Lost In Time


Lost in Time (LiT) is located in the Czech Republic and most players are from the Czech and Slovak Republic.

The world of LiT is covered mainly with water, and life is concentrated on four main continents.

On LiT You can encounter new and original features sentient forests with trees avenging those who harm woods. Dreams. Detailed ethereal travel through The Ways. Mages drawing power from magical intersections, mighty hunters of the night - the Warlocks, powerfull Paladins wielding hammers summoned from the gods, Druids lovingly caring of their woods, Healers devoting their lives to healing and Mercenaries, brutal warriors valuing honor higher than life.

You can forge Your own weapons, brew huge number of potions from various combinations of ingredients, fight in the orcish tunnels in Halia, find the great magical sword Doomgiver, defend Wyzima against raids of orcish warbands or go exploring the infinite depths of the Chaos dungeon.

And best of all - with the help of our friendly players and creators you can do nearly Anything if it suits our theme. New areas and skills are added constantly.

Mud Theme: fantasy

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