Viking runs in DGD and offers several guilds (classes) for players, including for example Samurai, Monks, Frog (an easy-to-learn guild mainly for newbies), Frost (cold-hearted mages), and others. It is based in Norway, and usually yields an average of 50 players connected at a time. Players are separated into three main classes.

From lowest to highest, they are: mortals, eternals, and wizards. Mortals are the newbies, eternals are more experienced players, and wizards are those who choose wizardry instead of becoming an eternal. Wizards cannot interfere with game play, but are granted more sys privileges and have the ability to code new areas for the mud. It's a very structurally organized mud with friendly people, and any user would enjoy it.

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Mud Theme: Medieval / Fantasy

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VikingMUD Stats
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# Days Listed7682
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status498
Total Telnet Attempts4440.058
Total Website Attempts7650.100
Telnet Attempts This Month31210.065
Website Attempts This Month36011.613