Lost Wishes


You have found the one and only Lost Wishes Mud. Since 1995, we have been keeping people like you off the streets. Lost wishes has everything you have been looking for in a mud, but have never been able to find in one place. An original code base supports a truly amazing mudding experience. New players can begin their experience in Mud School, where 12 grades of step by step tutorial make you a mudding pro in no time. Once out, explore the four huge domains, encompassing over 20,000 original rooms. Esdragen is a massive land of light and dark, past and future. Mainland is home to the bustling City of Windaria, set against a backdrop of deserts, mountains, and plains. Emerald is the sparkling jewel of a continent as its name implies, but along with the wondrous beauty there is much that is evil. Although Nautica is itself an island, it also is composed of countless islands throughout the world. To explore the lands separated by seas, you can charter a ferry, rent, or even own, one of the variety of boats. Before setting out too far, join one of more than a dozen of our original guilds, each with something different to offer. Whether you wish to be a powerful mage, a rock hard gargoyle or a top notch warrior, we have guilds suited to these (and many, many more) styles! Add to that fully customizable player creation that lets you choose from one of nearly twenty different races. There is no maximum level which means you can play until your heart's content. Tons of colorful weapons, equipment, and other useful items await your discovery. And there are plenty of quests throughout the four domains that can bring you fame and fortune for more than just killing. What really makes Lost Wishes special is the people that inhabit it. Although role playing is acceptable here, it is neither required nor enforced, so if you want to assume your character's persona or just want to be yourself, you will be welcome. The atmosphere is very open and friendly, so you can make friends, join a clan, or even party with people to kill things. And while there is almost always a trivia game or chat going on, you can turn off comm lines if you wish. Even though the mud doesn't endorse PK, there are simulated PK areas like the arena, or the Dark Realm, if that strikes your fancy.

Mud Theme: Fantasy / Medieval

Lost Wishes Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Wynter
Posted on Thu Dec 10 19:51:22 2009 / 0 comments
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Lost Wishes was the first MUD I ever played and will always be my ultimate favorite. The Lost Wishes environment is very newbie friendly and the people are always open to help out others in need.

I have been playing for only a little over a year but a couple of the players are my best friends. There is so much to explore and I love that there are so many secrets and quests. Also, the quests can be challenging and very humorous. I hope that others will come to Lost Wishes and see how great this MUD really is!

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Review posted by Ermic Pendragon
Posted on Tue Apr 28 22:18:02 2009 / 0 comments
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I suppose I could say that I have seen some muds that absolutely just do not work out for me because of several lacking features. However after playing Lost Wishes (LW) for around about 5 years give or take a few, I would have to say its one of the best muds available to the public.

Being family oriented its quaint to be on and the people or most people on the MUD are also well to be around on any given say. Its also newbie friendly; I love their mudschool and quests for side adventuring.

The wizards are active, helpful and caring. Understanding too which helps keep high morale for the players. The levels don't seem untouchable and yes, the deaths even though are insufferable are still fair enough, making it easy or pleasant to gain your few lost levels back. Heh, nine out of ten times I would give LW a ten for my books.

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Review posted by anonymous
Posted on Mon Oct 8 22:14:59 2007 / 0 comments
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Very expansive world. Good race and guild setups. Friendly player base. Good overall. That being said I must say I am highly disappointed in the admin of this mud. I have had issues and sent emails to them. No responses at all and then a banishment for no reason. If you play this mud do NOT donate. If you come under complications like me you could be throwing the hundreds you spent donating to them down the drain. If you can stand irresponsible admin then that is up to you. The mud itself is excellent.

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Review posted by Mortal/R'uin
Posted on Wed Apr 18 20:31:00 2007 / 0 comments
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Lost Wishes is a great mud. It caters to both the serious and the casual player, providing a quality mudding experience through and through. I have been playing since 1997, and a wizard since 2005. The mud continues to evolve, and despite a few breaks and absences, I have found myself drawn back, time and after time.

I wholeheartedly recommend this vast and ever-changing world to any player. Whether the newbie, or the hardcore player, this mud offers a unique experience that never leaves you wanting.

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Review posted by LuX
Posted on Mon Mar 12 20:10:57 2007 / 0 comments
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You want to have an unique MUD experience? If the answer is YES then this is the place for you. Why?? Because here you will get to know a very friendly community of players who have a good time solving quests, PK-ing in special designed areas, hunt monsters, bring triumphant battle to their guilds, gather shiny equipment and much much more!

The learning curve of the game could be hard for a new player. But in the MUD there are players that dedicate their time to help newbies setting a HELPER flag on. So just log on and talk on newbie channel... You will be overwhelmed by the warm greetings and the help received! Plus! When you are new you could finish the 'mudschool' which is designed to make any newbie a mud master.. it depends on you, brave adventurer.

There are interesting things you could find here, just telling you about monsters that shape-shift or never die, or Golem's guild, who is the strangest (or not). As golem you could 'merge' with armors, shields, swords to get power or, why not, with other golem fellows to form one BIG and POWERFUL golem.

I could continue with other guilds like: Bandit, Cleric, Dragonspawn, Elementals, Gladiator, Mage, Werewolf, Wayfarer, Acolyte, Blackdragon, Gargoyle + new guilds that are under development. But I wish to let you the pleasure to discover their secrets!

What makes a difference, regarding other muds, is that you can't find crap things here (Except Crap Shop), because of special people that maintain the game. We call them 'wizards' and try to act innocent and cool while them are around. Oh! Did I told you about Blackdragons!? Their only purpose is to do bad things! Beware!

Here are welcome only players with a nice conduit and fair-play. I reproduce from system help: 'Inappropriate behavior includes swearing, being abusive to other players, making crude or sexual comments and whatever other messages that may be deemed in bad taste*' ...

* - Note that although most of Madmax's jokes, although terrible, do not fall within this category.'. Who is Madmax, you ask? He is a wizard that code the Necro Guild. When you are in, just tell Madmax hello! He will be pleased to show you around. Also you could talk about his new guild, ask for a play test and so on.

Ok, now let us examine the 'bad things' of mudding on LW: - You will become addicted - You will find yourself under desk laughing uncontrollably -You will dream at night about LW stuff - You will be greeted by Tumbug with a message like this Newbie: [Your name here] is a good name for Gargoyles! :))

I hope to see you on Lost Wishes realm, a dimension of never-ending fantasy.

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Review posted by Tumbug
Posted on Sun Mar 4 18:51:34 2007 / 0 comments
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Lost Wishes. It is the best mud. Anywhere.

I love it here. Sometimes I forget I'm mudding. The place is truly huge, has a ton of guilds, races, quests. The wizzes really care and are constantly making the place bigger and better.

They really know how to make the best of ansi.. some muds, all you get is 'Ooh, the exits are a different color!' This place.. a ton of damage messages relative to the weapons your wielding and equipment specials turn your dusty monitor into a rainbow of death.

It's really easy to jump in and get started. Everyone's pretty eager to help. Check out the web site, lost.wishes.net, or come to lost.wishes.net 5555 and say hello!

Swinging eight times, you massacre Grand Master Sorcerer with a series of HELLISH LASHES!


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Review posted by bruxsa
Posted on Thu Apr 27 19:09:37 2006 / 0 comments
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It was difficult when I first started out, but don't get me wrong, this is how everyone starts out. It gets better as you learn more about the game and about the other players.

I have been mudding since 1984 and have been off the computer for a long time too. Then I heard about this place, i've been getting into the feeling and gaining knew knowledge as I play more. We all learn to have our own little attitudes about the characture we choose to be. Some things do go wrong and most of the mistakes are human error or just not paying enough attention to the text messages.

So far, it's a very enjoyable game. You have to see for your selves. You'll always find someone that will be there to help in anyway they can:)

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Review posted by Wu-tang
Posted on Sat Jan 8 20:49:12 2005 / 0 comments
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This is certainly the best mud that I have played. It is a very good place for newbie adventures. The mud is edited by good wizards that all want to make the best of it and they do great jobs. Actually it's the best mud that you you can imagine. The mud has lots of cool descriptions of items and stuff. So if you like to see it telnet in some time.


Wu-tang exclaims: 'Doit Doit Doit!!!!!'

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Review posted by U.W.
Posted on Wed Mar 24 18:29:01 2004 / 0 comments
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I started playing LW when it was still a young mud. Since then, I have watched it really blossom. It's always had a sort of 'family' atmosphere, with a pretty large faithful following. There are several different 'chat' lines (guild, rp, highlevel, +you can make your own) with the main ones being censored of any foul language (good for kids). All in all, people are friendly and it's usually pretty easy to get into a party.

When you are new, people will really try to help you out as much as possible which is a lot more than I can say about some of the other muds I have played on. If you have questions about areas, or anything there is also a 'newbie' line (so you will get an answer). There is also a mudschool which allows players to get acquainted with the mud and also helps them get some eq and experience. At level 10, you can join any of the guilds.

The domains are huge, you can always find something to kill or a quest to complete or someplace new to explore on here. There are approximately 60 quests (with more coming) and dozens of secrets. It's obvious that the immortals really put a lot into their work and care for the mud.

One of the greatest things about LW is the fact that you can 'idea' things for the place. From objects, to areas, to 'commands', there is a lot of feedback and interaction between players and immortals. There're twelve races, and nine guilds, with probably a lot more to come. I really encourage you to try it out. After all, I've been here for 7 years, so that should tell you something!

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Review posted by Teferi (aka Moktok)
Posted on Fri Feb 13 21:18:03 2004 / 0 comments
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Let me start of by saying i've never played a more addictive mud ever before. I've tried several muds throughout the day but none appeal to me as Lost Wishes does.

It's the friendliest mud I know, with an evergrowing world there's always a new challenge. New options to be explored. Recent additions include a temple of sun worshippers, the Nautican cemetery, 3 new races and soon a new guild (or class if you will). New players are always welcome and can start of their journey at our own custom made mudschool.

One of the things that has always attracted to me is the ability to change your path. Most muds require you to choose a class at creation. On Lost Wishes you will always have the choice to change your way.

Lost Wishes is a huge world, with 300+ areas and over 15.000 rooms to explore. At the moment there are 55 quests to solve and 52 secrets to be found. Visit the pirates on Orca, embrace the knowledge of the ancients on Makita island, explore the vastness of the Mainland continent, lose you way in the desert of Emerald,... it will take you several years to explore this mud. I've been playing on LW for 7 years now and i still haven't seen all the areas yet.

And then there's the atmosphere. This is the most amusing mud i have ever played. although the roleplaying on Lost Wishes is kept on the backburner 'playing' isn't always restricted to killing and maiming monsters and/or other players. To quote another player: you don't even need to participate in the game to enjoy yourself on lost wishes.

oh and yes, although there is no real PK on Lost Wishes be careful when walking into the Dark Realms. It is an ancient land were chaos rules...Normal mudlaws do not apply here as they should and some evil player may lurk in the shadow just waiting to pick you off :p it's all in good sport though. Until we meet you there.

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Review posted by catharsis
Posted on Tue Jan 13 17:42:22 2004 / 0 comments
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For myself this has been the most addictive game I have ever played, over any other mud or even graphical game. The main reason for me is that I know I will always be entertained if I log on, there is always something to accomplish or do...even if all I want to accomplish is to kill some free time. I have played every guild and took the plunge a few years ago and became a wizard (builder - if not a very prolific one)

The mud itself has more than 300 original areas (must be well over 15,000 different descriptions) and is divided into different domains which can be accessed by self controlled boats, automated ferries or by more magical means (wands of recall, spells, even boots of recall). To make it less intimidating to new players after completing mud school you are given a transport device and a list of areas of note - newbie areas, shops, and common terms. To further help people explore you can type areainfo to see the level ranges, any secrets or quests in the area and a short description.

But with the number of areas you can always find a peaceful place to kill and not have to worry about someone stealing all the kills. Obviously certain areas are better than others depending on your level, but also it depends on your guild as well.

On lost wishes there are currently 8 guilds - mages, clerics of course, but also bandits, gladiators, werewolves, dragonspawn, golems and elementals. Each guild has its own playstyle and also its own special way of gaining experience (guild levels). For example, gladiators gain the most from killing the biggest monsters while being in different fighting modes and defensive modes, while dragonspawn gain their experience by just casting their spells and using their powers it doesnt matter to a DS what size the monster is. This is just one more way that lw tries to promote player interaction over player competition.

Of course competition has its place and to help with that there are games to play like scavenger hunts (you have a list of items and a time limit to obtain them), hit lists ( a list of monsters and a time limit to kill them). There are also a number of toplists (level, killers, explorers, heck even one for the most deaths :) ) which even if you are a low level with enough work you can get onto them. Or if you just like like keeping occupied while healing the natural way (sleeping) there are word puzzles and poket poker games.

Then there is the overall atmosphere of the mud, and the interaction of the players. There are a number of channels to access, the main chat line, a line just for newbies (and the people that like to help them), your own guild line, and if you like to roleplay there is an RP line as well. Not to mention public boards to address everything from certain areas, guilds, special announcements even a humour board (for that extra special geek humour), and a flame board for when somone or something is driving you crazy. And also to encourage player input there is a bug/idea/typo command which allows you to point out any that you see. These lists are kept on top of by the wizards and you are usually rewarded (money based on level) within 24 - 48 hours if your change is implemented.

Overall, this mud has kept me entertained for over 6 years and kept me coming back consistantly in that time. And if you are reading reviews chances are you are looking for some entertainment as well. So come give it a try, there are always people around to welcome you.

-Elder Warlord Catharsis, Gladiator of the Murmillons (Guild Leader)

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Review posted by lalli
Posted on Wed Dec 31 20:24:30 2003 / 0 comments
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<@Newbie friendly@> I've been mudding for over ten years on various muds and always when looking for a new mud, the thing that keeps you playing beyond the first 30 minutes is how newbie friendly is the place.

LW has a small player base at the moment (in some part being to the listings prev2iously needing to be updated to the correct ip.. port 5555..), but the players there are very friendly. When I was brand new a char named Darius, sent tells, gave me hints on how to play, and offered me some coins to buy a pet. When I got bigger, Darius and his friend Nirac both were nice enough to show me some areas in their party.

<@Small player base@> The player base isn't huge, but I have to say there is an upside to not having too many players and too few areas. I have played places where you run like crazy hoping to outrace many other players to find a few viable mobs as a low or mid level player.

<@Trainable skills@> Different guilds vary on how you train to an extent. Some guilds get new skills automatically due to gaining guild levels. Some you use coins to buy new spells. But true for all... your guild powers increase as you actually use them. This is far more enjoyable than those places where you simply get player exp amounts and run to guild and spend the exp to get a skill/spell up to max.

<@Partying/Teaming@> This mud allows players to solo or party up. Some guilds are more solo oriented or more party oriented (like clerics being ideal for parties), but it allows you to have your own style. This is unlike some muds that don't really support parties or others so heavily party oriented that you are forced to make a wide circle of friends to get anywhere.

<@Guilds@> They let you switch guilds with loss of 3 player levels and the guild skills you learned. Benefits are there to stick with one guild and get good at it obviously, but if you join one at the start and simply can't stand it, it's not like some places where you can't change.

<@Balance@> I've seen high players and wizards testing new code for the dragonspawn guild. I have to say it speaks well that the code is tested before installed. That players also get to test it out and give feedback before it's put out there for that guild to adjust to the new changes speaks amazingly about mortal/immortal relations.

<@Atmosphere@> I have seen very little player bashing from any directions during my time on LW. Even when one player pk'ed another, there was minimal comments on public channels. I've seem some muds that don't even have pk where players sit on public channels and snipe horrendously at each other with nobody raising an eyebrow. Also a plus about the atmosphere, all swear words are randomly lifted from public channels and replaced with text like *BLEEP* etc... (while i'm not offended by swears, i think this is a nice perk since muds do have players anywhere from 9 years old up).

This is a very nice mud. Hope you try it out if you're unhappy with wherever you are now. :)

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