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o-)-- D A R K C A S T L E --> Are you afraid of the Dark? Dark Castle is an exciting and long-standing MUD open to players of all ages. DC boasts an active and free thinking Immortal staff who rarely censor language, violence, or actions. With several expansive continents and over 100 original areas, Dark Castle MUD is a challenge to both new and experienced mudders alike. A few of Dark Castle's original features include: * A detailed and highly developed player-run CLAN SYSTEM. * A 'META-PHYSICIAN' where attributes and upgrades can be purchased. * A vast array of items, mobs, areas, and storylines. * A variety of well-developed races and classes. * Professions for character and class specialization. * An all-original CASINO utilizing actual rules and odds. * An exciting fully automated QUEST system. * A LEADERBOARD to compare your character to the competition. * A flexible, unique combat system full of gore and mayhem. * Free player VAULTS for storing, saving, and sharing your loot! * A player-run AUCTION HOUSE for buying and selling goods. * Comprehensive helpfiles for both new and veteran players. * Many more ORIGINAL FEATURES only found on Dark Castle! Players new to mudding: feel free to seek an Immortal for advice as not all of the Dark Castle denizens work for the 'good-guys'. With stable, consistent coding and balance and an exciting new quest and character development system, Dark Castle is still the most sh*t- kicking game around! Join the adventure that got zMUD's Zugg himself started! Dark Castle: because chicks dig swords.

Mud Theme: The sh*t-kicking fantasy MUD since 1992.

Dark Castle Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Rhaegar
Posted on Sun Mar 15 19:42:19 2009 / 2 comments
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Dark Castle, at best, has 20 to 30 players who rotate through characters and clans.

While the mud has plenty of areas to run, you're lucky to find out about any but the most common because few of the veterans are willing to help newbies.

There is an outward effort to make the mud newbie friendly but it works till about lvl 12 and then you're meat b/c, again, the veterans spend a good bit of their efforts beating down anyone smaller.

The mud, unfortunately b/c it is so easy to psteal and pkill, draws the sort that take great pleasure in doing so. Nothing wrong with that except it can get pretty old regening all the time or having your equip stolen. Note: there are plenty of fake-sellers and 'clan members' who don't abide by their own clan's laws. This mud is truly every man for himself.

The mud is enjoyed by those who already have good friends that are veterans. If you're looking at coming here fresh, I'd advise heavily against it.

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Comment posted on Tue Oct 21 00:21:21 2008 by Anonymous:

That's certainly a dark view of DC. While it would be foolish to trust anyone too much, its far from an anti-newbie community. There are several people on who are guides that will help new players, and a lot of non guides will show people around as well. Most players do realize that the game is only fun once other players are strong enough to be a challenge, and are willing to help people be more knowledgeable and gain strength.

The game is very clan oriented, its difficult to be very successful as a loner. But it doesn't mean you have to be in a clan to reach the strength to fight other players.

While its true that pstealing and pkilling is very common on DC, it is entirely up to the player to protect themselves from it. I have played for several months now and I have never had anything of value stolen before. You just have to make sure you don't run around with something awesome laying around in open inventory.

Although it may be that this review is a couple years old and things have changed since then.

Comment posted on Thu Feb 26 21:04:47 2009 by noobie:

In response to the first reply to the review, the only thing that has changed in the past 'couple years' on Dark Castle is that there are only 15-25 players that rotate through clans and characters. 50% of the playerbase is AFK at any given time.

Newbie friendly? That's a laugh.

If you don't believe me, feel free to log in.

Review posted by BoA
Posted on Tue Jul 27 21:37:14 2004 / 0 comments
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I have been playing DC for quite some time and through all the changes I still love the game. The unique (and often ironic) blend of bravado, machismo, and cunning of DC's playerbase is bred into all who play either by their own experiences or simply necessity. If that wasn't enough, there are the diverse and interesting areas complete with mobs that rival a player's intelligence.

It is true that this MUD isn't for the meek, but it is entertaining and challenging, which has kept me coming back for years. The mentality of the playerbase is balanced by the Imms, clans, and exceptional players that are very helpful.

For those reasons I would still call DC newbie friendly. There is only one fault I have found with DC and that is that it spoils you. I have yet to find another mud that can break the hold DC has on me... I am addicted to MUD because of DC.

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Review posted by ShadowWolf
Posted on Wed Jun 23 21:12:42 2004 / 0 comments
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Where should I begin? This having been the first MUD I have experienced, and visiting other MUDs hence, I have alot to put down here.

The code in DC is very user friendly compared to most of the other MUDs that I have experienced. The helpfiles are extensive but to the point and very helpful. This MUD, in my opinion, is a great place for the experienced and novice MUDer alike.

To start out with you have to roll up a character. First you choose a name, then a password, then your sex {m,F}. Next you get to roll for stats, this is a wonderful area where you can continually roll and five groups of stats continually refresh.

You may roll to your hearts content until you get the stats that you wish. Once you pick your stats, then you get to pick a race. Then based on your stats and your race you get a selection of classes to choose from, wich have been upgraded reciently to add a few new classes and races.

Next it assists you with setting up your prompt. Then you go through the DC MUD schoot and get starting eq and a grad ring and Diploma. Don't loose the Diploma, there is not a chance to get another one after lvl 5.

Now you start playing. There are many channels for talking, and a beneficial one is newbie and also gossip. You may ask for assistance on either at any time. Usually you will get many responses. At least one of them is bound to be helpful to you.

Leveling to lvl 5 or so is fairly easy and beneficial in your first time on the DC. This is due to being able to get some of your needed equipment, skills, and spells. The helpfiles on each will explain further. Feel free to read them.

Recalls are free up to lvl 10 and you do not lose your inventory and equipment. After getting to lvl 10 then recalls cost gold, and you must retrieve your corpse to get your inv and eq back.

There are many original areas within DC that range in difficulty, from the first time MUDer to the most experienced. All can and will find a place here.

There is a heavy Player Killing atmosphere here, but after making some friends it balances out. All in all, I have found the experience most rewarding, and that lvling is not easy but not so hard as to discourage you too much. It seems to have a perfect balance of atmosphere in my opinion.

Navigation is much simpler than on other MUDs. In that there is only n,s,e,w,u,and d. As well as some other hidden entrances which you will have discover the way to enter yourself.

Grouping is strongly recommended, but there is the capability of soloing and advancing rather nicely anyway. I have done and still do both.

Though grouping can be more fun and more beneficial in the long run because you can run areas that you are not able too yet solo. Which provides a nice change of atmosphere and some eq and skills that you may not get for a long time otherwise.

After making some friends, researching and joining a clan can be a major benefit also. With a clan standing behind you and lending you a hand when needed, the experience is greatly enhanced. This also adds a little structure to the environment that may be missed otherwise. Each clan has there own criteria, rules, and beliefs. Choose one that will suit your personality and your charictor's role.

Last but not least, this is a great realm in my opinion. Explore! Explore! Explore!! and don't be afaid to die. It may cost you some experience point and maybe even some equipment, but it is worth it in the long run for the experience of new places and other equipment you may find and get.

Good luck!!! and have fun. I hope you will choose to roll up a character at DC take a chance on an experience of a lifetime. Look me up once you get there and say hi. I have a ranger named Shadowwolf and a mage named Visionwolf. Till then take care and be well.

Sincerely, Wolf

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Review posted by Stromboli
Posted on Mon Jan 22 18:26:24 2007 / 3 comments
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DC is a bloodbath of clashing egos and rising powers. The imms don't impose a lot of rules so the playerbase tends to police itself with gang-style beat-downs. After reaching level 50 you can use XP and gold to improve stats or buy more hps/mana/moves...but the stronger you are the more costly the improvements are. This assures that new players can still be competitive while rewarding the die-hard veterans. Just about anything goes on DC, which makes it a blast to play.

Professional smack-talkers gather daily to take shots at each other, but this is only the beginning. Beneath the bloodthirsty surface is a well-crafted mud with an intuitive command structure, hundreds of unique areas, interactive mobs, skill quests and a lot of unseen features that really make the game flow well.

Extensive helpfiles, command truncation (so you don't have to type everything out completely), very unique bard and druid classes, tons of skills and spells, rare eq and items...it all adds up to a challenging yet extremely rewarding environment where strategy and intelligence dominate over hack-and-slash tactics.

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Comment posted on Wed Jun 16 09:13:59 2004 by ShadowWolf:

Very nice review, you hit a lot of the main points on the head. Alas, I would like to add a bit though.

The players are mostly very friendly to newbies. It is easy to at least get some sort of help with playing if you are new to the mud. If you can't find assistance in the helpfile, then there are many that are willing to at least give you hints to point you in the right direction.

Grouping is a major deal in DC. As you make friends, and start grouping you can run areas you otherwise would not be able to run on your own and you may need their assistance for some skill quests. All in all it is a good meshing of a well rounded community.

Then there are clans. Once you start making friends and improving your character and your skills with that character, then you may be asked to join, or may ask to join, one of the clans. On DC most of the clans are very tightknit and there are even clan wars at times. They have alliances and much, much more. Ask someone in a clan about theirs and most are more than willing to give you a little background on it. In the long run it is definitely to your benefit to join a clan. The companionship, help, experience runs, gold runs, equipment runs, grouping and benefitting from others with years of experience on this MUD are all things that I do not think you can afford to miss out on.

Above all else, do not be afraid to die. Up until lvl 10 you do not lose your items when you die. After that you must retrieve your corpse. But with the assistance of friends, groups, and clannies, it is usually easy to retrieve. You may say but what about the experience I will lose if I die? Well, think about it this way. What about the experiences you are going to lose and miss out on if you don't take the chance. Wink! ;)

That's it for now. I hope you will consider taking the chance to roll up a char and give DC a chance. I think that if you should, you just may never leave.

Sincerely, Wolf

Comment posted on Mon Jun 26 19:54:06 2006 by Zoranna:

I was a coder on Dark Castle when it first opened on the scene. Many changes have happen in the 15+ years of operation.

This would be a good summation of the system now. Base code is MERC: Modifed very nicely by many coders, Morc, Pirahna, Waz, and Sadus to name a few. The new compliment of Immortals are decent to most players, however beware that they tend to zap (delete) your characters if you talk about other similar muds.

The system tends to change a lot with new code going in each month. However, things slow down when the main coder goes back to school (Urizen).

It is not a newbie friendly mud, as the mud itself will tell you when you log on. The clan system is fair and has clan tax modifications. They do not yet have a vault system or player inventory save, so you need to make 'Storage' characters for extra equipment.

The playerbase is mostly long time players with a few new people. Some ways to compensate the players is with the Donation system. Characters that are unable, or not very advanced, can donate cash via paypal to get ingame Platinum. Platinum can be used to buy better stats, Hitpoints, God Load(equipment that never scraps), or in some cases a full character.

Overall Dark Castle is a shadow of it's former self, but being rebuilt by a very advanced team.

Comment posted on Sat Jan 20 13:23:39 2007 by Shortterm420:

Just to add/clarify/update a few things on this post and it's comments..

When Zoranna mentioned mentioned a lack of player inventory saves, she was refering to items in excess of what you can hold on your person and in containers, not that player inventories empty every time they are logged off.

Both player and clan vaults have been implemented with a share by permission feature.

Player levels 51-60 were recently implemented with a nice sounding 'profession' system, available upon reaching lvl 60, soon to follow. This will allow for more customization of your class.

The playerbase is still a good portion of veterans. However, many are newbie friendly and encourage new players to learn the mud and stick around. There are also presently a couple of unofficial 'newbie helper' clans. Just ask questions over the newbie channel and you shall find your answers, and, while I am only a psuedo-veteran of the game, I am more than willing to help new players with anything as long as they are trying to learn the game. Just send me a tell if I'm online (Mouliani) and you can get no answer over the newbie channel.

Oh, and for a break in the never-ending quest to silence others and earn your own smack-talking rights, they have also implemented an ingame casino that accepts both kinds of game currency (gold and platinum). It currently offers blackjack, slots, and roulette. ::CAUTION! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!::

Hope to see you there soon!

Review posted by Sam Robinson
Posted on Tue Feb 10 20:45:52 2009 / 3 comments
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The design and command structure of Dark Castle is superior to most other muds that I've played. The environment is brutal as far as playerkilling and real-deaths, which makes it that much more intense.

DC has a long history and used to have around 100 active players on at any given time, but the recent addition of Variable Experience changed that. The new experience system strongly favors grouping and detrimentally hinders solo players. (Even as an established player, I find it impossible to solo and get any worthwhile experience.) This results in established players dominating while new players have little hope of getting anywhere. DC has tons of unique features that have the potential to make it a great mud again, but the experience system overshadows most of the positive changes, especially for new players.

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Comment posted on Sat Jul 24 14:36:49 2004 by BoA:

I strongly disagree with you. The grouping XP system makes newbies more of an asset to more experienced players, because even if the newbie player isn't the best, the veteran player might be more apt to group and guide the new player for his own ends. However selfish this end might be, it still promises that even newbie players can offer something to contribute to a group. I mean how many times are you and your friends always online to group at the same time and are a good mix of classes??

That's another thing, all the classes have a very unique and valuable power that contribute a group greatly. This group mentality promotes veteran players cooperating with newbies so long as they have a basic understanding of play, which any mudder should. Even spellcasters have powerful contributions to a group- Clerics with Sanctuary, healing, and corpses, Druids with Stone Shield, and Mages with Imps and magical fire power. And these in tandem can be a powerful thing as well.

The basis of your complaint is most likely the result of a bad experience of DC, which is most likely an unwillingness to learn or a lack of determination.

Comment posted on Sat Jan 17 14:43:06 2004 by Anonymous:

The experience problem was corrected a while ago..

Comment posted on Thu Feb 5 02:54:40 2009 by Sam Robinson:

Things have changed a great deal since I wrote this review years ago. The imm staff has made tremendous improvements to the game, and made a great effort to improve the experience for new players. They constantly find new ways to make the mud exciting, and the gameplay is simply unrivaled.

Both new and experienced mudders will find a multitude of interesting areas, quests, and challenges. Bottom line, it's one of the must addictive muds I've ever played.

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