The Last Sunrise
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What mud have you played where you are given the choice to vote on the changes? What mud have you ever played where the admin and imp care what you think? Are you looking for a place to call home? Then take a moment to come check out the last sunrise. We offer an extended leveling code that allows you to go beyond the normal 90 levels to continue to enhance your character. Each class has the chance of sparking into something 'better'.

Warriors can turn into a channeler and a channeler into a warrior. Trollocs have the option to turn into a myddraal. And Ogiers into TreeSingers. With a wide range of skills and orginal code it allows you the player to enjoy a real WoT world. With a friendly staff and player base you can lose yourself inside this fantasy world. Log in check us out and then make the choice for yourself if you want to stay or go. If you do stay send me a tell my name is Kane. All morts who create via through mud connector shall obtain a limited 'Connected from mud connector aura' Enjoy. Tpb Kane aka Dan.

Mud Theme: Wheel of Time

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