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TMC Player Reviews: The Godwars: War of Legend

Review Submitted By: Jaki
Author Status: Player
Started on The Godwars: War of Legend: August 2004
Submission Date: Sep 8, 2005
TMC Listing: The Godwars: War of Legend

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Jaki] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

First off I would like to say this is a VERY stable mud, you will not
have to worry about downtime all too much when you come here.

Okay now, I've been playing this mud since I started and I have
quite a bit to say about it. The mud has gotten progressively better
and bigger, the coder/owner, Triskal, has done an excellent job with
this mud. His classes are all very unique, yet balanced! I know what
you're thinking, a balanced godwars mud, no way! But you have found
one here, if there are any imbalances he is quick to try and remedy
them and he is constantly adding new things.

There are five classes to the mud with each having at least two
subclasses most having 3 or more so it gives almost endless
playability. It's almost Diablo-esque in a way because you find rares
and can get unique items so another good thing for this mud is
equipment matters! No more everyone looking the exact same or having
the exact same 'god' equipment. Everyone is different and that comes
in to play of finding the right stuff and the best stuff for your

Stats are also a factor in this mud, which is also a surprise for
this genre of mud but a pleasant one so you have something to work
for! All in all, I love this mud and will continue to play until, god
forbid, it goes down for good.

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