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TMC Player Reviews: DCU: Legacies of Justice

Review Submitted By: The Question
Author Status: Player
Started on DCU: Legacies of Justice: Feb '06
Submission Date: Feb 18, 2007
TMC Listing: DCU: Legacies of Justice

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What an interesting MUSH this is. Everyone is so willing to roleplay.
The staff is some of the friendliest and knowledgeable I've been
around. I've been MUSHing for about ten years now, and I really feel
comfortable at this MUSH. It's got a small playerbase, but has the
potential to grow.

RP can and does occur in either Gotham City, Home of the Dark Knight
himself or Bludhaven, Home of Nightwing. The MUSH will be opening up
New York for roleplay as well soon which will open up even more heroic

On any given night you can log in and get some RP, either from other
players or a very very dedicated Roleplay staff. If you are a fan of
DC Comics and in Batman in general, you do yourself a favor to give
this MUSH a try. There are still plenty of interesting Heroes,
Villains and Supporting characters available for application.

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