-=( N O D E K A )=-

o REAL-TIME overhead map displaying TRUE field of vision o 450+ skills and spells including: mental blast, joufu's arc, north wind o 120+ classes including: monk, poliir, nojohr, khehusod, ataelos, ruanbaere o 70+ races, such as: black drake, cloud giant, pixie, ryven, jerof, kedoeji o A quest system that'll blow your mind: o Story-like quests that have multiple outcomes o A morality system based on YOUR quest DECISIONS o Stored all completed quests - see summaries whenever you want o Tracked open quests and current state - pick up wherever you left off (have tons of open quests and never forget where you are) o A skill/spell system using 'preventions' that create not only a fast paced, but a highly strategic, combat system o Customizable output - including shrinking and expanding combat output and hiding things you don't want to see o Customizable color - battle color, score sheet, who, etc. o A million other things we don't have the space to list! Check us out!!

Mud Theme: Fantasy RPG

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