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Twelve years ago, reality came crashing down around our respective ears. All of our ears. And never stopped. Thousands of possible universes merged; forming a new reality. A vast world, composed of countless millions of Earths and other worlds linked from horizon to horizon; oceans and jungles the size of planets, and new and incomprehensible laws of physics at every turn. But such drastic changes do not come without social upheaval, plunging the world into a war between two supernations. The Union, dedicated to preserving the rights of its citizens, and the Confederacy, determined to unite all of existence under a single flag. Its own flag, of course.

Multiverse Crisis MUSH is open for applications. A multi-theme environment which allows most series, including non-canon variants, to be applied for. Using a power-scaling system which levels out the playing field, television, anime, video games, books, movies and more are all allowed. Come and pick up the character you've always wanted, pick up an original character, or feel free to explore the concepts of 'what if' within a series. If you're tired of what's out there, want something interesting and new, want an active RP community, or want to bring your unique or underused theme or idea to light, give us a try.

Mud Theme: Anime, Science Fiction, Multitheme, Comic Books, Superheroes, Fantasy

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