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Heralded by Reed Richards' ill-fated shuttle flight, the world as we know it has entered a state of -rapid- evolution. Costumed vigilantes stand as protectorate over the urban jungles battling crime that law enforcement can no longer contain. World governments have legally sanctioned teams of heroes to head off powered threats both foreign and domestic. Higher beings have made contact with the Earth: their presences known and their awe-inspiring powers an unsettling influence upon the mortals below. Racism stands at an all time high, though now the color of one's skin is no longer as important as the quality of one's genes.

Imagine, if you will, walking through the streets of New York and looking up, you see an airborne duel between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Imagine tuning into CNN and seeing images of a suspected group of mutant terrorists called the 'X-Men' fighting unknown mutants with a backdrop of some exotic location. Imagine again flipping through the Daily Bugle and reading about the Avengers' press conference detailing their recent victory over alien invaders on another world. Imagine watching broadcasters on E! Gossip over the activities on one of America's most favorite family, the Fantastic Four.

This is your world.

Our story takes place in Marvel Universe 616MU. The MU part is because the moment you begin role playing is the moment it diverges from the comic book series Secret Wars 3 (2015 comic event).

What we offer: * Easy and brief +traits based character generation. * Active and friendly staff and evolving world where player actions make a difference. * A game where feature and original characters are both welcome. * Open to player run plots.

MUX: 2012


Mud Theme: Super Hero, Marvel Comics, superhero

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