A MUD that has existed for nearly 20 years, with many players and wizards who have been around for the same amount of time. A fantasy experience that is incredibly rich in detail, and growing every single day. Come and experience the Tsunami.

Mud Theme: Oriental/Medieval

Tsunami Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Nooberling
Posted on Thu Dec 20 10:40:48 2018 / 0 comments
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Tsunami was one of the first MUDs I ever played, and I've now come back to it three times. It's enormous, feels like home, and there's so much to explore and try out I can't find time to do it all.

You can have 100 different characters, and I'm pretty certain each one could play a little different.

The wide array of strange features added over the years are fascinating, and it seems they are slowly getting pruned back to become more manageable. I assume the hardest part of getting into the game would be surfing through the truly massive amount of information available and figuring out where to begin.

It seems that the administration is fairly active; and the manager of the MUD has started to take a slightly more involved approach than previously. I've played, since 1997, one or two dozen MMO's, MUD's, and so on. Tsunami is the biggest of all of them, and I find that quite a bit of fun. The code quality and the ease of play has increased since I started, but it's a ton of fun to go through and see everything that has changed. Some areas aren't very intuitive, but it seems effort has been put into revamping them so they all make sense.

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Review posted by Uzziel
Posted on Wed Jul 23 11:50:52 2014 / 0 comments
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Tsunami used to be a really great mud. In recent years most of the talented staff has left. This has left a vaccum that is filled with talentless wizards who spend most of their days idling. The few who actually have the ability to code seem to devote their time to reducing long standing and favored classes to mediocre levels, and often making them unplayable. People have tried to advance through the staff ranks, only to be driven out by higher levels that feel threatened by anyone who shows any ambition, or ability to program. Only a few actual players remain of this once great mud. Typing who will show usually 4 or 5 'wizards' who are idle, and the few players logged areusually their own characters which they leave on to 'pad' the list. I have played on this mud for over a decade, The world is extremely detailed, the classes relatively easy to learn, and you can learn it pretty quickly. Until some of the fat is cut from the currently rotting admin base, I would suggest keeping away from this once amazing game.

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Review posted by Epic
Posted on Sun Mar 15 19:39:21 2009 / 0 comments
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I have played tsunami for a number of years and find it to be one of the most involved and amazing muds I've ever run across. The world is HUGE, the classes, races, and subclasses are vast. There is something for everyone, quests, wars, invasions, pks, etc.

The pk system is unique in my opinion. It was changed quite awhile ago from losing/gaining exp, to coincide with our 'jihad' system (there are 5 religious orders you can choose to follow, each is friendly/hateful towards others).

There are also in game wars as well as shutdown wars to help people sharpen their skills, and gain a bit of free exp/gold. There is even an arena where you can fight other players to test your skills. Players can own and upgrade houses, as well as own different types of shops, from bars, to items, to heals. Tsunami is vast and complex.

It takes awhile to learn, but once you do you'll stick around. The community is closely knit and everyone knows everyone else. It's kind of like cheers :) Drop on by and give it a whirl. If you find yourself lost, needing assistance, or just want to shoot the breeze I'm usually around as Epic or Abaddon :)

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Review posted by Xcheefoo
Posted on Thu Jan 11 21:22:43 2007 / 0 comments
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I've been playing muds for almost 10 years and can honestly say that I've not encountered a MUD with better combinations of options available, ease of use and amount of content as Tsunami. Tsunami offers something to do for any type of a mudder. What differentiates this mud from many others is the 'hero' system. Any char grows from 1 to 19 after which your stat base is locked and you can only raise skills/spells/songs/prayers/etc. Those levels are called '+' levels, as in +3 hero. There are 50+ quests starting from simple mouse trap and finishing with brazilian soap opera complexity that have to be done in groups of heros.

There are periodic angry NPC invasions. There are jihad wars between warring factions of various gods into which players are involved. There are simple war style tournaments that can run while the mud is up and more complex all out mud wars that happen every 4.5 hours, during which players can kill each other without penalty, but with great reward. There is killing for hire, which along with wars, provide alternative methods of raising your character past the low levels.

The mud is huge. There is a tracking system that provides XP bonus for explored areas and all you have to know is that no one has gotten more than 90% of the mud explored. Come join us and enjoy Tsunami! My names are Xcheefoo/Biohazard/Atos/Navigator, and I'm always willing to help newbies.

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Review posted by Maivia
Posted on Fri Sep 26 20:49:35 2003 / 0 comments
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Tsunami is an interesting place because of it's variety. As a player there are any number of thing you can do, from your casual hack and slash xping, pking, questing, warring (where the MUD reboots into a large arena where players get the chance to kill each other without losing xp).

There are also invasions, where evil npcs attack the mud and the players must unite to stop them. Some of the economy is player driven, so if the life of a merchant is for you, then you can set up a shop and sell heals, items, or alcohol (slower, cheaper heals).

The place is pretty newbie friendly, a good place to start a mudding career or to continue one. There are a few people who might give you a hard time, but there are more who are willing to help with eq, ideas for places to xp, and what race/class combinations work. There are alot of classes and races to choose from, so whatever you feel like playing, chances are tsunami has something that, at the very least, is similar to what you're looking for.

It's a fun place, check it out and it won't disappoint.


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