Penultimate Destination
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This is an Adult Mush mostly focused on the land of Empyrea, an isolated nation floating in the void of an empty dimension. The setting is specifically designed to allow for a wide variety of roleplay without breaking theme, and can include many different types of play.

This is primarily meant as a means to explore sexual roleplay in a safe and accepting environment. Nonsexual roleplay is welcome and very common on the IC grid, especially socialization, and the culture and code also support expanding the theme with player-devised extensions.

Mud Theme: Adults-only, crossworlds

Client Recommendation: MUSHClient

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Review posted by Empress Odinsdottir
Posted on Sun Oct 27 03:53:42 2019 / 0 comments
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First off, this is one of the most poorly designed MU*s I have ever had the displeasure of chargenning on. The code is more rickety than a termite-eaten wooden scaffold. It is byzantine and unhelpful to navigate. The world map is terribly designed and unintuitive, and the Admins are rude, unfriendly, and hostile.

There is a clique on this game that comprises of a bunch of anime character underage girls who are obviously men roleplaying women badly. I say this as a woman in real life. They are not just upsetting to behold, they are also hostile to anyone outside of the clique. The game is basically the Haigha and Co. show, with a bunch of Saber cosplayers, a Rukia cosplayer, and some other minions that escape my notice. They make no attempt to interact with anyone else.

The grid play is nonexistent. everyone on the grid is either idle or page playing.

The numbers of the game are inflated because most of the Clique has ten alts.

The whole game is a scam. Avoid.

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Review posted by Jonas
Posted on Wed Jun 5 03:11:13 2019 / 0 comments
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This place has issues.

First I should mention that the game itself began when Shangrila MUX banned all characters who appeared to be under 16 years of age in an effort to purge itself of a rather nasty pedophile crowd. Those affected sought refuge at a couple of other games before Penultimate Destination opportunistically opened its doors with the boast that ALL were welcome. This will be immediately obvious to anyone spending any amount of time there.

The pedophile crowd is thriving there. While the staff of the game claim that they restrict this group to the hardcore chat channels it is seldom that they actually enforce this. Child characters (referred to as "lolis" to attempt a cute spin on a reprehensible practice) will often feature explicit artwork of underaged characters in their +finger profiles, some as young as 6 years old. That's right, you can find people openly showcasing artwork featuring 6 year old girls with their prepubescent vaginas on display. If you remark on that then you are accused of "kinkshaming" and insulted until you drop the matter. These characters are said to be forbidden from explicit activity in the general chat channel yet they get away with it more often than not due to a lack of effective moderation on the game.

Another point of concern is that the game's lack of enforced rules has attracted a large crowd of militiant heterophobes. Many characters openly display gay pride, trans pride, adverb of the week pride flags in general chat and do not hesitate to insult heterosexual or "cis" characters or players, calling them boring or disgusting. Such talk is encouraged by the players and the staff do nothing to put a stop to the bigotry. On the other hand it was only last month that a player was disciplined for saying that they did not want their female RP partners to have a penis. This was somehow seen as "hate speech" and the more militiant players in chat were permitted to attack this player without staff intervention.

The game appears to only have one moderator active in chat channels which may explain their lack of presence. You will find this to be a good thing as this moderator Haigha is extremely combative and often more disruptive than the problems they unidle to solve, openly demanding respect and using threats and ugliness to attempt to silence those they find to be offensive. They have a chip on their shoulder and they are not afraid to go after anyone who runs afoul of their arbitrary set of rules for the given day.

Another matter I found curious was their lack of many coding mainstays to be found on similar games. This was explained to me as their coder Glass being somewhat new to coding and "borrowing" code from many other places to cobble together in an attempt to reach their goals. I do not know if this is true or not but it is suspicious that even the most common object attributes are set to invisible. The average player is forced to resort to complicated methods of obtaining information that is right out in the open on other games. There is something there that they do not want us seeing.

The worst part about all of these problems is that the game doesn't offer any reason to put up with them. You may look at the activity levels and think that this is a busy game but it is actually little more than a series of active chat channels. Gridplay is essentially nonexistent and any RP done here will only be found by making arrangements to meet someone in advance.

That is about all I have to say for now. I felt compelled to finally quit after hearing a staff member make a thinly veiled threat to a player who spoke of writing a negative review, "I wouldn't do that if I were you", and have since encountered other former players who have been sharing logs and stories of their own disturbing experiences with this game. One of them spoke of assembling an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry on the game with these resources so you can check there soon if you would like to learn more.

If you really need an adult themed game I suggest Shangrila MUX for now. yes they banned characters under the age of 16 but as the people of Penultimate Destination go to show it is sometimes a very good thing to have the line drawn somewhere.

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