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TMC Player Reviews: The Godwars: War of Legend

Review Submitted By: Amarth
Author Status: Player
Started on The Godwars: War of Legend: June 2006
Submission Date: May 23, 2007
TMC Listing: The Godwars: War of Legend

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Amarth] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

GodWars: War of Legend- An Epic Saga as recorded by Amarth

In terms of definitive qualities, the beloved home of which
I endearingly will henceforth abbreviate to 'WoL', is far too
numerous in its independent entertainment values to be extracted
from a modest review rather than pertinent first hand experience,
however there are a few monumentally key factors that make it
stand out and quite handily so from other Godwars-code based MUDs:

The Class System:
This isn't just the most unique and originally well thought out class
system in the universe of Godwars alternatives, it's absolutely the
best and most importantly ideally-balanced class system one may
ever have the pleasure of partaking in. As many know, a great
majority of Godwars MUDs are inclined to sketchy stock-based classes
that are constantly under maintenance and drastically effect the
playability and enjoyment of the game. Here, one will be immediately
surprised to find upon logging into WoL that there is no question as
to what path to take for the build of his or her character in terms
of bias or advantage; many times a new player will be seen inquiring
the others for a recommendation of class selection, each time the
answer is 'Whatsoever best suits your taste' granted that every
option is as excellent a choice as it's predecessor. Separated into
five categories, so to speak, each class has three subclasses to
choose from concerning the build of a character, prompting the player
with even further means of development and interaction. With over a
dozen unique class options for your character and an inconceivable
number of ways to go about playing them, it is entirely at the
discretion of the player how he or she chooses to about making a name
in the MUD.

Like painfully few others, WoL is innovative with its very own system
of items. Mobs spanning the entire MUD are individually loaded
with unique weapons, armor and prizes that are refreshingly identical
to no other item in the game at any given time, giving players a
consistent means of acquiring further accesses to higher statistics
and more powerful character builds. WoL takes equipment a step even
further by providing players with shops who are similarly constant in
their selection of unique items for purchase, an auction channel for
player controlled sale of items, and a system of rare and powerful
unique items and equipment called 'Relics' which must be obtained
either by luck of draw or by trade with other players, all of which
can be modified and tuned using game currency with the WoL system of
item enhancement.

The People:
Unlike virtually every other Player Kill enabled MUD where one can
expect vulgarity, brutishness and rampart Neanderthal tactics of
gameplay prominent and common in GodWars communities, the new player
will be treated to a pleasant surprise of respect, charity,
encouragement, goodwill and assistance, and above all else
thoughtful and intelligent players, veterans, and consistently
present staff immortals who consider and cherish fellow WoL players
without pretensions or impatience. One can always count on the
reliability of fellow WoL patrons to be cheerful and ready to answer
any questions.

In Conclusion, War of Legend is a player friendly, masterfully
composed anomaly among Godwars MUDs. I, proudly alongside countless
others, take this MUD very seriously as closest to my heart and would
be in sincere loss without it and the others who feel the same way.


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Comment Submitted By: Chen
Author Status: Player
Started on The Godwars: War of Legend: A long time Ago
Submission Date: Jun 7, 2007

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Chen] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

Used to play on this mud until a year or so ago. Stopped because it
became hazardous for my patients. Nurses eventually figured out why
the new MO kept on asking for 5 more minutes.

WoL has diverse classes. With diverse builds possible. These builds
depend completely on how you stat your character. Statistics generaly
determine the outcome of most battles. What distinguishes people at
the top, where practically everybody has perfect eq, is timing and
pre-empting the opponents next move. That being said and done, the
outcome of battles also depends heavily on your character and your
opponents' characters. You could very well be the strongest, meanest,
demon on the planet, but you'll get your ass and more handed to you
by a shield-bashing dragoon with above decent blocking eq. Hence
picking one's fights is essential.

With 'Diablo'ish Random Eq drops and Random bonus drops such as
tokens that give random bonuses, WoL promises to make your gameplay
very, very unique indeed. Hours can be spent at the vendors, browsing
their wares which change every so often or you could grind waves and
waves of mobs, looting their corpses for gold to improve your existing
equipment and maybe just maybe that elusive 'perfect statted item
with spikes and magic resist and uber AC'.

Whilst WoL is a fun place to be for the community and the incredibly
friendly imms. I must give a word of caution to those inclined to bend
/break the rules. WoL has a near zero tolerence policy to rule
breakers. Being caught botting or using triggers is liable to get your
char stat drained (which means your pk ability essentially sinks to an
all new low) and gold stripped from your sorry corpse. Which is
exactly what happened to the previous reviewer of this Mud
'[20070525] Amarth stat-drained and record wrecked for botting. All
gold removed.' Further infringements will most likely result in ip
banning and deletion of your character.

Learn from an oldbie that got his fingers burnt and heart broken from
a temporary IP ban. Dont break the rules; it isnt worth it seing a
character you pumped 100 hours into get flushed down the drain. Keep
to the straight and narrow and I promise you, you'll have a really,
really great time. Oh, and just remember, if you lose your head, its
just a normal day in WoL. Then again if you keep on losing your head,
chances are you are doing something wrong. ASK and somebody will most
likely point out where you're going wrong.