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A very well-structured and in-depth game, Revenge of the Jedi is definitely a MUD everyone should try. Players of all levels of MUD experience play RotJ, as it is a game structured on player interaction. There are over 15,000 rooms and 10,000 NPC's. The MUD is geared to support a player base of about 200, with a self-healing economy, involved Immortals who are constantly improving gameplay, a guild system and faction system to make both friends and rivals. You have the ability to create a unique character by choosing from: 19 unique races, a primary-, secondary-, tertiary-, and specialized pilot-class to create your very own specialized experience.

You will bond with Mace Windu as he comes to your aid, and fear Boba Fett if you warrant him tracking you down in his sleek new Slave II in any of the well-beyond 100 zones that make up Revenge of the Jedi! Don't go to Dathomir alone, unless you're feeling lucky. You might lose more than just your hand. If you forget the hyperspace coordinates to Tatooine, I hope you remembered a comlink, or have a working nav-computer. I recommend this game for all Star Wars fans, for both new and experienced players of text-based games. So join us at port 9400. Come see why our mud is as good as everyone says it is.

Adventure, excitement... a Jedi DOES crave these things! And the MUD that has it - Revenge of the Jedi.

Mud Theme: Star Wars

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Review posted by Luke
Posted on Mon Oct 15 20:57:26 2018 / 0 comments
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I recommend this game. Log on and give it a try.

The #1 thing I like about this MUD is that it captures the feeling that the original Star Wars movies game me. I have always felt as if I am playing in the universe when I play.

The MUD is laid-back, does not require intense roleplaying (you can join rebel or imperial factions, which have gameplay mechanics, but roleplaying is not enforced). The players are fun and friendly. The game is a lot of fun to play.

It has 35,021 rooms at the time of this writing, there are nine players logged in currently, and two administrators logged in today and put some bonuses on for experience and damage. Many zones from the cannon and extended universe are in the game, including (of course) Tatooine, The Death Star, Yavin, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin and Endor. Other zones include Mandalore, Coruscant, Corellia, Geonosis, Dantooine, Naboo, Hapes, Darreta, Vexia, Scarif, Ruusan, and more.

It's very easy to get started and people are happy to help you along the way. They answer questions and may help you find EQ, recover your corpse, tell you what to watch out for and what to look for, and group for harder mobs.

There are six classes to choose from: Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Technician, Medic, and Smuggler. Jedi, Merc, and BH (as they are called), are the most combat-focused. Smugglers rely on stealth, and Medics and Technicians are great support roles that can help groups and manufacture special items that other classes cannot.

Each class has two sub-classes you get to choose from when you reach level 60 (out of 100). You get to specialize your play from that point on. Bounty Hunters can become Assassins who snipe and can vanish in the middle of combat, or Cyborgs which can repair themselves and attack and incredible speed. Jedi can become Sentinels, Consulars, or Defenders, or turn to the dark side as Sith Marauders or Lords. When you reach the maximum level in the game (level 10 legend), you can become a hybrid of these two sub-classes, taking the best skills from each to reach the highest form your class. You can also then switch classes and races without having to make a new character, which adds replay value after you've finish leveling.

A big part of the game is grouping with others to take on more challenging mobs. These mobs are the named characters from Star Wars movies, the Clone Wars TV show, and other extended universe fiction or games. You can fight Count Dooku, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Darktroopers. You can also battle Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Anakin, and many others.

The game is broken up into three phases: leveling, legend leveling, and remorting. You level 1-100, then can become a legend character, and level 1-10 legend levels. After that you can change races and classes without having to make a new character (this is called remorting), making for a continually fun "end game" instead of just maxing your player and having nowhere to go.

There are regularly active immortals who sometimes put on bonuses and run quests. They also fix bugs, develop new zones, and add to or update skills and abilities for balance. The imms have put a lot of thought into the game. There are lots of creative ways to play and not just one straightforward path through the game. Players still discover new tricks and unique combinations of skills to this day. And each new zone or addition or change gives new options to be explored.

If you like developing and contributing, the game is also open for you to contribute. Many players have made zones, some of them have become immortals and contributed to the game in many ways. You can start clans and lead groups to kill legendary mobs (Lord Hoth, Mara Jade, Luke, Yoda, Vader, Boda Fett, etc.), and if you want to contribute in other ways that are specific to you, the staff is always willing to listen. There is a builder application on the website if you want to get started with making a zone for the game.

All in all, playing Revenge of the Jedi is a great experience. It's a fun way to relax after work, or in between classes in school, and it has tons of fun mental puzzles to solve and auto-quests to complete. It feels good to level and gain power as you go alone. And it's a fun social environment to hang out in with other people, relax, and play together.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. I hope you like the game. Log on and give it a try. Thanks again!

All the best,

-Luke (Ardos)

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