Exile is a MUD designed and built by serious MUD players for serious MUD play. With 130+ completely original zones, a unique guild system, many races and classes to choose from, and a dedicated and helpful staff, Exile is built to please the players.

Exile is stable yet always expanding, with new and exciting features constantly being added. Exile is proud to offer players new challenges and enjoyment with every visit.

Come experience the magic, mystery, and adventure of the world of Exile, and see why you will never need to search for another MUD.

Mud Theme: Medieval / Fantasy setting

Exile Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ethowyr
Posted on Fri Jun 27 10:11:23 2014 / 0 comments
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I started playing this mud back in the mid 90's and was addicted right off the bat, it has many features not listed on the mudconnector listing page.

There is always someone around to help new players with advice and/or help simply getting around, if your more of a loner there is a library in game that you can visit and a very extensive help system.

I've seen players come and go over the years but Exile still has a strong player base. I myself am not the most active of players anymore due to work/home schedules but when I do get the chance it is still a ton of fun to play even after all these years.

Give Exile a try, and I promise you will be hooked, it has something for everyone.

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Review posted by Foggy
Posted on Tue Jul 5 20:21:51 2011 / 0 comments
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Exile has been my home for mudding for over 11+ years. Through those 11 years, there has only been 1 time, that I tried to log in, and the server was down. This game offers it all, and more. If you would like to just continually kill mobs, and not a fan of PKing, you can do that seems how this game has 3 different zone types. LPK (Lawful Player Kill) No player may be attacked by another player

NPK (Neutral Player Kill) In this zone, you may attack another player,and vice versa, if you die, you are rushed to the hospital for healing

CPK (Chaotic Player Kill) In this zone, any player may attack another player) (If you win, you will be able to remove and take equipment from the fallen player, but if you lose, it can also be done to you

The minute you login to Exile for the first time, many people will already ask you if you need any help. The game also has designated Helpers to help players learn the game, and to enrich their playing experience. Our equipment works on the aging system/tweak system. Generally, the longer a piece of equipment is left on a monster, the stronger is 'can' be. You can kill a monster now, and the next time it loads again, kill it again. Due to tweak system, both items could have different stats. Utilizing the 'tweak' you might notice a piece of equipment Hum, in that occurrence, a stat on that piece of gear will be higher then normal.

You have 4 basic classes, which you will build your character from 3 of them using our 4th class tier system. Upon reaching maximum level of your 3 class, you will get to choose a Hero class, depending on your previous class selection.

Cleric -> Monk Mage -> Illusionist Warrior -> Ranger Thief -> Nightblade

I know over 30+ players, who have played longer then me, and still log in religiously. When I hear the word MUD, I hear Exile....

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Review posted by Tink
Posted on Sun Aug 19 21:05:51 2007 / 0 comments
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Out of all the muds I've played, Exile continues to be my favorite. Great zones, classes, everything. And highly addictive. :o)

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Review posted by Ragnarok
Posted on Tue Dec 27 21:21:36 2005 / 0 comments
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I started out as a complete noobie to all muds in general before this one. I don't play other muds, nor do I ever plan to. Exile is the place for me. It's not just a place for you to go around and kill stuff, it is a place for you to make friends, joke around, and have an all around good time.

The way it is set up, the more you work at it the stronger you get. Guilds are great, not too complicated where you can't figure out what to do, but enough variety to keep you interested.

Basically the first thing that you try to do is level your character, while trying to raise their stats with tokens which are rewards for finding special items. After you reach the highest level you start on your journey for equipment, you obtain this by joining with other people on the mud and killing the harder mobs of the game. The fun really never ends on Exile, that's why it is so great!

The Gods and players are very helpful to people just starting out, and its always great to see new faces. Exile is the place to go, so come and try it out.

If you have any questions feel free to log on and send me a tell, I am around most of the time! Good luck, and mud strong!

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Review posted by Phoenixfire
Posted on Wed Dec 7 20:53:38 2005 / 0 comments
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Exile is the first MUD i've ever played, and probably the only one that i didn't stop playing after 10 minutes. It's got a well-done quest and pk system, and players that are wonderful. The amount of people who play aren't so small that you feel that you know everyone's life story, yet not so big that you feel like you're overwhelmed.

It's pretty well balanced, melee + spellcaster classes, and almost everyone's always willing to help the newbies, imms and heroes included. The clan/tribe system's good too, and as the game encourages being in a form to xp, you're gonna have at least some, more like a lot of, interaction between players.

I dunno, you've all probably heard all of this stuff before in reviews, but come try it :). it's worth it.

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Review posted by Chrono
Posted on Mon Nov 14 21:40:12 2005 / 0 comments
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Yo people, i know that you have read this thousands of times for every mud out there imaginable (but bear with me). I can easily say that Exile is the best mud i have played thus far (there was a Dbz mud i used to play though that was also real boss, but they messed it up). Even though i am not finished heroing i believe i have played enough to give my opinions on this game. THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!

This game has been out for quite a while, since 1990's or something, but don't let that discourage you from giving this game a swing for the implementors realising how unfair it was to newbies now starting the game came to a decision to make an eqwipe. Thus rebalancing the power throughout the game and not just having a few leet uber eq'ed big boys.

Well, as you can imagine this did not go down well with quite a few players who prob sweated to become that good. Well, i guess my point is that the Gods did this for you interested souls in search of adventure and fun and you cannot let them down by turning a blind eye to the game.

Well enough of that. This is a very stable and well balanced mud. If you are one of those who looks for a smallish mud this is the one for you. Don't get me wrong it is a well designed and well thought out mud where the zones seem huge compared to how big it really is.

The class and race system is smaller (for those who cannot make up their minds about what to be), but it is also goes very indepth into each class and race (so dont consider this mud a pushover, because it is not). The game and players are newbie friendly and will gladly help with any problems that you might have. Just send me a tell if you need help if i am online (Chrono) <<(my name). Well i gotta run.

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Review posted by Janna
Posted on Mon Oct 24 20:22:27 2005 / 0 comments
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I have played Exile for almost three years now and I don't regret it. Exile was my first mud, but not my only mud. However, it is the only mud that I have played continuously.

One of the greatest features of the game is the playerbase. It is large enough so the game isn't empty, but small enough so that it is easy to find friendly faces to interact with. The clan and tribe system also allow players to ally with each other to improve themselves cooperatively.

The game also includes a thorough help system that allows new players to look up helpfiles within the mud and ask online helpers and even gods for assistance.

In this mud you can be a social butterfly or a powerful force in player-kill zones. Exile is whatever you make it.

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Review posted by Ocur
Posted on Mon Mar 15 20:13:31 2004 / 0 comments
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Alright, let's get started. Exile was a good mud for a while until my character got hacked. I requested assistance from the immortals many, many times. They refused to write me back about it. Hence, I never got my character back. The mud was alright after that and then my other character got hacked yet again, this time it was my hero alternate character. By this time, I was heavily heated and requested assistance again from the immortals. Yet again, they refused to help me and I lost both my characters over a brief period. In which, both of those characters I worked fairly hard on and spent hours and hours on them. So it just depends what kind of mud you're looking for. Thank you.

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Review posted by Ryan
Posted on Mon Mar 15 19:55:29 2004 / 0 comments
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When I usually play a game, it's for a time, then I move on with my life. Not with Exile. This is, without a doubt, one of the most balanced and addicting MUDs that one can possibly take the time to log onto.

When I first started playing, I had no idea what in the world to do. Fortunately, the imms and heroes helped me out immensely, providing aid to newbies such as me. Nothing about that has changed between then and now. Most, if not all high-level players and imms will be glad to help you get started and setting out.

The PK and class system, with 'hero' classes, is by far the best I've seen. I've tried out other MUDs, but their respective systems, with all due respect, don't hold a candle to Exile's. As for the PK system, it is amazingly balanced, with a blend of stats and skill required to succeed. Also, there are certain designations of PK areas, each with their own risk and rewards.

By playing, I've found countless hours of enjoyment, entertainment, while forging alliances and friendships with fellow players. Give Exile a try, I assure you you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by Torozan
Posted on Wed Mar 3 16:17:04 2004 / 0 comments
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I came to exile when I was 15, persuaded by a couple of school friends it was something different worth trying. I'm now nearly 20 and i'm still there. It's addictive. I'd never heard of a MUD, pk, eq, mobs, all meant nothing to me, exile has changed all of that.

Over the last 4 1/2 years i've made many great friends. Exile is great entertainment, it has it all, brilliant people, a fantastic team of gods, and an awesome premise, fun. At first i was daunted, it seemed massive, achieving much seemed improbable. However, hard work, help from newly made friends and highly effective help systems means getting somewhere is straightforward. Becoming decently competitive is a significant challenge, but the learning curve is well balanced.

All the aspects, EQing, relicing, xping, pking, questing, are well balanced and offer something for everyone. I advise anyone with some time to spare and some willingness to put in the hard yards give this MUD ago, you will not regret it.

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Review posted by Kain
Posted on Wed Mar 3 16:15:33 2004 / 0 comments
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Honestly, I can't say enough about this mud. I first started playing it after accidentally stumbling on to the website, but only got into it after a another friend told me about it. Itís an amazing mud, filled with lots of zones and an amazing pk system. That's not saying you have to be into pk to play it, you don't have to enter a pk zone if you don't want to, but it is an amazing part of the game.

There are 5 clans and as many as 100 tribes which the player can be a part `of. The class system makes sure almost all the characters vary in skills and abilities. You get to have 3 sub-classes and one final class, so depending on your choices and skills, you can develop your own character to reflect your own style.

I honestly can't say enough about the gods on exile either, they interact daily in the lives of the players and are known by almost all the players on the mud. There are always quests, ranging from race quests, Free-for-all, Race and even trivia quests. Most of all, all the players are friendly and happy to answer questions newbies have.

This is a mud designed by mud players, so if you want a game that you won't get bored of, this is the one.

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Review posted by Chrysalis
Posted on Wed Mar 3 15:52:30 2004 / 0 comments
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This mud is very well developed and balanced. Exile has numerous zones. Yet it does not give the feeling of being overly big. It allows you to explore some zones by yourself while still forcing you to join and interact with other players in order to do other zones.

The class/guild system is also very well developed. Each player has to choose among 4 final classes. However, game balance is usually very well maintained meaning that no class has a dominant advantage over the others.

All this leads to a competitive, entertaining and overall fun mud. In summary, Exile is a great mud.

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Review posted by D.MacD.
Posted on Sun Feb 22 00:41:11 2004 / 0 comments
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I have been playing exile for about 6 years. In that time,I have tried hundreds of other muds, and none of them has what exile does. What sets Exile apart from other muds? PK

The combat system on this mud is a finely oiled machine, and involves speed, reflexes and cunning that rivals any first person shooter.

The game isn't ALL hack and slash, though. There are many things implemented within the game to keep players busy, for those looking for group activity and solo activity alike.

Well made quests, and a system to keep you busy improving yourself well past becoming a 'hero'.

The world is not as unscalably large as some other muds, but big enough that it doesn't get overcrowded, spanning 3 continents.

All this, as well as the ingenuous 'relic' system (too much to type, go see for yourself) keeps players coming back.

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Review posted by Elrood
Posted on Sun Feb 22 00:35:04 2004 / 0 comments
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I cannot say enough good things about exile. It's kept me playing since 1999, and will continue to do as long as it exists. It calls itself built for the player, and that's absolutely true. The MUD is generally free of bugs that hurt the playing experience, though all the Imms are constantly in the background tweaking code and making things better, even if we can't see it.

The PK system is *amazingly* balanced. Having 4 different 'hero' classes and variations within them would seem to be problemtic as far as balance goes, but any class can fight any other class and win. Skills play a large role in any pk, one can't just stand there and let the number work for you.

Though small, Exile's player base is extremely dedicated and knowledable and most of the heros can help any newbie with questions about the MUD just as well as an Imm can.

I could go on and on about what makes exile great, but honestly you just need to see for yourself. Fire up your mudclient and give exile an hour of your time and you'll see why it's worth being your MUD of choice.

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Review posted by Disembowler
Posted on Sun Feb 22 00:33:41 2004 / 0 comments
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Why should you log onto exile? Exile is an extensive mud, not heavily based on RPG, but more based on character friendliness and fun. You have a small class system to choose from, but the spells and skills you get for each class are extensive and plentiful.

Exile is a heavily modified circle mud, 7 years in the making now. There are over 80 unique zones to exile, and usually around 20 or 30 players on at a time to help. Exile has been one of the best MUDS i have found since i have started mudding in 1997, and is very much worth your time to at least check out. So much time and effort has gone into the mud, and unfortunately exile does not advertise, so it's harder for new players to come to our realm. I guarantee that if you start to play exile and get a little ways into the game, you will find it very much to your liking, and will stay until you become a hero.

The game is incredibly well balanced, but the gods are always striving to come up with new spells, and new zones, to continiously attract more dedicated players.

The mud is in no way failing. In fact it gets on average 10 new players a day, but none seem to ever ask for help if they get in trouble, and get frustrated and quit. It takes a little time to get into the flow of the game, but once you do, you'll be hooked to an excellent, well developed MUD.

Give exile a chance! Exile.lurker.net 4000

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Review posted by Anonymous yet devoted player
Posted on Sun Feb 22 00:36:56 2004 / 0 comments
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I'm addicted to this MUD because of the quality of people who play and the competitiveness there is throughout the game. It's not just about getting to the highest level, but about establishing a place among all the other players and trying to make your own player the best he or she can be.

It's a never-ending process, and a never-ending competition, but it's what keeps the people playing for years and years--it's impossible to quit, it's just too fun.

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Review posted by Covenant
Posted on Sun Feb 22 00:28:35 2004 / 0 comments
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This is the best all around mud. I have played many other Muds and this is by far the most comprehensive. It offers the most exciting PK system. It has a traditional leveling format and class structure that anyone can easily adjust to.

The gods are interactive, friendly and helpful. Reaching the base hero is simple and fun, all that is required is a little hard work and time. Before you know it Exile will be a living part of your everyday life because of its friendly communal atmosphere. It will bring the excitement of a great game with it's fantastic pk system and most of all it's great equipment system.

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Review posted by Anna
Posted on Tue Feb 17 18:21:10 2004 / 0 comments
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I remember 4 years ago when I was first introduced to Exile by a friend, then I wrinkled my nose in disgust and rebuked the idea of ever playing the game. That summer while I was at my mother's work, I decided to log on and give Exile a shot. 'At least I won't be so bored!' I thought to myself. Thus, I began my long, exciting journey into another world. Not long after I started playing, I discovered the many features that Exile offered other than the wide variety of zones that it had. While there are only four basic guilds and four noble guilds, each character is able to attain an extensive list of skills and spells by the time they reach the maximum level and as they are leveling up. The game presses characters to group or form with others, encouraging the interaction between players. However, the game doesn't end when one is at the maximum level! I implore you to see and experience the excellence that is Exile.

Play Exile! I command it! :) -Jala

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Review posted by tali
Posted on Thu Jul 24 22:49:17 2003 / 0 comments
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I started playing exile a week ago, and can tell i have not been disappointed. There are so many features that i can't name them all, but will highlight some of them. First you can choose between:

Class: warrior cleric mage thief Races: human halfing elf dwarf

When you reach lvl41 you can proceed to the next class, but are only allowed to choose three of them. The fourth class is a subclass. If you have been a thief before you can choose to become a nightblade in your final class.

More feature are:

Pets - if you can't find any to form with, you can buy pets to help you.

Search - search corpse to find orbs, gems, ancient relics and depictions.

Map - can't find your way around? There is an overlay map when you move around.

Gauntlet - a place where you can test your strength and skill, for each level it gets harder and harder.

And more....

Mostly there are in prime time around 30-50 players online, so can always find someone to help you with any questions you might have. Come give it a try you will not regret it.


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