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TMC Player Reviews: Ansalon

Review Submitted By: Skol
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on Ansalon: January 1, 2000
Submission Date: Sep 26, 2003
TMC Listing: Ansalon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Skol] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Hey there traveller,
Here's a little insight into things that are unique on Ansalon.

Ansalon has:
A unique system of MERCHANT SHIPS which can transport you to
different port cities for no charge, all it takes is some time.
Based upon the distance between ports.

MORE GORE!!!! Body parts galore! With over 3 times the body parts of
stock ROM, you'll see bits and pieces flying all over, and they tend
to ooze, bleed, gush and slip about. Eat a heart, it's a kick.

PRETITLES. So you want to be Lord MacFie, or perhaps The Filcher
Grumash. No longer is it just first names and a title, let's get some
of that roleplay going.

HOME COUPONS. Eat one, you go home, whew, that Lava was about to bust
my heiney, thank Reorx for that home coupon.

SETABLE RECALL POINTS. Hey, for some reason, I don't like _always_
appearing in the Temple of Takhisis, how about moving mine to my home
in the outskirts of Neraka? Sure thing.

MORE GORE 2!! Hey, I always wanted to whip someone with that rat tail,
or stab them with the tooth of that basilisk...Now you can! Some body
parts are weapons!

A centralized MAP system. No more buying outdated maps from the guy
in Sanction, just because he's _slow_. Now maps are all made by
Harol, our friendly cartographer, and then delivered to our map
shops around the world. Good thing too, I heard Solace got a

BUTCHERS!! With all those body parts, someone should cook them up so
we can eat them later. Someone shall.

SNEAK AND HIDE. How about something a little more role play? You got
it, now your character will slide behind tree trunks, hide behind a
rock, or dive into a pile of sand. And wait till you decide to come

PETS SUCK. Not anymore pal. Pets now can be fitted with the finest
equipment you can buy, assuming they have arms and legs and half a
brain. And hey, let's be able to feed them potions and pills!

GNOMETALK SUCKS! I can't make one talk slow enough to not make him
more annoying than a kender! Well folks, slow speak is now in, slow
it down there

MONEY. Newbies now have money, food, all sorts of things. No more
starving while trying to find out where the dang food court is, or
scrounging for 2 steel to buy a loaf of bread.

BANK ALL. Weren't you tired of having to count out your money to
deposit? Me too. Bank all does all at once.

SPELL FLAVOR! Spells now do some great role play actions, like
tossing powder, a shrunken head, I always found it boring that you
just said a funky word, didn't you? So wave that burning brand and
flameshield someone.

AUCTION. Auctions are back, now you can auction within the auction
houses, and safely transfer items at no risk to your own skin, money
too for that matter.

TRUE FAITH. Whew, my alignment is fixed now, and no immortal in
sight. Good thing I can eat that coupon.

OOC SAYS. For those of you who can't figure out that 'My car is in
the shop' isn't in character? Now I can ram it down your throat with
an 'out of character' say.

RED GLOWING EYES! Ever wonder why infravision only gave you glowing
red eyes in the dark, but didn't let you see a dang thing? Me too.
Now you can make out the general shape and even an idea of the kind
of creature you're seeing in that dark and spooky place.

These are just some of the recent changes we've made to Ansalon, all
of which help make it a more unique world with rich role playing, and
a great place to MUD.

I'd like to tell everyone that in the last 4 years of my
building/imm'ing/coding and playing on Ansalon, I've found the world
go from a rather flat adaptation... into one full of life and fervor.

The mud is huge, with limitless possibilities for roleplay, and
truly an explorer's mud.

I hope you enjoy it, as we are constantly trying to make improvements
to benefit game play.

Feel free to comment, I will answer all.

Zivilyn/Skol at yer service.

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