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Shoujo-Ai MUSH, running PennMUSH, is centered around the theme of an all female, lesbian world. It is set on a small, isolated island named Yuriba that is located in the Devil's Triangle ( similar to the Bermuda Triangle) some distance off the coast of Japan. The environment is built on a simple reality: "All life is female."

Shoujo-Ai MUSH is largely social RP oriented but welcomes purely social players as well. The MUSH is based loosely on the anime subgenre 'yuri', or 'love between girls'. While the in character world has it's own culture and history, much of the overall flavor remains anime and manga influenced. The environment is designed to allow a primary focus on social and relationship RP, rather than combat.

Further details about the MUSH and the world it is set in can be found at our webpage or its accompanying wiki.

Mud Theme: Lesbians

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