Imperial v3.5


Completely revised, Imperial has transformed into a world of continents, oceans and islands reaching its third incarnation, Imperial version 3.5 Imperial has been online for over 11 years and this newest version has been active for one year. It is one of the most stable and diverse MUD's in the world, with over 200 original areas to explore and MANY original cities located on three enormous, completely original continents. Players work together to progress up to level 50, through 8 races and 4 base classes that branch off into 12 finishing classes, having a choice to become an immortal and help run the mud, or begin to work on honor ranks. There are ten honor ranks and they provide long-term playability for the serious player taking up to one year to reach the final rank of Emperor. Imperial has excellent newbie areas and an extensive help-file system for new players, while helpful immortals and ranked players take new players under their wing. Imperial has a meta system to improve your characters statistics and an auction system to find just the right gear for him or her. Dragons are often seen in the air above the capital city of Kial-Qwyn. Sometimes these are the famous Emperors and Empresses returning from a hard campaign, but sometimes it might be a marauding dragon from the near by dragon's lairs. If danger, fame, fortune might be your calling then come and join us. Become part of the history that is Imperial.

Mud Theme: Original Fantasy (Medevial)

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