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On Threshold, Role Playing is not just a feature- it is a requirement! This completely original world evolves based on the actions of the player base. The detailed religions, governments, economies, guilds, clans, and legal system are all player run. There are scores of intricate plot lines constantly evolving that make the game into a living, breathing world.

Threshold is one of the most successful role playing required online games. If you have not experienced it you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity and your imagination in a mature, safe environment.

* In operation for 12 years. (Founded June 1996)

* 14 GUILDS, 10 RACES, 12 RELIGIONS, Over 500 spells and abilities.

* PLAYER RUN Religions, Government, Guilds, Clans, Legal System, and Economy.

* HUGE WORLD to explore with exciting (yet optional) quests. All areas are totally unique to Threshold and will stretch your imagination.

* COMBAT system that requires tactics, planning, and a cool head.

* MINI-GAMES: Tons of non-combat mini games where players can compete with each other (dueling, Quail Hunt, chess, fishing, Trial Arcanus, and many more).

* STABILITY: Top notch internet connection and extremely stable and powerful servers.

* NEWBIE FRIENDLY: We'll help you feel right at home.

Mud Theme: Role Playing Required. Medieval High Fantasy.

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