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Change is in the air at Match of the Millennium. Ancient evil stirs, masterful fighters struggle with one another in a power play that stretches generations. Come experience one of the deepest combat experiences available in a setting rich with kung fu lore, a chance to create new adventures with timeless characters. MotM draws its characters and theme inspiration from classic fighting series like King of Fighters, Street Fighter, and Fatal Fury. Players have an opportunity to step into the shoes of classic fighting game characters and expand their stories, or craft their own would-be fighting legends.

It's No Sin to Be Mighty: Match of the Millennium boasts the most balanced, nuanced, and diverse combat system of any game of its kind, and players are encouraged to master its intricacies. Some have said that we are two games in one -- being both cooperative role-playing endeavor and competitive turn-based battle of wits -- and indeed, the original vision for our combat system was one that, like a fighting game, could be pushed to its limits by canny players without ever allowing exploitation while balancing the system. We are very proud of the result: one that, like all great games, allows complex possibilities to arise from simple fundamentals. But crucial to the success of this approach is our culture, of which we are equally proud: one that firmly values role-playing over character power or player skill. Fundamentally, characters compete, but players cooperate -- to create a story that all can enjoy. Remember, it's no sin to be mighty at Match of the Millennium, but here, true victories are always shared.

New Challengers Welcome: Jump right in to the action with our new streamlined application process, or design your own character and freely choose the level of power and experience you wish your creation to begin at. Our new and innovative approach distinguishes between Supporting and Core Feature Characters, separating them not by power or popularity but by the amount of background knowledge required to adequately role-play them, thereby allowing new players unfamiliar with the theme to still start at whatever skill level they find most interesting and learn about the world as they go. Many fighting game characters can be sufficiently summarized with a paragraph and their unique look or style; precisely part of the appeal of a game like Match of the Millennium is fully realizing a living character from a cool or memorable template. It is our hope and ambition that all players do just that over the course of play -- but not our expectation that they have done so before they begin. At Match of the Millennium we offer several hundred of these characters already statted for play, many easy to make your own.

Read more at or connect at telnet:// and expand the epic tale of your favorite character, or craft your own warrior on the path to enlightenment... or destruction.

Mud Theme: Fighting Games, Martial Arts, Low Fantasy

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