roster of characters both original and cannon is available. ----------------===============(@v@)===============----------------- The game uses the PennMush coding base. Modified FS3 System. Use of our Wiki is required as it houses important information and Character pages. Not a lot of news/theme files on game due to minimal access to the game's shell. Game Status is: BETA!! IC Grid: Open! Player Age: 18+ years old. PCs being U.K. Citizen/Resident extremely encouraged. Expatriates cost 'Cookies'. ----------------===============(@v@)===============----------------- Available starting races: Wizard, Muggle, and Squib. Special Races such as: Centaur, Goblin, Part-Giant, Part-Veela, House-Elf, Vampire and Werewolf are available at different 'Cookie' (Community/Brownie Points) costs. ----------------===============(@v@)===============-----------------

Mud Theme: J.K. Rowling Harry Potter World War 2

Witchcraft and Wizardry Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Sparky
Posted on Tue Oct 8 19:21:12 2013 / 0 comments
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After becoming disillusioned with a previous game set in the world of Rowling's novels I was pleased to find this one. It's setting is creative and refreshing and allows you as a player to delve into a world before even the parents of The Boy Who Lived were born.

While it was relatively small when I started it has certainly grown. Like all game still in its infancy there have been a few teething problems, this has been mainly down to the way some players have found it difficult to interpret the fantastically creative setting the staff have placed everyone in.

There can be challenges in playing a game in a modern historical setting. People can struggle to place their own minds in the past; use the wrong slang, dress or behave inappropriately or find it difficult to understand why the world in the 1930s was a crueler, darker place where we did not know the horrors happening across the world and if we did we were maybe not as bothered about them as we are now.

That is where the staff come in. Though there are just two staff; a husband and wife duo, they work tirelessly to help orient new players and also older ones like myself. They are polite and firm, consistent as possible in their work and what is more they admit they make mistakes.

Unlike a lot of games this one practices transparency. You know who staff are. There are set hours when you can approach them, but they also are willing to deal with smaller matters anytime. You know which players play which characters. You know that you are playing a game which is populated by mature adult players who behave accordingly.

In my period playing this game I have taken on a more difficult job, become seriously ill and been hospitalized and throughout it all the staff and the players have been supportive of me. It is not often you find a game which is as welcoming as it claims. This one is. But don't come to Witchcraft and Wizardry and expect everything to be done for you, this is, as I said, a game for mature players who push their own plots and find their own roleplay. It is a place for you to be independent and most of all to have fun otherwise none of us would be there.

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Review posted by Former Player
Posted on Thu Oct 3 18:32:56 2013 / 0 comments
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This game has an incredibly unique setting. Taking place just as WW2 begins, as Dumbledore begins to rise to power at Hogwarts and as Tom Riddle begins attending Hogwarts, this game features fantastic period settings and wonderfully antiquated takes on the Harry Potter universe. Unfortunately, staff ruins it.

They are a husband and wife team. The wife, Boo, is emotional and talks down to players nearly every time she posts. Her husband, Seancee, seems to spend as much time trying to smooth over her poor written people skills as he does running the game. Their marriage makes them function much like a clique. They encourage discussion, input and suggestions, but if they do not match what they are already thinking or want, it is dismissed with condescension, curt 'You're wrong' messages or disinterest.

Staff also keeps office hours, which is just silly. They claim it's so they can RP with their own characters (of which, they each literally have a dozen alts), but yet they hardly ever RP with any of them. Frustratingly, the idle policy applies to everyone BUT those alts: Players are required to not just log in, but must actually have a scene to keep from idling out. If they spent less time creating characters they didn't play, and more time staffing, the game might be better.

This staff also has a tendency to spend all of their efforts on making the magic and quidditch code mechanics as complicated as possible. They have spend so much time on this, that they don't have any time to run any plot, which is the greatest frustration of all. Tom Riddle is at school, but is NEVER NPCd (I recall only one single scene with him in the entire life of the game, and he was used as background in an 'arriving at Hogwarts' scene). WW2 is starting, but they would rather have characters debate whether or not muggles should know magic exists (a pointless debate, since the result is already determined by canon in the Harry Potter books that take place in the future). The period in time is so filled with interesting places and things, but the only thing to do is RP sitting in the Great Hall or sitting in a pub. That gets old after a year. Players need plot, and staff isn't interested in hearing that.

There's another review here that notes that if a game isn't willing to listen to their players, the game is destined to die. It's very true. Just ask all the people that have left this game bored in the last few months.

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Review posted by Go Ryusuke
Posted on Mon Jan 27 12:25:44 2014 / 2 comments
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The Staff can be a bit uppity, as they are a Husband and Wife team, the lack of other staffers can have it's benefit but in reality it more often or not seems like it is their way or the highway. The information is scattered across the wiki and mush, they have a +news system but do not use it, which seems to me a huge mistake IMHO.

The biggest issue is not that it is in BETA or that the information is scatter but once again the lack of diversity with staff. They even say they are like minded on most things, the issue with this is the same as having a clique with Staff, no diversity means that you might as well have one person running it and you do what he/she says. They do not like it, it will not happen. I really do not see the two sitting in the same room debating things.

They also have 'Office Hours' which I think is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard of, as a staffer for 4+ MUSH in the past, it seems like they want to limit when they have to deal with player issues or questions, if the office is closed, you will not get a response. Sucks to be you, ask on the question channel and maybe you will get an answer from a staffer but you might have the playerbase try and answer the question, which can get fishy because the game keeps changing as it is in BETA.

It has potential but I see the Staffer duo getting burnt out with the lack of relief that other staffers would provide, I forsee some players will leave, as they can not stand the my way or the highway attitude, which is why I am leaving actually. If you can not bend to your playerbase then your MU* is destined to die. Yes they have a discussion board, but really this MU* is not New Player friendly, it is more of the 'Been Here' club setting.

Two out of Five Stars

Pros: Good Setting Friendly-Enough Playerbase Nice World

Cons: Horrid CG Need more Diverse Staff Unorganized Wiki is a Requirement Tad Bit Elitist Not New Player Friendly

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Comment posted on Sat Jan 25 19:07:26 2014 by Rob:

Ok so I agree with both, and frankly after struggling through the creation process do the overwhelming amounts of data needed, I muddled through thinking this would be worth it, onto to be slapped in the face to speak, when asking for help with a problem, they both started working on the issue then just vannished, no more contact. It seems they left to do something and instead of saying I am sorry I have something that is planed RL, I will be back at such and such time or I will be back in a few hours, I will help you then. Utter lack of caring, and respect to the people who make your game. Its games like this that totally turn me off to exploring new worlds Sadly the mud Connector needs to forcefully update their info this is not a newbie friendly PERIOD.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 27 23:56:38 2013 by A Former Player:

I have to agree with this review completely. The 'Our Way or the Highway' attitude of the owners was one of the main reasons that I left the game, especially when combined with their ridiculous activity policy: to wit, allowing unlimited alts (each of the owners themselves has something on the order of twelve or so characters,) but then requiring high levels of activity to prevent characters from being nuked. Furthermore, they are extremely rude at times, in one case driving me out of a scene because of the fact that my character was, ICly, not happy. They encourage cliquishness, yet the only ones who are truly cliquish are the owners themselves.

The owners claim to have had much experience as staffers on games, but their very actions belie this. I truly enjoyed this game in the time I played there and liked a lot of the people I did play with, but the two owners are driving away the playerbase...

Review posted by Gidget
Posted on Wed Sep 9 19:23:28 2009 / 0 comments
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While we are still working on the grid, the game is open to create characters for Sandbox RP. For those who do not know about sandboxing, this is the time to flesh out your character without the worry of retconning or finding yourself in a position of needing to change the character or create a new one. During the Sand Box period, you have the option of keeping your RP as IC development or tossing it. Play just for fun or character development. It is your choice. The staff and players alike are all ways ready to help you with any request.

The staff is a huge extended family who readily welcomes all. New to MUSHing or on Oldbie. While Wizard/Witch is all that is available at this time we will be having a extended race selection. This time period is your chance to get your foot in the door and start working with staff in fleshing out those special characters for later.

Newbie friendly. There is usually a staff member available any time of day or night to help you through.

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