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Renowned for its beautiful and detailed descriptions, Avalon is one of the established popular German MUDs. Yes: Everything is in German! But while most Avaloniacs are native speakers, we also welcome a steady stream of international connoisseurs.

Avalon is a consistent strict fantasy world which has shown to be able to fascinate its players for years and years on end. It is actively maintained and evolves continually, aiming at the best possible non-commercial, _completely_ free game play and fantasy atmosphere.

The world itself is huge, containing three main continents with sub- continents, many very large metropolises to hidden villages, deserts, barren hunting grounds and, of course, the Underworld. A colourized map of your vicinity can be displayed everywhere you are to help your orientation. Each race and class/guild has its unique look, form of expressions and a specific way to it being played. Avalon strives to make each character you play a very distinct experience.

Avalon officially went out of its beta-phase on August 15th 1995. At the time of this writing (2009) it has been greatly enhanced and still is one of the prime addresses for German speaking text-based gamers.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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