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    Reviewed Mud: Universe Unlimited
    Review Submitted By: Tykune
    Author Status: Player
    Began on Universe Unlimited: Today, and only today.

    It seemed like a nice, large MUSH that could apply to everyone.. but
    then I came to the realisation that it infact does not apply to all,
    despite its name. It holds restrictions that halter creativity when
    creating a superhero and are even unable to reason with the concepts
    people come up with. The restrictions are as shown:

    Aliens Alternate Dimensions Or Times Angels And Demons Fae Ferals (OC
    Only) Gods Immortals Lantern Corps. Members Magic Users Mystic Beasts
    And Monsters (And Anthros) Precognition Probability And Reality
    Manipulation Shapeshifters

    If you wish to become any of these, dont even bother with this MUSH.
    Do yourself a favor and find one which actually considers their player
    base, and dont force you into a specific grouping.

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