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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Bhaniz
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: Week ago
Submission Date: Apr 1, 2013
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Bhaniz] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Let me start by saying that I am a new player on TI, but I am already
loving it. The game is truly an RPE not RPI mud, as you are forced to
roleplay at all times (and not doing so is a big no-no). And I am
loving every part of it, especially since only way your character can
progress is by roleplaying as it incorporates nifty rpxp system that
automatically rewards you for roleplaying.

The world of TI is robust and rich, you could spend hours reading
about it in help files and that would only be tip of the iceberg. Most
of the rooms have something called lore, which can be accessed if your
character is capable of knowing it and gives you extensive details
about history of a place you are in.

Crafting system is fabulous, allows for a lot of flexibility, where
you can not only color your item, but also change it entirely if there
is no design available for what you need (within reason). It is worth
mentioning that economy is almost entirely player driven, as there are
barely any NPC's that are interested in buying goods.

The world is dynamic and combat is very much driven by roleplaying
but backed with strong and well though mechanics into one pretty
smooth machine which allows for complex scenes that progress well.

I could go for on and on about great features of this mud, but I will
let you discover them on your own. What I will mention though that
this mud is not for everyone, quite frankly it's for pretty narrow
group of people who love sort of RP which consists mostly of scheming,
plotting, developing intrigues and much much less of grinding.

If you are tired of killing waves of mobs on so called 'rp muds',
and want to simply focus on building your character and let him
progress as you go, then you should definitely join us on the next
mage hunt!

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