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Mud Address: 7777
Web Address:
Codebase:            [MOO] LambdaMOO
Listing Last Updated:     October 29, 2004


MOO Canada, Eh? was formerly known as SchoolNet MOO. The MOO is primarily social, but an incredibly flexible and useful environment for programming is the basis of the MOO. Try out the web interface at, and you'll see that it is a very sophisticated system. With over a thousand users, it is the largest and oldest MOO in Canada.

Mud Theme: Social

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MOO Canada, Eh? Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed7055
Last Connection StatusConnect Refused
# Days With Status6
Total Telnet Attempts3220.046
Total Website Attempts3970.056
Telnet Attempts This Month2638.484
Website Attempts This Month2728.774