Nightfall is an LPmud with a long tradition (we started in December 1990). Although it is located in Germany, it is open internationally. English is the main language (out of politeness to everybody's understanding), but it is possible to chat in any language.

Nightfall is based on a fantasy setting, with a huge world for all sorts of strange ideas. Currently there are about 70 quests, 13 races and 9 classes. Nightfall was founded in December 1990 and now consists of over 500 MBytes of mudlib source code (that means about 80000 Files total).

You can discover a whole new world with different realms ranging from old traditional english mythology like the Camelot of King Arthur to the ancient colosseums of Rome, from the lofty chambers of the dwarvish mountain halls down to the deepest bowels of Hell, and over eleven other enticing kingdoms. At this time, there are approximately 16 open domains and many projects in the making, all with different themes and scenarios.

Nightfall has an uncomplex communication system and supports Intermud2 and Intermud3 to contact people in other (supported) muds.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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