Legends of Terris
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After 5 years as AOL's largest MUD terris has launched onto the WEB.

The highest rated area on AOL Europe from 95 - 00

Over 12 million game hours played. Over 2 million characters have been created

A huge world with thousands of quests, thousands of different monsters and thousands of locations.

Build up your own character history, gain awards, make your name and create your own legend.

Players run the cities, guilds, clans, households.

Immortals and heroes interact with the playerbase at all times.

Arc storylines are developed thorughout the year.

Extensive engine development and world expansion has happened each and every year and will continue to happen.

Download the client software at


The First great game from the online games company See: www.onlinegamescompany.com for more details.

Mud Theme: Fantasy, Rpg, questing, heroic

Legends of Terris Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Renaile
Posted on Fri Jun 27 08:02:44 2014 / 0 comments
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I have been a long term player of Legends of Terris since I came across it on AOL when I was 14, and over the years through its independence from AOL, I continue to play. At 30 I find that I sometimes enjoy a game now and then and this is one of the first games I think of.

While many text games are alike, train stats,do quests, kill stuff, and level up, Terris stands out to me because of its extraordinary roleplay and rather unique utilization of stats.

If you are a hack and slash text game player, or a casual player or a roleplay devotee, Terris has something for almost everyone.

The heart of Legends of Terris are its players and Immortal staff. There are many epic storylines that are current in the lands and a Message Board system is used for some roleplay as well as extensive roleplay within the lands.

We as players, in our choices in polls and through participation in roleplay events, may even change whats happening in those stories themselves. Invasions from Dark Elves, chaos Storms that destroy the Guilds and break their magicks, there is bound to be a story for everyone to enjoy.

For the hack and slasher - There are several forms of experience gain, such as

Land Levels, Guild Ranks, City Ranks, and Temple Ranks.

There are 16 races, 9 classes, 15 Guilds and 9 (current) temples to choose from. With so many choices you can just imagine the type of characters you can create. A bow wielding Berserker in the Rangers or and Two-Handed Sword wielding Sorcerer, there are many combinations, each with its own perks and flaws.

There are many ways to equip your adventurer.

Most Guilds have programs for active participation in Guild Ranking or participating in guild roleplay events, where you can earn gold or equipment.

Armorsmithing - Players can craft armor, like Steel Plate Helms or Mithril Breastplates Weaponsmithing - Players can craft weapons, like a Double-Headed Death Axe or a Black Mithril Broad Sword Guild Equipment - Gear earned when achieving the appropriate Guild Rank, purchased with gold. Temple Equipment - Earned through RP with Temple Mounts - Many mounts to choose from, Guild, Temple and regular. Arcana - Craft arcana pieces for crafting items Jeweler - Craft jewelery that has helpful stats and can be enchanted by some casters! Herbalism - Mix herbs and seeds together to make healing, buffing, or curative herbs

While there is the element of hack-and-slash, the Roleplay is really the reason to stay. The more players that come and stay within the lands of Norrath, the more events that can happen, and the larger the events can be.

Legends of Terris is a challenge, and I extend that challenge to other people, that might just be looking for something new to give a go. The staff and players are nice and a lot of attention is given to the game in terms of fixes and updates to make the experience for all players better.

If your looking for fun stories, a nice challenge, and some fun roleplay, enter Norrath and hunt down the creatures of Norrath and make a name for yourself, as you roleplay and slay your way to becoming a LEGEND.

Hydra-Bait, Renaile, Ranger of Devardec

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Review posted by Quass of Terris
Posted on Sun Feb 14 19:19:33 2010 / 0 comments
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I have been playing Legends of Terris since 1998. When I first started I was a bit lost. The world is expansive and full of players. I created an Elf Fighter. You dont start in a guild, rather you have to complete a specific quest to gain entry into the guild you wish to join, so I joined the Knight's guild.

People are beginner friendly and always happy to help. Many of us are on daily for long expanses of time so we are reliable when it comes to help. The staff (Heros and Immortals and the occasional Legend) are about on regular basis and will help when needed as well.

Stories, plots, and rps take place on a regular basis and we have a boards where you can talk OOC and rps also take place IC.

The world is ever changing and there is a huge amount of Items, Armor, Weapons. You can learn skills such as Poison to coat blades with, you can learn enchantments to put on weapons like web, lightening, etc.

You get mounts, you can join temples a follow immortals. You can even join households. Everything is player run with the help of those on high. Guild Masters, Guild Officers, Temple Leaders, House Hold leaders, all are players themselves. Many different races, lots of classes, and tons of play value.

We hope to see you about, if you do chose to join us, you can find me as Phyr, a Dark Elf Warlock, or Quass, the knight aforementioned. OK! Hope to see you around!

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Review posted by randy
Posted on Sun Feb 14 19:17:17 2010 / 0 comments
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Terris is probably one of the most indepth muds i have ever played in 20 years of playing muds. It is the only place i can go, and feel like an actual ogre and build my own legend.

Staff is great. There are always new things being released. The current playerbase is very helpful. There are literally thousands of quests, and the best part of it, even after 14 years of playing, i find new things everyday i didn't know about. My hat is off to OGC; thank you for a wonderful world to get away to. Mesaslave -

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Review posted by Steve
Posted on Sat Nov 25 18:04:48 2006 / 0 comments
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Used to be a great game, until its greedy creators started charging FIFTEEN DOLLARS A MONTH for it. Use this money on a real MMORPG with graphics. Games like Terris should be free, donation based, or one-time membership fee at the most. NOT FIFTEEN FRIGGIN DOLLARS A MONTH.

Terris had 600+ people on at a time when it was free, now during peak hours you're lucky to see 40 people. These people are addicts and can't give it up, that's the only reason they stay.

They don't use real customer service but instead insist on 100% always roleplaying and thus think they are actual GODS (even in customer service queries). So you have to bow and be polite or you get a smite or something.

The good part? Aside from the staff and the money they rob from you, this game is quite possibly one of the best games ever written in concept. The story, the descriptions, the monsters, the items, the places, everything about it is exactly as a traditional Sword/Sorcery RPG should be. The community complemented this well in the past when everyone would roleplay and you felt like you were immersed in a realm of fantasy. Now you are paying $15 a month to sit in a ghost town.

My suggestion - OGC Staff/Creators - stop charging an obscene amount. Allow donations, freeplay, or a one-time membership fee (like buying a computer game) of $20-40 or something.

Make no mistake, Terris is by far the best game a game can be in text form, and the world itself will draw you in like butter. However, it is not worth what you pay, and the staff are socially inept and have the worst online bully complex you'll ever see.

If you're a millionaire, play it. If $15/mo matters, spend it on something worth it.

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Review posted by Ringdancer aka Ashli
Posted on Mon Oct 4 17:41:40 2004 / 0 comments
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Terris is addictive. Anyone who stays long enough knows what I mean. The advertisement of where you can become a Legend and be the best and hang out with the Heroes, Immortals, yadda yadda? It's true. You can, in fact, become a Legend of Terris, a Hero, a Baron, an Immortal, but you have to do it with hard work and dedication. You can't just waltz in and expect it to happen. Most players who are part of Staff have been playing for years and years. They're dedicated to the Game and what it represents, not just what it does: bring entertainment.

The roleplay is always excellent, the gaming portions are always a challenge, and there are quests! So, so many quests that meet your riddle-me-this expectations that you can go wide eyed as if in a candy shop! Look out Willy Wonka, here comes Terris Quests!

Have an inclination to create? Want to kill things? Or just have some hot cocoa and cookies in front of a fire while listening to tales of old battles and dead guys? Well, you can find that and more. Want to get married, have kids, run a town, build a business? Well, sure you can do that too! Anything is possible here. Anything. Trust me. If you think it, you can do it. That is the incredible draw of Terris. That is why I play, and will continue to play, till I'm old, tired, and dust.

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Review posted by Ron Aka Zach
Posted on Mon Feb 9 21:15:39 2004 / 0 comments
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Terris...What can you say about a game this involved? Most people log in here and leave after the first week without seeing the true potential withing the game.

Yes, you CAN influence things to happen here. Be Active, RP your best, and sometimes even being in the right place at the right time can make your gaming experience quite unique!

This place has thousands of quests, over or very close to a thousand different monsters to kill, numerous guilds and numerous cities and towns to base your character's roleplay on.

What more could you want? Everything is pretty much laid out for you when you start playing so you know what you should start by doing and there are always people to help you out if you need it!

If you want to try a mud that will suck you in and then you wont want to get out, I'd try Legends of Terris!

Once you feel everything this place has to give you wont want to leave! Besides even you, a newer person that stays around long enough might even become a staff member someday! Most of the staff that I've seen within the game are actually people that you've known and helped or hunted or even was friends with that person!

Well take your time and try this place out... Really the choice is up to you...

If you want to take it: WWW.LegendsOfTerris.com

Ron(Icly) aka Zach

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