Wyvern has returned, back on mobile and better then ever!

Join us on an adventure of epic proportions! Hack your way through jungles and explore long forgotten ruins: with environments ranging from frost covered wild lands of living dead; to the burning depths of Hades filled with demons. Wyvern is a continent of many faces, with secrets and puzzles to unfold.

Choose to brave this incredible land as a merry Halfling, the elusive Pixie, or the stout Dwarves. Elves also call Wyvern their home and include the forest loving Wood Elves, the magic inclined High Elves, and the mysterious Dark Elves. These races live in harmony on land along with the powerful and hardy Elemental Giants and the primal and varying Raksasha Clans; while the shape-shifting Naga claim the sea as their domain. Each race is distinct and powerful in their own right.

These races may choose one of seven guilds. The stalwart and brave Paladins, who protect themselves and their companions with holy light and heavy armor. The Axemen, who cleave their way through enemies with ease. The Monks who have honed their body and mind as one. The Archers, who unleash volleys of death on their foes from afar. The Cavemen who prefer a direct and blunt approach, with the vigor to back it up. The shadowy Ninja guild who's members use stealth and blade to exploit weaknesses. Lastly is the Mages guild made up of fledgling sorcerers and masters of the arts, with many schools of magic at their disposal.

Between exploring never ending dungeons and helping the denizens of Wyvern with their various quests and dilemmas, take a break and sell your loot to other adventurers in auction houses. You can even renovate your very own home. If you're feeling especially brave and well-equipped, join your friends in vanquishing a powerful foe. Who knows what powerful gear you could find if your party proves triumphant..

Wyvern is a game unlike many others, and is taking great strides forward to deliver a game that is unique, fresh, and still stay true to it's roots. The game uses a graphically tile set and receives updates at a consistent basis with only more to come, including a loot system reminiscent of Diablo/Borderlands. With one of the most helpful and friendly communities as well, there is no reason to miss out on this gem of a game.

You can currently download Wyvern from iOS and Google Play, though a Steam/PC version is in works.

Mud Theme: High Fantasy/Multiverse/RPG

Client Recommendation: Google Play or iOS/Apple Store

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