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Medievia V is here!

From a distance you behold our world. Peaceful, beautiful continents resting like gems set within an aquamarine sea. Come closer.

To the east, you see a battle waging on the seas. A ship is locked in battle with a giant sea serpent, the crew frantically manning the guns and striving to hold the ship together in face of the onslaught.

Many miles to the north, in another part of the sea, several clans have gathered their strength to do battle against the Khrait, a mysterious, powerful race that has recently begun to invade our lands from Afar, in the first skirmishes of war that will change the face of Medievia.

In a few parts of the world, life continues almost serenely. Clans prepare to build their businesses; traders venture between the great cities of our land in endless search for profit; dragons soar through the sky, bearing adventurers out to hone and test their skills, in the hopes of becoming worthy of the title Hero.

But look closer still, at our faces. See the anticipation, the fear and excitement, as each one of us faces the fact that the struggle we're engaged in will determine the destiny of our entire world, and of each of our souls.

Gold and glory, battle, adventure, triumph, defeat, Good, and Evil... all await anyone with the strength of spirit to come forth. Our history is being written. Are you strong enough to join us?

Do you dare enter?


Medievia has been around since 1992, and has never stopped growing, evolving, and becoming better, and we're one of the largest gameworlds in existence! We have it all, and then some. Our maps are unparalleled, using beautiful miniature graphics provided by our own fonts. Our zones and wilderness are immense and interactive, and it's all watched over by our greatest achievement: a sophisticated artificial intelligencemodule we call the DungeonMaster.

The DM allows history to unfold. Everything you do, wherever and whenever you are, is connected, and is watched by the DM. The storyline continues to unfold, and YOU are a part of History. Join us!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Medievia Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Erin
Posted on Wed Sep 11 17:43:49 2013 / 0 comments
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I've been playing Medievia since 2006. Medievia was the first MUD I had ever played, and while I have tried others, nothing compared to Med. Everything about Medievia is perfect: the quests, the trading, the catacombs, the Mudslinger (I'm a reporter), the Learn Module, my fellow Avatars-Medievia offers something for anyone from a brand new player to an experienced hero.

Nothing else is Medievia. Zones are being updated and revamped for players of all levels (visit The Great Tree for a new and fantastic low-level dagger!), new autoquests are appearing to challenge players and as always, the Medievia staff is as warm and welcoming as ever.

Want to wander the roads of Medievia with a covered wagon, battling haunted forests and evil centaurs on your way to make millions of gold in a trading post? Battle epic sea serpents on the oceans? What about slaying deep sea creatures for magical fae and fame? You can do all that and more in Medievia.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you a healing cleric, a powerful mage, a brutal warrior or a sneaky thief? Pick your class and come join us in Medievia! You'll never find anything else like it online. Take it from an Avatar-God who 7 years ago had never played a MUD in my life. Medievia is unique and very, very special!

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Review posted by Kwexania
Posted on Tue Jul 5 18:32:26 2011 / 0 comments
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I started playing Medievia in 2001. I've watched the game grow up for the last 10 years, and all the players too. Of all of the other muds that I have explored, Med is the most comprehensive of them all.

There is a community of people and a closeness that is unrivaled by any other game. There are so many things to do on Medievia, to explore and to try that after 10 years, I still have not done 'everything' in medievia.

Vryce and his staff keep adding new things to try! Log in, look for me, Kwexania, and I will take you on a little tour of what we are all about! It isn't something you will ever regret.

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Review posted by anonymous
Posted on Tue Mar 5 05:50:10 2013 / 1 comment
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Medievia in the 1990s was one of the foremost MUDs (in terms of popularity). The current playerbase appears to be predominantly from the mid-2000s: there are few real new players in the game anymore, and also only a few older players. The size of the playerbase is dramatically reduced from 500+ online at peak times a decade ago, to 100 or so now.

There were two keys which made this MUD special at one time: balance and the size and activity of the playerbase. Medievia traditionally attracted a strong gamer element, role-play was never wide-spread, and the emphasis was on skilled combat, singly or in groups. Unfortunately this is how Medievia was, not how it is. I want to try to explain why later.

The game at present consists of a handful of activities. Exping is still a major activity, although it now takes very little time to reach maximum level with help (a month at most). Most players now have many maximum level characters. Multi-level requirement means you will also need to perform several other kinds of tasks to level.

You will need to do AutoQuests: incredibly tedious 'fetch this, visit that mob' trivia hunts that are accomplished by looking them up in Internet databases. This feature is essentially a very poor copy of another game's excellent quests. You may need to do trade runs, which means running through hundreds of almost identical rooms between two places, occasionally being overwhelmed by very poorly coded AI swarms. You may need to go to the catacombs, a vast six level, thousand room or more zone in which 'eggs' load on the ground and mobs. Unfortunately, almost all the rooms are from one of a handful of patterns (seeing a theme here?) and there are quite a few special procedures to make this search frustrating rather than enjoyable.

Medievia promotes its dragons heavily. They come in three varieties. There are dragon taxis, which you hail by typing 'call' and which for a fee will slowly (unless you pay dollars for a speed-up) take you to most places in the game. There are wilderness dragons which may attack and kill you out of nowhere if you are outside a zone (unless you hail a dragon taxi for more money, which can double as your savior here). Finally there are lair dragons, which provide more points for leveling, usually require 14-18 players to attempt, and the experience of which is mostly pages of spam as you fight and or die without what you do making much difference.

There are several other features Medievia has added in recent years. Shipping was a much heralded new feature to allow sailing on Medievia's oceans. Originally envisaged with piracy and trading, perhaps involving skill and teamwork, it rapidly devolved into one person sitting solo at sea for five or six hours shooting 'serpents' (more poor AI mobs) with ship ammunition and winning 'fae': a new class of stat the game invented which can now be had by the billions. After all, bigger numbers means more fun?

Underocean was a new idea, fancifully described as a first person perspective raytraced display (in text). What this means is you have an incredibly spammy ugly display as though you are looking through the water at letters. With practice, you can read the display, and if you can overcome the many remaining bugs, you find that incredible amounts of money and, yes, fae are available if you have 10-12 hours free to fight more poor AI mob swarms, of a handful of different types.

Adversary is a MUD within a MUD. Billed as a PK fragfest with disposable characters, it was hyped for several years before its release. It was the first big failed new feature, and the pattern was informative. It was a zone with no mobs, a lot of new spam (a 'listen' channel that tells you who is around you, totally broken by the fact that it takes no account of walls and floors). The equipment that loads is poor and hard to become excited about. Death is permanent, and you start as a low level where anyone can log in a saved maximum level to kill you. When it turned out people didn't want to play, the playerbase was bribed with quest points in huge numbers to do it anyway.

The real story of Medievia over the last few years has been poorly designed and poorly implemented new features in which the playerbase had little or no interest. The initial negative reaction was met with freezes and gags, and an unbalancing system of rewards set up to bribe people to use it anyway. Thus gold is almost worthless now because of shipping and underocean, and the easiest source of quest points isn't questing, it's sitting in adversary with a friend, without any risk or skill being needed.

The old features do in part remain. Chaotic player killing allows the stealing of equipment after a kill, and was a mainstay of older and more experienced players (just killing each other with nothing at stake becomes tedious after a while). The introduction of delevelling on death in CPK chased a lot of players away, because it forces the people who want to fight most to spend most time doing things they don't want to do, like exping, trading, egging and so forth.

Medievia has many excellent zones available to a hero player, although only a tiny fraction of the playerbase at any one time knows their way around the top end zones. More common is for 4-8 semi-afk sheep to be dragged from one equipment mob to the next by a 'leader'. This is what is meant in Medievia by an 'eq run'. For the few players who learn them however, these zones can be a worthwhile source of entertainment. Due to the tweak system (items don't always have the same stats when looted) and the deterioration system (items only last 6 months to a year at most) there is a constant demand to run equipment zones.

This has so far been about Medievia from a technical aspect. The bigger problem for Medievia is that it has always had problems with its immortals. Accusations of cheating in a MUD like this are always going to be rife, when it caters primarily to a gamer crowd. However there have undoubtedly been serious incidents of cheating over the years. More troubling still is the disdain with which players are treated by the staff.

To understand the reason this is significant, you should realize that Medievia is not free to play. A typical maximum level character ('hero') is an investment of hundreds of dollars of someone's money. This can be taken away on a whim; for cursing, for insulting an immortal while drunk, for using a feature that turned out to be a bug, for criticizing a change, for complaining that your friend was just deleted. All of these can and do regularly result in the loss of your character permanently. Medievia now charges up to $50 per character to have them restored, no matter how unfair or unreasonable the original deletion was.

In an almost unheard of step, Vryce (Medievia's owner) has instituted an enclave system whereby he hand picks players to provide feedback. Anyone else providing feedback risks a gag or a purge. Players in this enclave are removed if they provide feedback he doesn't like. It's important to understand that Medievia will take your money, but that no-one at the top plays or has played the game in a long time. And absolutely no-one wants to know what the players think.

The vast majority of the people I have known have been purged. Some made more characters, to spend time with the friends they made in game rather than to play it. Some did not.

Be warned, playing Medievia almost certainly means losing friends, time and money. Once, it was a good enough game that that could be ignored. Today it certainly is not.

Incidentally, this submission is anonymous because it is understood that criticizing Medievia publicly results in forfeiting one's characters. Conversely, had this review been positive, I would have been entitled to in-game rewards. Read anything on the subject of Medievia sceptically.

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Comment posted on Mon Mar 4 20:14:51 2013 by Lordcam:

I thought this was a comment about the review, not the reviewed MUD? In any case I thought it was forwright, well descripted and like so many MUDs of Yore, go through cycles of discontent, mishandled and overly controled by the those that are in charge. This however, isn't a totally negative thing and more to way of politics that plague all MUDS. One could feel the discontent of the reviewer, mostly towards the end of his comments, but although I did feel his plight, I could also tell he had enjoyd lots of his time while playing on this MUD. As for the MUD itself, if I had the time, I would probably enjoy playing it, based on the rewiew.

Lordcam / AvisionMUD

Review posted by Robert Ryding
Posted on Thu Feb 10 20:06:32 2011 / 0 comments
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At one time, this mud was one of the best out there. It was large, had many different zones to enjoy and had a unique setting to make it far different than a standard Moo or Circle or even heavily modified version of either.

No Longer. The best parts of the game have been tampered with and made pointless. Catacombs of Toshi is just one of many. Toshi was one of the best areas for a Solo player to go and level up, collect gear, and otherwise relax, it was difficult but also very well built in terms of varying Monsters and loot. Now it has a level restriction which makes it impossible to play after a certain point.I have played this mud for 16 years, with a few times of being away for about 6 months or so because of work. Since the last time I played, they have ruined the greatest mud ever built.

It is a sad day indeed when you can no longer enjoy a game because the Moderators have totally ruined it.

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Review posted by Anonymous
Posted on Wed Jan 12 20:22:27 2011 / 2 comments
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I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding this mud (no, I'm not going to post any links to taint the review; curious readers can go look stuff up themselves and draw their own conclusions), but I thought new players would find it helpful to read a more /neutral/ review. In other words, I'm attempting to give something that's neither hater-spam from disgruntled players/people who don't like the mud (so no hate posts please!), or unequivocal praise from someone who's played years of Med and nothing else (obviously such players will love any MUD they've sunk so much time into, no matter how good it actually is, and I tend to find such reviews unhelpful since those players tend not to play other MUDs regularly). I've spent significant amounts of time in three MUDs and tried dozens of others off and on, so that's about where I'm coming from.

First, dispelling the hype: 1. The website says 1000s of players play, but realistically, you're looking at about 50 players off-peak and a little over 100 on peak times. Maybe they're referring to all the players who've ever played, since it's their policy never to delete inactive players... In that case, 1000+ could be true, given the age of Medievia. Med's social scene is pretty quiet though, given the small player base, compared to other MUDs which have bigger player bases and are chattier.

2. Med is definitely big, but most of the millions of rooms they advertise are admittedly a few default 'wilderness' rooms copied and pasted over and over again. As far as unique areas go, they're about average in number compared to other MUDs that have been around a similar number of years. However, the areas that they DO have are nicely rendered with ASCII maps, and many of the areas have exploring objectives so that a solo player can have a list of things to do when looking at an area for the first time. (I wasn't a big fan of the time limit though, since that kinda defeats the purpose of taking your time exploring an area.) The mobs, objects, and room descriptions are not all that detailed or unusual, if you're into that sort of thing (mobs don't really interact with you, objects are stock).

3. The thing that initially drew me to Med was their advertisement of a unique 'DM' mechanism that adjusts your gameplay based on how you're doing in the game. Basically what the DM does is send a whole bunch of mobs your way while you're traveling, so that it's not totally predictable going from point A to point B. Don't get me wrong, hack n'slash can be fun, but I was hoping for something more than just encountering more agros (e.g., I would have preferred encountering more intelligently scripted, interactive mobs than just getting more mobs to kill). I don't think that's a fault of Medievia though; I think I was simply misled by the 'DungeonMaster' name because I associated that with DM-ing in D&D (e.g., a real-life DM would create more conflict/interest for his/her players by creating a storyline or launching a quest, rather than just sending more waves of stuff to kill). There wasn't any RP-ing on the MUD that I saw, so events like that kind of feel like more mobs to kill rather than part of a story.

Second, the good bits: 1. Newbie startup is really easy, with no races, four classes. I tend to agree with Med's philosophy on this, that tons of classes and races don't really add anything to mudding. Although the newbie channel was kinda dead while I was starting out, there are experienced players (called 'avatars') that answer questions quickly and courteously. A big plus, considering how intimidating MUDs can be to those of us who haven't grown up with them!

2. Dragon transportation makes traveling between areas easy (comparable to flight masters in WoW, except you can call a dragon anywhere); plus you don't have to memorize elaborate directions and speedwalks just to get somewhere.

3. There's a lot of cool features coded in to support a potentially rich clan life. As a concept, clan towns seem like a really cool idea. There's several of them, and several active clans, but during the time I was there and looking for a clan, it seems like some of the old clans are no longer active (or at least I couldn't really find active players online). I would have loved to have seen the clan features in action that the site talks about, but I didn't see a lot of clan activity. I think the infrastructure and potential is there, but the active player base is not. Maybe the way to go would be to consolidate and have fewer clans with more active players, but obviously that's the players' judgment call, rather than anything the MUD admins can change. I also wish there were more player-run politics (more than just voting for two representatives who give feedback to the gods), like some other MUDs with player-run social structures but I don't think that detracts from the good potential features that are already there.

4. One of the touches of realism I like is the weather and catastrophe system. Scouting out the weather affects your gameplay significantly; not paying attention to storms can literally kill you (e.g., if you're in a firestorm and you're a spellcaster in the middle of a fight). Catastrophes can affect large areas, and it also has the effect of setting profitable prices on stores in the area so you can trade to earn gold (the game's way of seeding money to the player economy).

Last, I admit I'm not experienced enough of a player to figure out whether bloodlines are a cool idea or not. Basically, you can have two kids per fully-developed character, and kids of the next generation get some bonuses, up to five generations. Think of this as having alts that you can legitimately give away (or you can grind up the alts yourself), and the more generations (up to 5), the more benefits your original character can gain. (Compare with Granado Espada or MapleStory's family systems for rough analogies.) I'm not aware of whether bloodline affect gameplay in another way, and from discussions, it seems like there's mixed feelings on whether its effects are too easily canceled out by more easily gotten boosts through donation equipment, but that part of the debate always seemed silly to me, since if you're a player who's stuck around long enough to have a five-generation bloodline, you probably are hooked enough to the game to spend a couple hundred dollars in donation eq anyway (which is not necessary until after reaching level 124, where all that's left is competition with other players, when you need to face others with donation eq to win battles and titles). I kind of got bored of the game before reaching that point, so I never got the point where spending $ was necessary to be competitive.

In short, there's a lot of creative new ideas added to a classic MUD concept, but there probably needs a more active player base and/or a more social climate to put those good ideas to actual use. In a way, I wish Med wouldn't oversell itself so much (e.g., not advertise that it has 1000s of players, or take credit for 'game features never before seen' when the average Internet player who has experience with other MUDs or MMORPGs out there will probably have seen similar features)... because it doesn't /need/ to resort to overselling itself or stretching out claims to stand on its own on features it DOES have. (I also think the do you DARE enter?[!?!?!?!!!!] ad campaign is super-cheesy :P) Overselling is just never a good idea, because once people find out some of the claims were exaggerated or untrue, they undervalue the actual things the game /does/ have to offer.

Conclusion: Kind of underwhelming because of the unnecessary hype. Several cool features, but realistically probably needs a more active player base to work.

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Comment posted on Fri Sep 3 05:13:43 2010 by Sunka:

Liked your review - thought it was fair and honest, but I'd like to say something about the current 'activity' on Med. I stopped playing the game some time in 2006 and only came back in the last 2 weeks or so - and the big thing that struck me was 'Where have all the players gone?'

The '1000s' of players on wasn't really a stretch when I played actively back in '04/05. There were constantly around 400 on at a time, plenty of clans, plenty of battles and plenty going on. That made the game much more interesting - and clans came and went quicker than I could count. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist now.

All of those features you've talked about -- a lot of them are new, but a lot of them I saw in full swing. And they were cool, they just need the players to run them.

I can only assume that either Med died because of some massive player- coup or because the game has been in 'beta' for the last 6 years. I'm assuming the latter, with the marketing campaign and everything put on hold until after the programming was done. As such, they're losing the influx of new players and probably ignoring the old players as well.

So far, I think I worked out they're something like 2-3 years overdue to come out of Beta. Once they do that and start ramping up advertising again -- it should be good, but until then - 100 players on at 'peak' time just doesn't make the game near as interesting as it should be. :(

Oh, and the 'Do you DARE enter?' campaign is *very* cheesy!!

Comment posted on Fri Nov 19 16:53:35 2010 by edeanp:

Has the dust has settled? :( I have to agree with several points from both the original review and the follow up comment. Foremost is the perception that Medievia is extremely in-depth, has a ton of features for solo and form based activities, pleasant ASCII Bitmap mapping, but it currently has that 'arrived the morning AFTER the party' feel due to relative low amount of online participants. It seems like the 'empty mall' feeling for 95% of the MUDs these days.

I've spent a few months in several currently well-known MUDs. I've read countless reviews on TMC and TMS going back to 2001, and unfortunately for me, it appears I've arrived on the MUD scene after its heyday.

All of the MUDs I mentioned, especially Medievia, can keep you entertained for hours if you just take the time to learn and explore them. If you can deal with the limited populations, and as another reviewer said 'the cheesy slogans' and overly-glorified self-valuation, there's many hours of fun and exploration to be had here.

Hopefully someday, with wireless and PDA expansion, the interest in MUDs can be revived, or better yet, intrigue the next generation.

Give it a try (give them ALL a try!) :)

Review posted by Casimir
Posted on Sun May 3 18:43:58 2009 / 2 comments
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I began my first mudding experience as a diversion from the tedious work I had at hand to get my house ready to sell and to get ready to move. The makers of Medievia have made a fascinating online world that remains out of reach for the new player, however.

The game claims to be friendly to new players, but most of the game remains closed off to a new player, even after a month of intense gameplay. One must attain 'hero' status to even begin to enjoy this game.

My time in Medievia was not only a frustrating 'gaming' experience, but perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences of my adult life. It finally occurred to me that the game did achieve something very profound.

It allowed me, a white American male, to experience discrimination for the first time as a low-level character in a world of petty 'gods'.

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Comment posted on Thu Oct 18 12:38:15 2007 by Telnetguy:

But isn't it same with most MUD games out there? In my experience starting out as a newbie has never been equal to the God players in the game... I actually find medievia newbie help programs and help- files the most helpful and well explained to new players in any MUD games I have tried...

I feel sorry that you had horrible experience while playing in Medievia, but just commenting on you having bad experience with the game is not the 'game review.' Your comments about the game could seriously turn down potential players who could have enjoyed fantasy adventures Medievia can offer.

Please next time when you decide to comment on the game itself, try the game out until you have explored vast features the game offers.

Thank you.

Comment posted on Fri May 1 11:25:46 2009 by Loreis:

As an Avatar, I can understand how Medievia can seem overwhelming. However, we have at least one legally blind player, who is rising quickly through the ranks and having a wonderful time. He studied the Learn Module, asked great questions, and runs zones solo and with forms.

It's a shame that your experience was a negative one. We have people who have been playing for over 10 years, bloodlines longer than my arm, and new players who pop in every day. And stay. You do not need to be a hero to enjoy Medievia. We have a lot of lower level zones, perfect for all levels, solo and formed.

For anyone reading this, try it yourself for a bit. Medievia is a wonderful game, and I have made lifelong friendships while running from Fire Giants or killing massive serpents on the high seas!

Read some of the Mudslinger articles on the website, come visit our world, and get ready to experience the best MUD out there!

Review posted by Roloch
Posted on Tue Aug 22 18:37:39 2006 / 0 comments
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I am a newbie to medievia. So according to many people I am at a 'severe disadvantage' All I can say is What?

As a new player I have been given help by everyone I asked. I started out as Shonjir a warrior and quickly was able to get the basics of trading down and level up to 21. At that time I, as a new player, was offered a bloodline Character named Roloch.

A bloodline is a feature where after leveling up to 124 you can create up to 2 children. The more generations under you, the faster you regen. You may play your own children or, as many players do, give these characters away to other players. This made it much easier for me, not harder. I was tutored through all the aspects of Med that I was ready for.

Obiously there are some non-newbie aspects and that is a good thing not a bad. If everything was so easy you could do it as a newbie what would you do as a higher level player? These aspects provide a longer lastng gameplay that can keep you going without becoming tedious.

Then there is Donation Eq. where if you donate money to keep Medievia running you are given Boosted Equipment. I dont know enough about it to judge, but it seems to me to simply be a more reliable way to keep this popular game going and to pay the bills than relying on people's generosity with straight out donations. Plus this way when you make a donation you get recognition for it.

Plainly put I like Medievia and if you have the chance you should try out Medievia and judge for yourself.

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Review posted by Disgruntled
Posted on Sun Mar 25 17:35:02 2007 / 4 comments
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Quite possibly the worst stable mud I have EVER had the misfortune of connecting to. Every 10 mins tops it would die. It's a wonder a mud this unstable makes it to 4 on the rankings. While it seemed a somewhat interesting mud, the stability rendered it a most unpleasant experience. New players looking for a new mud, look elsewhere, you'll thank yourself later.

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Comment posted on Sat Aug 5 15:57:25 2006 by anon: -playerbase is small, but its better than medievia.

Comment posted on Sun Aug 6 03:11:11 2006 by Soleil:

The instability is due to our ISP USLec and Verizon, not Medievia. Our internet connection has been instable for about 2 months now and we have JUST been told we have a 'chronic' issue. Verizon is coming on Monday (8/7) to replace every wire and box at the Medievia location. Let's hope that all our internet stability problems will be fixed then.

Comment posted on Sun Sep 3 07:35:20 2006 by Mercanis:

This review is unfair and silly. The connection issues are temporary and will not plague the game long.

I guess the best thing to do of course is to write counter reviews...

Comment posted on Fri Mar 23 07:50:29 2007 by Rachel:

This review refers to an issue that is ancient history. Medievia experiences no instability at this time. It is a game well worth checking out. I would encourage the original reviewer, and anyone else, to log on once. That will be enough to change your mind.

Review posted by Irve
Posted on Tue Apr 11 17:52:17 2006 / 0 comments
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I'm a newbie to Medievia, and apparently chose a difficult first class (Warrior). Despite the difficulty of being pretty new and not very good at pressing buttons and typing the right thing when I need to (doh! don't kick *that* gnome, kick the *other* gnome! Uhm, uh oh... where's the escape potio ... n ... er, well, never mind *sigh*).

I've found the community in-game and on discussion boards to be friendly and helpful. The number of players logged-in during the early morning (eastern US time) and during the evenings is staggering to me. Just this morning I made level 21 and was the lowest level character online of over 100 players *laugh*

There are over 500 zones and 4 *million* rooms. I don't know how much of that is stock and wilderness, but the game has a handy feature to suggest zones for a given level, level range, or party, and it always lists about 20-30 zones for me when I ask. The puzzles are great (some of the zones are mostyl MOB-free; they're just puzzles) and there's so much to do. Yeah, it's not a game a newbie (well, at least, not a newbie like me) is going to learn quickly, but learning a new game, its mechanics, its geography, its people, and its inhabitants, is part of the fun, isn't it?

I also like that I don't have to be involved *at all* in PK if I don't want to be.

Two thumbs up!

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Review posted by Eloria/Lyyrian/Sere aka paula
Posted on Fri Jan 20 20:26:16 2006 / 0 comments
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Imagine starting as a single class, and then eventually moving on to further adventures in this world of swords, magic, mayhem, and dragons. Creating your own bloodline or even somehow become a legend in your own right.

The game is full of wonderful things to offer such as clans, towns, fighting dragon in lairs, adventure on the high seas. The options are endless.

Master all four life paths of Cleric, Warrior, Thief, and Mage to become an immortal Hero and then go one to fight in legendary wars that players talk about or live the war itself or fightthe mob factions from afar in what is now in Medievia V.

The lines of Order and Chaos have been drawn, what side of the war will you enter into in this game? Step in if you dare...

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Review posted by Dandiana/Jamie
Posted on Thu Jul 10 18:33:25 2008 / 1 comment
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Imagine flying around on a friendly dragon or forming up to go slay an evil one! Running through the Catacombs fighting off creatures, all for its precious eggs! Running after, or from, enemies in the player kill areas! No matter what it is that attracts people to MUDs, Medievia has it and much much more!

As a veteran of Medievia since 1992 I have seen its many changes and transformations. Though Medievia stands in a category of its own, as the best mud ever created, and though changes are added sometimes daily, Medievia is always the place I will call home. To me Medievia is like my home and my best friend all at once.

Medievia goes far beyond the Mudding worlds I have seen in passing. With its dragonlairs, serpents, npk, cpk, clans (in which I have been blessed to lead a few of), friendships, and many wonderful and creative zones, one could never get bored. It’s a constantly changing MUD that always adds more to do, however still allows you to do the parts of the game you love most.

In the many years of playing Medievia, I have made unbreakable friendships and met many wonderful and interesting people. There are also fun activities for holidays or just no occasions at all. There are many of zones for all types of gamers, from the player killing to the exploring type, Medievia has you covered.

Vryce (the owner of Medievia) and all the other Gods are warming and wonderful and know how to make you feel at home. There are players that volunteer to be 'Avatars' that help new players learn the game as well. Easy to learn and fun to play, Medievia definitely gets my free time. So check it out, and bring your friends too!

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Comment posted on Wed Jul 2 13:15:04 2008 by Zuasha:

Amazingly enough, I wrote this review over two years ago. I am now a god on the game and my title is New Player Helper. I started as one of the Avatars I talked about above.

In my position as a god, I see firsthand the struggles and enjoyment of new players. I spend time, one on one, with any new player that needs a helping hand, and I love it!

Even after two long years, I still reread this review and stand firmly by it. In fact, if I were to rewrite a new review it would have everything listed, but I would have to spend time adding more.

We now have ships, serpent hunting, many mob factions from afar, fae bats, fae magic, alchemy, and so many new spells and features. On top of that, I get to be apart of something amazing. The new version of Medievia coming to life before my eyes.

New 'chapters' are being made in the never ending novel of Medievia. I have enjoyed being apart of these changes as they come in. It reminds me of the unrealistic nature of life; the world is constantly changing and its not all at once, but sometimes happens right before our eyes.

Review posted by Yamabushi
Posted on Thu Jan 5 21:06:42 2006 / 0 comments
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Excellent game. First rate entertainment if you enjoy an intelligent 'reading' game versus a 'point and shoot.'

Come play with us.

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Review posted by Thyrian
Posted on Tue Aug 2 15:05:25 2005 / 0 comments
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Enter Medievia, realm of excitement and dynamic monsters. Medievia is anything but a mere game. Medievia is a world, with players from across the globe enjoying it. Through gaining experience, traversing the catacombs in search of special eggs, to venturing into the bowels of the earth, the lairs of dragons and other fanciful creatures. Traverse the continent in search of gold by other means, in the form of trade runs. Here we see one of Medievia's greatest strengths: its large array of MOB FACTIONS. Some help players, while others seek to hinder them. Travel from one city to another with your covered wagon, but beware, lest the very forests themselves reach out to steal your freight. Search the corpses of monsters for scrolls that will lead you on quests to kill, to find, or both!

Most of all, new players will find themselves welcome with open arms by the many clans that help make up Medievia. Will you join a clan devoted to attacking other players? Or will you join clans devoted to helping new players grow and thrive in this mystic realm, in MEDIEVIA.

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Review posted by Ziyx
Posted on Thu Jul 10 18:34:20 2008 / 8 comments
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I first started playing Medievia in 1996. It was a great game, and I really enjoyed the PK (Player Killing) quests. However, all the balance was taken out due to the greed of its owners. I hope this review will be helpful to anyone thinking about playing Medievia.

How much does Medievia cost to play? Well, you can play it for free. Most players, however, pay for equipment and items. Medievia allows a player to “donate” for items such as talismans ($75 each) that increase a players hitpoints and damage roll. There are quite a few “donation” items that one can buy. How much does a typical medievia player “donate?” I do not know of any hero (max level character) that does not have at least two talismans. Your typical Medievia hero has at least two talismans, an aura, a focus, and a pocket. That comes to $250. Every “donation” item besides talismans have a shelf life of one year. So in addition to the $250 start-up fee, the typical player spends at least $80 a year to play Medievia. If you do not have the basic donation items listed above, your character is at a severe disadvantage compared to other players.

New players are severely handicapped also. Bloodlines came out in 2000. Basically, this ruined any balance in pk, but it added much revenue to the owners of Medievia. Bloodlines allow for a player’s hero-character to have two kids. Once the kids reach hero (level 124) they can also have two kids. Once a character’s bloodline reaches 5 generations, he gets 2.0 times the normal regeneration of both HP and mana. This is a huge advantage. Basically, what bloodlines did was to have old, experienced players create a bunch of new ones. This means that true newbies have to compete with experienced players for experience points, zones, equipment, etc. Old players will own the PK zones over newbies, because they can just log on their hero character and kill the newbie over and over. Bloodlines greatly increased the number of characters in the game, but the number of players online at any given time has steadily decreased. Why would a new player want to play a MUD where it will take years to get the same regeneration rate as most players?

Medievia is in a downward spiral. If you are thinking about starting a character on Medievia, do yourself a favor, and DON'T do it.

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Comment posted on Sun Jul 3 04:10:51 2005 by Soleil:

Just a few comments- Firstly, talismans cost $50, not $75. Yes, there are donation items available for players, but they are NOT necessary to play the game. In fact, 80% of the players that donate don't even donate until the 3rd class, which is several hundred hours into the game. And, if the owners were so greedy as was stated above, why don't we just create more donation items? We don’t because we feel what we have is sufficient, and it is not about the money.

Our playerbase is on a steady increase, not on steady decrease. We get new players every day who think Medievia is an awesome game and one of the best MUDs they've ever seen. There is a lot of help for new players and Avatar characters devoted to helping them out. There are areas where only new players can go and explore. Our new player system is one of the best in the MUD genre.

And on a side note- the player who posted this review was recently disciplined, so may just have some sour grapes about Medievia :)

Comment posted on Sun Jul 3 10:11:23 2005 by Adonia:

I've been a player at Medievia for just over 10months now and while I'm not here to slander Ziyx, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, I would like to put in my own thoughts on the review.

Regarding the remark stating without basic donation items one is at a disadvantage:

It's true, donation equipment is useful and it does indeed help your character in its adventures, but saying that having none is a 'severe disadvatage' is being a little over dramatic. I've heroed two characters, both within 4 months, without any donation equipment at all and even now only 1 of those characters has donation equipment and a very limited amount at that. Yet somehow without these items I've still taken part in PK, CPK, Dragon Hunting, Hellraider, and so forth...severe disadvantage I think not. I've seen a fair number of players with donation equipment fall time and time again to another player because they lack the skill in normal game equipment or combat, so I think it's fairer to say - Donation Equipment? A wonderful treat to show your appreciation to a well loved game.. but certainly not vital to your gaming enjoyment.

Regarding the statement that new players are at a disadvantage:

Again the word 'severe' comes into play and again it's undeserved. I believe all players to a brand new game can be said to be handicapped, after all if you knew every detail of how to play a game before you even started it would rather defeat the purpose of its existence. To bring in the feature of Bloodlines as a serious problem for new players is a little unusual so I might just explain a few things relating to said topic as I understand them.

Yes, we do have bloodlines that give regenerative additions to a player and often a hero will play one of their own children, some even play all of their children, which means they do have the option to switch between hero and non hero characters. This option isn't secluded to just bloodlines however, many heros have non hero alts that they play outside of a bloodline and many will bring in their heros to avenge or initate a player death. Newer players will always have a slight disadvantage to a player that is more knowlegable and all players will always be competing which I believe is part of what makes a great game. Defeating these challenges is all part of learning to become a greater player.

Bloodlines do give an advatage much like a family would, a newer player having older, more experienced players on hand to help them, but again this 'family' like structure isn't limited to just bloodlines. We have Clans and Clantowns, one of which nearly every player will belong to and they create a group of people who all work together to strive for common goals. Many of these clans will boast a family like enviroment where a helping hand is never missing, while others may take on a headstrong manner in enrolling players to fight for being the most powerful in a set feature of the game. Brand new players are given a step up as they are automatically enrolled in the aptly named 'New Adventurers Guild' where they meet other new players and interact with Avatars, experienced heros selected for the prime duty of helping new players discover the joys of Medievia. Joys of which there are many, and I think it is safe to say that bloodline regen rates would be one of the less important discoveries a new player will make in this vast, ever-changing world.

Regarding the remark contending that Medievia is in a downward spiral:

Medievia is in a downwards, upwards, inside and out spiral of change and vital growth. With so many features, and so many more already planned and on the way I doubt that you won't find some part of this amazing game tugging at your interest. So do yourself a favor and give Medievia a go. What have you got to lose compared to what you may have to gain?

Comment posted on Tue Jul 5 21:02:02 2005 by Ziyx:

I was only 'disciplined' after I wrote this review. My character was 'frozen' for a 'long time.' They threatened to purge all 3 of my hero characters--who have a combined 7 talismans or $350. So that's another thing, if you spend all that money, they can purge your character at their discretion, and you lose everything you bought. As for sour grapes, bloodlines were created in 2000 and I've complained about them from day 1.


Comment posted on Sun Jul 17 22:59:07 2005 by A concerned Medievia player:

Ziyx. You should post of the log of Vryce's comments right before your lengthy 'freeze' and threatened purges to show how Medievia responds to players who have the guts to say anything less-than-flattering about the game.

Comment posted on Tue Jul 19 14:51:02 2005 by Deacon Blues:

I am simultaneously an old and new player to Medievia, having played back when it was a simple Diku run by Vryce and Highlander and all the zones were stock zones. We had fun during those days, before the dark times... but I stopped playing for a long time, and have returned recently to see what new changes have been wrought.

Ziyx is right and wrong. A lot of his comments seemed to have to do with PK, which is not something every player is into. I'm not, and I was already playing the MUD when PK zones were first introduced. You don't need the donation items to play the MUD, but I'll admit they do come in handy. For the record, though, I don't have any -- I never have.

But Ziyx is right about the new player being at a disadvantage. After my most recent foray into the MUD, it became apparent to me that what Medievia's programmers are doing is increasing the complexity of the MUD without decreasing it for the newbies. What I mean by this is: they have gone out of their way to increase the level of detail within the digital world, and it seems like a lot of new players are becoming overwhelmed. (I know I am.) It has become impossible, for example, to explore the physical world outside of the towns, because your mount runs out of movement too quickly, and cannot rest to regenerate quickly (as a player can). And get too far outside of a main town, and you find that your Recall spells/potions no longer work.

In short, Medievia is no longer a newbie-friendly MUD. If you are looking for a new experience, try somewhere else.

Comment posted on Tue Jul 26 06:29:33 2005 by A former Medievia player:

Ziyx is correct about the donation items being necessary. Sure, you can level your character perfectly well without them, but if you ever want to be able to compete with other heros, there is no choice but to buy them.

I know someone's going to write how they pked some fully donation itemed hero way back when, but we all know how much of our paychecks we spent or how long and hard we worked in the game to trade for donation stuff. The reason people are willing to work so long for these things is that they realize without them they'll be just another newbie hero without a prayer of surviving in any pk situation vs a donation eq hero. I do know heros without any bought items, and they spend all their time trying to trade solo or dying in catacombs. Why? Because all pk areas are pretty much out of the picture due to the unbalance between them and any normal 'donation outfitted' hero.

Ziyx also hits the nail on the head with the bloodlines feature. The regen is so extreme for those deep in the family tree that its nothing short of maddening and frustrating to those of us who either don't have the time or the inclination to find 10 players to play our children. The other option is to make them ourselves and I think that only encourages a game to become stale and lifeless, and last I had seen, about 90% of the so called 'newbies' were really heros in a new incarnation.

Medievia has some really spectacular features and some of the best coding I've ever seen in my several years of mudding. I think however that in some cases, the game has become too unbalanced for new players to ever hope to attain the same status as the older players. I don't think it was intentionally done, but it has become a game that is overdone with modules and the requirements to level there and the upkeep of equipment more closely resemble a full time job than a relaxing game. This coupled with the expense of donation items (I personally spent more than 1k on that nonsense before I opened my eyes) is exactly what prompted my leaving. Best of luck to those I left behind.

Comment posted on Thu Sep 29 01:26:22 2005 by phaez:

Way way back in the day, frankly, Medievia rocked! It was hands-down the best all-around MUD I've ever played in my life. The Clan play has only gotten better over the years and the community is thriving. It is a lot of fun. For anyone not looking to become a powerful hero, its the best MUD I can recommend. Its also highly newbie-friendly.

Ok now with that great comments aside, how about the bad? Everything Ziyx said its precisely true. I played Medievia under the alias 'mohabi' early on and later as 'phaez'. I heroed and was quite powerful as a thief with some good equipment. But I never had a dream or a chance against anyone who had donation equipment. The talismans are downright broken. Don't take my word for it? Let the stats speak for themselves. A typical item worn on the neck might give anywhere between +3 and +6 damage roll. Or if you want to go for hitpoints, you could get an item that might give you +50 or +65 hit points on the neck -- maybe. But a Talisman (another Neck item) gives you +6 (or +7 can't remember) Damage roll AND +100 (ONE HUNDRED!!) Hit points!! THe HP boost alone is nuts and you couple that with the fact that its equal to two items in one (the damageroll would be normally on another single item)! It is an INSANELY powerful item. You literally cannot compete without one because everyone else who has half a brain realizes how freaking good the talismans are.

What people say about the donations being required is pretty much true. There are plenty of options that the medievia gods could have made available for donation without actually breaking the game, but instead they choose to go specifically with items that would make it impossible for other players to play on a level field without donating.

Just assume if you're going to play medievia, you might have to cough up some dough if you're looking to get competitive with it. I'd recommend a pay for play MMORPG or something. You'd spend the same (or even less) money and get a far superior gaming experience.

Comment posted on Wed Jul 2 15:11:22 2008 by Zuasha:

I was going through and reading each comment to this review. Now if you first look at it, it is from 1996 - 2000 that these comments are made. I honestly believe that if any one of the complaining players were to return to medievia today, they would see the positive side of things that were new to them.

Donation items: I have well over 10 heroes, many of which I heroed and played without donation eq. Sure donation items help some, but so does max eq or the likes. I do not think that having these items for donation purposes offsets the game as extreme as its being explained.

Bloodlines: Many experienced players invite new players into bloodlines, they offer to teach them and sometimes buy them donation eq, get their eggs, experience them. How someone could say that bloodlines is a bad thing, I do not know.

Newbies: In all games, new players are at a disadvantage as they do not know the ropes. Medievia, unlike most, has features designed especially for new players. They hire gods and Avatars whose biggest concern is to assist new players. Their extensive helpfiles and staff work hard to assist a new player in getting comfortable with how to play the game.

I guess what Im saying is, over the years Medievia has improved all aspects of the game. Reading outdated reviews wont begin to explain how awesome the Medievia world has become.

Review posted by Levarris
Posted on Thu Jun 2 19:20:44 2005 / 0 comments
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Medievia is the most exciting, socially engaging, and addicting MUD on the net. There isn't a MUD out there with nearly as many features to enhance gameplay. I've played other MUDs, I've even attempted creating my own MUD, but when compared to other Medievia no MUD has been able to keep my attention. You simply can't keep up with the every increasing greatness of Medievia!

Bloodlines allow you to adopt new players to teach them the ways of the game while increasing your character's legendary status. This feature is a win-win for both new players and those super old guys like myself!

Med Font gives text-base games a new angle in playability. Listen to me when I say there isnt a text-based game out there with this cool feature and not a graphical multi-user interface with nearly as much player interaction and features.

Im writing this review because I want everybody in the MUD world to experience what is the greatest MUD ever. Join here for unbeatable creative features, awesome players to become your best friends and worst enemies all in the name of role-playing fun and most of all play a game that will be around for as long as you will and will keep changing to become better and better!

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Review posted by Zyrin
Posted on Thu May 26 19:31:15 2005 / 0 comments
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Medievia is the final word when it comes to text based MMORPGS. Trust me when I say graphical MMORPGs can't hold a candle to Medievia. Medievia will appeal to hardcore, casual, and social gamers all while keeping gameplay balanced for everyone without isolation. Here are some things that have caught my eye that you may like to know.

IMMERSION: If that's what you're looking for you're going to get it. The codebase is well done with bugs practically nonexistent. Descriptions for areas/zones is excellent with repetition minimal and creativity abundant. Might I add that quality is consistant throughout the game, even in the player created 'clan towns'. Character naming is regulated so you won't find people with stupid names wandering about unlike commercial games. Server stability is also good; Crashes and restarts do happen but the downtime is very small, usually back up in less than a minute.

COMMUNITY: The playerbase is quite friendly for the most part. You will find people willing to help newer players and social chatter is common. What you won't find is roleplaying, which is a shame because Medievia has the potential to have one of the best 'stages' for roleplaying in my opinion. The staff doesn't seem interested in trying to get any roleplaying activity going, however they don't appear to frown apon it either. This in my opinion is the only serious flaw of Medievia.

FEATURES: I'm not going to list a bunch of features because Medievia has pretty much every feature needed to make a complete and good game. Instead I'm going to describe stuff in Medievia you're not going to find anywhere else. The wilderness is Medievia's strongest feature. If you use the special font designed specificlly for Medievia you'll be amazed at what the wilderness looks like. If one were to wander around the wilderness before entering a text area you'd think you were playing an old graphical game.. which for a text game is brilliant! Not only that but it's huge, walking on foot to get to areas would take far too long. But fear not.. dragon flight is available for quick transportation. There are many more features unique to Medievia and trying to describe any more would make this too long, eitherway you won't be disappointed.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Two things I will bring up that will probably be of concern to some players. One which I already said.. that which is lack of any roleplaying. Medievia is free in almost every sense and casual players need not worry but if you're a hardcore gamer and you want to be competitive you're probably going to want to donate to Medievia when you near the end-game. (Which is essentially pay-for-perks, but not nearly as bad as it sounds because in the long run it's MUCH cheaper than commerical MMORPGS.) Other than that.. Medievia has it all. As I said above.. the final word when it comes to text based MMORPGs. Now stop reading and go play!

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Review posted by Abish
Posted on Thu May 5 19:14:02 2005 / 0 comments
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I've been enjoying the varied world of Medievia for the past eight years or so and have had the opportunity to experience the development process that has made this game, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the MUD world. When I started playing Medieva it was a game that, in it's old form, would rival any of the MUDs today, from massive battles between warring kingdoms to exhilarating player-versus-player battles, I believed Medievia to have it all. Only recently have I been shown how wrong I was. While Medievia contained all of the elements required to make a fantastic MUD for many years only recently has the wonderful programming staff of Medievia shown me the true potential of their game, of our game.

After 8 years of playing I am now beginning to envy new players, for while I had many exciting things and many wonderful adventures from the time I started until now, it is nothing compared to the things that are being implemented every day. Medievia, to me, represents something for everyone. From the part time Player Killer to the diligent clan leader, the eager socialite to the happy loner, there is truly something for everyone, all paths being equal in their enjoyability and success.

Medievia today scarcely resembles the game I grew to love years ago, on the surface similarities are there, but inside it has changed a lot, the feeling has changed a lot. However, even with all of the changes I continue to enjoy the game immensely, because never before have I played a game that allowed the players to take an active role in helping direct the future of the game. Never before have I seen a staff so willing to listen to suggestion. Never have I witnessed a game I love change and know that I have nothing to worry about, because these are changes that I want, that I have been involved in and know about.

Medievia now advances into a new age, as it were, an age of massive AI control and full scale naval warfare. The land of Medievia is under attack from afar and it is up to the players to keep it safe. Normally such a ridiculous line would never be written by me, however the story and implementation of the new events has made me want to protect this fictional world, has made we want to be part of the story.

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Review posted by Ensankring
Posted on Wed Apr 27 17:26:45 2005 / 0 comments
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Upon first glance, Medievia seemed just like any other hack and slash em, cast spells to slay evil and save the day blah blah blah sorta game. However, upon immersing myself in the deep text for a few hours, I started to realize there was something different about this. This was no ordinary mud, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't even use the term mud to describe Medievia, no it was something much more.

Not only does Medievia have an AMAZING automated, in game, new player helping tutorial, it is also full of Avatars (of which I am one, and being so greatly), who stand ready to help anyone new to the game. Medievia has an extensive system of help files, not that the game is hard to get accommodated to.

The beauty of Medievia, is that there is no end to it, no 'final boss', for all you hardcore console rpgers, Medievia, unlike most games never truly ends. The goal of Medievia is to become a hero, and upon doing so, an entire new world is opened up to you. Whether you chose the path of killing mobs deep in the catacombs, assaulting dragon lairs, participating in various quests, herobattles, trading goods from one city to another, or whether you are more into helping new players, or running one of the countless zones Medievia has to offer to enhance your own skills/stats further. Or if you prefer to choose a more fiendish style, you can go around pk'ing people, or even cpk'ing people(which if you don't know is like pk, except you can actually take your opponents equipment upon killing them).

Another beauty of the game is the equipment code itself, in the fact that there is no pre determined 'best equipment' in the game. Since most equipment in the game does in fact tweak (that is, the stats of a set piece of equipment does not remain constant), no two players are exactly alike, even if they are a different class.

So whether you would like to be a powerful mage, slaying countless foes with devastating spells, a valiant knight, fighting for the better of the entire population, a stealthy thief, or a helpful cleric, Medievia is at the very least, worth connecting to.

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Review posted by Protector
Posted on Thu May 26 19:38:27 2005 / 2 comments
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Ah, the world of medievia. It casts you into a chaotic world with dragons, monsters, quests, and mysteries, just like every other mud. This mud thrives on making it more and more difficult for any player to succeed by adding more and more requirements to do so. They decided it was too easy to hero (Maximum Level) your character, so they made it harder.

If i could take back the years i've played Medievia, I would. If you don't donate money to them (50-150dollars) you're a step behind every other player, because they all have the equipment rewarded to you when you donate. The whole mud is full of rules that, if not followed to the dime, your character is immediately punished by revoking hero status, freezing, lowering of stats, or even purging (deletion of your character). They don't care how long you've played, or how much you've donated to them. This happened to me once, after which I decided I had had enough of the game.

If you're looking for a FUN mud, don't go to medievia, go elsewhere, muds that are based on having fun, not on sucking up your time, then making you frustrated and angry. Of course, these are purely my opinions.

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Comment posted on Thu May 5 08:41:18 2005 by Natris:

Since i'm long retired from med so i really don't know why i'm writing this; randomly got to this site and was interested how Med will be rated here (well i'm not honest; i'm actually thinking about unretiring from playing :). Nevertheless, i believe that i've got enough experience after 4300+ hours spent there to know what am i talking about.

Author of this review is probably very angry at Med, thereby he comments things in black as he sees them in his mind.

First of all, population of this mud is stagnating; from 600+ 6 years back to 500+ now (these are numbers of ppl simultaneously online at one moment at prime time; not all existing characters :p and since having more than 1 character online at one moment is not allowed...). Nevertheless, it is still MUCH more than at any other MUD i know. There is a set of rules which very precisely define what is allowed to do and what not. Despite the fact that i've also been affected by the consequences of breaking these rules (freeze of the character for some time), i still believe that only existence and strict enforcement of such rules can keep such a high population at bay and make the game fair for everyone(of course this is the idealistic view; reality is not so clean, there are problems, humans are humans, but it's not so bad).

To the comment of 'making game harder for everyone', i got the totally opposite impression: They are trying to make the game easier for newbies, which annoys old players (because everyone hates changes; i heard this same reasoning 6 years back too :p) I'd say that starting a new character now is much easier than years back. This is logical because the competition of graphical games is brutal and Med had to become less hardcore at the levelling department to be able to attract new players.

Donating system angered me for a long time while i was playing because, as a student in czech republic (central europe) i have no real cash to buy donation items. However, there is the possibility of letting other people pay for them, instead of you by paying them ingame money which i actually did after some time. Well, the system is there, it is not bad, so whatever. Actually it's better to have a slightly weaker character and be able to play than if you must pay for the game at the beginning as with WoW, DAoC etc.

I must say that i enjoyed every hour of my time spent online. I left the game because i learned all the aspects of the game that i wanted to learn and there was no real challenge for me there. I expect i'll probably return after some time because i've never ever found other MMORPG that had such a good player killing system.

I believe that one of the reasons why Med is so good and funny is the number of the people online (well this is recursive definition...). My brother played another mud, but had to eventually stop playing because it was boring. On med there are so many players there is always something to do.

So if you, the reader, wish to try something new, surely try med. Remember that there are two aspects of the game; levelling is maybe not so much fun as in graphical games, but being hero (=max lvl player) is definitely fun :) I'd surely like to see more new faces on med if i decide to start playing again :)

Btw sorry for my sucky english; now that i read it once more i'm not sure whether this is positive or negative advertisment for med; truth is that my english was really awful when i started playing and i learned it mostly on muds. Anyway, after quenching my graphoman's urge (and believe me, doing that in foreign language is hard :) i'm going back to work.

Comment posted on Tue May 24 23:40:38 2005 by Jonathan Walker:

All I would like to do is provide factual evidence to what this player has reported. Please visit for all the information you need before playing this game.

Medievia Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed8022
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status46
Total Telnet Attempts62860.784
Total Website Attempts109311.363
Telnet Attempts This Month101232.645
Website Attempts This Month221971.581