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The world of Icesus is set upon the planet Aegic, a planet created long ago by a clash of the elemental planes. As a result of battles between the elemental Gods, the planet was recently covered completely in ice, except for the valley of Icesus. Having recovered from the shock and starting to rebuild cities and nations, the races of Icesus have already had one major war. Prepare to enter the changing and rapidly growing world of Icesus.

Icesus is a very original LPMUD set in a seamless fantasy theme, and a vast world full of secrets to explore. Apart from the all original realistic combat system and an innovative spell system, Icesus also has a variety of interesting features sure to distract you from mindless expmaking. The overall feeling and mood of the world will hold you in its grip like an icy cold hand of a wraith. Run on a dedicated server/connection by an equally dedicated staff, Icesus is truly a refreshing exception in the general mud genre.

Mud Theme: Medieval fantasy

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