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TMC Player Reviews: God Wars II

Review Submitted By: Rin
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: January 2006
Submission Date: Sep 11, 2006
TMC Listing: God Wars II

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Rin] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

After seeing that there hasn't been an updated review written for
nearly a year, I thought that I'd spend a little bit of time and
draft something up. God Wars II is a mud that definitely deserves all
the attention it can get, even though it has a fairly stable and loyal

First things first, God Wars II is primarily a player-killing mud.
After your Avatar chooses a class (which in and of itself is a
challenge that will take new players many, many hours to complete),
you will have the option to go to a separate plane of existence known
as the Nexus. This is where you will spend most of your time,
performing map-quests and killing various mobs in search of 'Primal
Energy' (the equivalent of experience points).

But the Nexus is not a place for the faint of heart. There are no
player-killing restrictions whatsoever, and at peak times this can
make navigating through the Nexus a herculean exercise in caution,
stealth, skill and luck. In other words, it's one heck of an
adrenaline rush - and it's really, really fun.

KaVir, the creator of the game, has recently implemented a new rule
wherein more powerful players lose unspent Primal whenever they slay
someone weaker than themselves, though (in the long run) dying at the
hands of another player in the Nexus is little more than an
inconvenience (and a learning experience for newbies, as it will
happen quite a bit with your first character). The penalty? The
recently slain will reappear on their respective home-plane, where
they will have the chance to fully mend their wounds and repair their
damaged equipment before setting back out into the 'multiverse'.

In order to clarify the term 'multiverse', it needs to be pointed
out that God Wars II is composed of several different planes of
existence. There is the Realm, which is a plane reserved primarily for
teaching newbies how to play the game and adapt to the world. This is
where Avatars (i.e. freshly-created characters) start, and they are
confined to this plane until they fulfill the necessary conditions
required to choose a class. Still, to complete all the various tasks
in the Realm takes quite a bit of time, and there is an abundance of
adventuring to be done there.

The Nexus is the primary plane of existence. Albeit admittedly still
in its initial stages, it is already massive and I cannot think of an
efficient way to traverse this plane by foot. It's not entirely
populated at the moment, but there is still plenty to do and it has a
decent selection of monsters to slay and treaures to seek. Grab a
drake, summon a giant owl, turn into a cloud of bats, learn a reliable
teleport spell or (at the very least) acquire a horse and venture out
into this place. But don't forget to watch your six, lest you be
dropped with a swiftness.

There also exist other planes of existence - the Spirit Plane, the
Shadow Plane, even Hell - although most of these can be accessed only
by members of the appropriate class. Again, although still in their
initial design stages, these planes all offer various ways to upgrade
your characters.

Combat is where God Wars II really shines. I've never played a mud
that places more freedom in the hands of the player. You can
independently control four separate locations: left arm, right arm,
head, feet (and sometimes other body parts, such as tails). That is to
say, with the right amount of practice, you can execute an acrobatic
flip over your opponent at the same time as you stomp him with your
feet, launch a throwing knife at him with your right arm, perform the
appropriate arcane gestures to freeze him with your left hand, and
then bite a chunk out of his cheek on your way back down to the
ground. You can circle enemies, duck down and grab dirt, lop off body
parts (hands, legs, heads, etc...), sweep your opponents, and this is
still only the beginning. If you can think of it in real life,
there's a good chance you'll be able to do it in God Wars II.

The four classes - Mage, Werewolf, Vampire, Demon - all seem to be
(surprisingly, I might add) remarkably well-balanced. Four more
classes (Druid, Werecat, Lich, Dragon) are currently on their way.
During the last nine months I have played three of the four classes,
and have died numerous times at the hands of those both older and
younger than myself ('divine age' is the equivalent of 'experience
levels' in God Wars II ... after earning enough Primal, you can
choose to spend it on either aging your character or gaining various
class-related powers). Despite these deaths, never once did I feel
that they were because of a game-mechanics flaw. Player skill (i.e.
the person sitting behind the monitor) is important in this mud, and a
player who has no idea what he or she is doing (despite having a
god-like character with amazing stats) will quickly be torn to pieces
in the Nexus. And, in my opinion, that's awesome. Still, the majority
of god-like characters tend to be piloted by players who know exactly
what they're doing.

God Wars II has a steep-learning curve due to its complexity. Even to
experienced mudders it will take quite a bit of getting used to. To
combat this confusion, the helpfiles are more than sufficient, and
usually possess an answer to almost any query that you may have. At
times, though rarely, they are lacking in specific details ... but
this can be remedied by a quick question over the global channel. The
players, many of them utterly merciless in the Nexus, still make every
effort possible to answer questions and help newbies learn how to

Nonetheless, this is a mud that requires patience. And if you've had
the patience to read this entire review up until this point, then
maybe God Wars II is worth a visit. I don't think you'll be
disappointed. It offers incredible combat and extremely advanced
character customization. This is one mud that I've stuck with for a
while, and have no plans of going anywhere in the future. The
playerbase is interesting and will keep you on your toes, the
administration is always willing to answer questions and is
*constantly* updating the mud, and the game- mechanics are nothing
short of spectacular. All in all, God Wars II is one of the few unique
muds out there that deserves both recognition and praise. It's not to
be missed.

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