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5 years in development, we've been open over 10 years to players seeking fun and quality. You'll find yourself challenged here, with long term levels that promote a true sense of achievement. We sport countless features, the scenario being fully integrated with a stable, unique game's a partial list: * Experience rewards for exploration, combat, quests and assisting new players * Protected status at low levels while you learn to play * A simple but smart banking system * Configurable sounds and music with MSP * Combat is completely controlled by you (no autocombat) * Interactive NPCs who'll trade, arm wrestle you, offer you rumors or quests & more * Player-influenced politics for war or peace * Gambling * Randomized items to keep you guessing * Settable moods for speech and actions * Player owned and stocked shops * Stability and speed! You will not lose valuable time to crashes, dedicated T1 * Chaos (PK) and law (no PK), either can duel in arenas or during war * Skills gained gradually that improve with actual use * 400+ help files on commands, spells and concepts * Customize! Set your colors, aliases, even anti-latency measures * Original ANSI art * Competent, fair and often present admin * 150+ spells & lots more effects * We strive to please, come and visit!

Mud Theme: High Concept Fantasy/Medieval

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