Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance


S T A R W A R S Dawn of Defiance


The galaxy is at war. The invading TAUNG EMPIRE has set out to lay waste to the entirety of civilized space and only a desperate act by the GALACTIC EMPIRE has stopped their advance. But this has split the galaxy in two with the Inner Core controlled by EMPEROR PALPATINE and the Outer Rim systems under the guidance of the newly formed OUTER RIM REPUBLIC.

The budding RESISTANCE challenges the Empire's power at every turn and has gained allies as well as support from segments of the Outer Rim Republic. Confrontation is still a dream as the peace between the Empire and Republic must be maintained. The REPUBLIC KNIGHTS work to maintain order in the war-torn Outer Rim while the remains of the JEDI ORDER and the ARMY OF LIGHT combine their strengths to combat a growing darkness festering beyond the Outer Rim.

Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance uses the Saga Edition rules system written by Wizards of the Coast. It is a game that emphasizes player based direction and cooperative story telling. It is the continuation of plot lines and possesses a player base that is experienced with Saga Edition to help players get acclimated. Feel free to drop by and ask around on public to get a feel.

Mud Theme: Star Wars

Client Recommendation: PotatoMUSH, SimpleMU, or any other MUSH oriented client

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