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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Anonymous player
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: August 2011
Submission Date: Oct 3, 2012
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Anonymous player] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I've been thinking of writing this review for a long time and I'm
finally getting to it. I've been playing for about a year and I'll
try my best to show both the good and bad aspects of the game as
fairly as I can.

As an introduction, the game has two areas where you could start in,
the north and the south. The former is an easier version where you
have people coddling you in every step. They have an extensive
touring system where the regular players show newbies around the
town. The latter is a harder verson without any of those but is more
roleplay intensive in that you gotta figure out most things in
character (IC). There is a wide selection of guilds one can join
depending on their taste, some guilds are more killing oriented,
others are more about writing and designing, there is a guild for
those who just want to get on without it withough going through the
hassles of an extensive interview/tasking rp. Again, the guilds in
the north are more accomodating compared to the ones in the south.

Coming to the players, I feel that most are helpful (atleast on an
ooc level). The staff get asked for help quite often and from what
I've seen they help you out most of the time, they don't interfere in
an ongoing event unless things take a turn for the worse.Then there
are the 'guides' who are regular players with escalated privileges
who reduce the staff work loads and help out others with minor
problems. The game has quite a few blind players and they have some
extra options available to them to make certain things easier.

The biggest thing about the game is the RP, people really takes it
seriously. You have jobs (with the related occupational hazards), you
have religion, you have marriages, you have a king, his subjects,
different racial/guild behaviour.

Now coming to the dark side,the most important bit I'd like to
address is with the leveling, if you're gonna be running around
killing mobs for good gear or be able to participate in any group
events that involve fighting you NEED to be at a decent level. Even
otherwise, the fragility at a low level means you'll lose
contacts/gear/resources etc that you put so much effort into
obtaining. So a higher level is always a good thing BUT the game
mechanics make it hard to get there, I believe it is there to
encourage roleplaying, but the rewards for that are low and you sorta
feel 'stuck' if you attempt to level up that way. Also, idling is
heavily encouraged, a lot of things have timers that ONLY RUN when
you're online so it favours those who can leave their computers on
for a long while. There is a huge difference, if you log in just to
play, what would reset in a day could take weeks.

Finally, the donations. While I agree that the mud needs money to
run, some things are only available to those who donate. There is no
way to transfer the said items in game. At a quick glance these items
don't seem to really give a competitive advantage and I belived it
for a while, but once you understand the mechanics you'll realize
that it does make a difference, the perks aren't obvious at first.

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