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The Road to Amber is a roleplaying MUSH based on Roger Zelazny's Amber novels. Set just after the end of _The Guns of Avalon_, the game is focused entirely on Amber and the Golden Circle. Our aim is to capture the spirit of Corwin's Chronicles, with its pulp feel, potent heroes, and epic intrigues.

In October 2009, we began the second phase of our story, a tale shaped entirely by our players. The Pattern in Rebma has been destroyed, the exact cause unknown, but Moire has put a price on Caine's head following the resulting earthquake. The consequences of this form the thematic core of this episode. Adding to Amber's internal strife, with the Crown in the hands of a beleaguered Julian, and troubles in the Golden Circle, there are greater concerns. Corwin attempts to create his own realm at the edge of Chaos, claiming it is a bulwark against the Black Road, but those who have seen him claim that Corwin himself has been corrupted by the power of the Road. And Brand claims to have discovered a fourth Pattern, one of fire, with strange and improbable properties.

We have four guiding principles:

- All characters are awesome. - Conflict mandates choice, which leads to change, which creates story. - The currency of play is Things to Do, and Interesting Meaningful Things To Talk About. - Drama and play creation trumps realism.

Our innovative RPG approach is inspired not only by the Amber Diceless RPG, but by a variety of story games, such as FATE, Everway, Polaris, and Ganakagok.

We welcome first-time MUSHers. Character approval is easy, quick, and painless -- no lengthy applications to write, just come up with a concept and you're good to go. Player characters are on par with the characters in the novels, and their abilities can be entirely unique.

We also welcome players without any familiarity with the Amber theme. Of late, people have been wandering out of the Forest of Arden, people without much if any memory of their past, or how they came to be in Amber. You can get an instant amnesiac and begin playing immediately, so you can learn the game both IC and OOC from scratch.

Mud Theme: Roger Zelazny's Amber

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