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Let your spirit take shape in one of fifteen races, cast your will into one of nine guilds and begin your journey towards destiny. Forge friendships. Gain power. Vanquish enemies. Work with your allies toward things greater than any individual. Become part of the rich history of adventurers who have made their home in a world that is immediately fun and will continue to challenge and stimulate for years to come. Step through the portal, and immerse yourself in the mythical world, Astaria.

Mud Theme: Hack and Slash + Politics

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Review posted by Yavanius
Posted on Sat Jan 4 12:32:26 2020 / 0 comments
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Having started off on the 2nd iteration of the MUD, I've seen the MUD evolve and grow over the years. New areas, new abilities, new gear and items. The Wizards are always working on stuff to enhance the game. Even though the 3rd iteration of the MUD came about some years ago, with all the work that's been done, not just on the top layer but on the engine itself, it essentially is the 4th iteration now even if it hasn't been officially titled so. There are 100s of thousands of rooms on the MUD with hundreds of varying areas to explore, each one with their uniqueness to occupy players. There's things to occupy newbies/lowbies to master characters plus areas are being revamped and added on. Guilds provide a variety of combat choices and difficulties plus you have up to 3 different characters to play among so you can explore different guilds and find one that you gravitate to or just to switch characters for a different gameplay. Everyone's welcome to join on it, no restrictions.

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