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GemStone III (, the biggest multiplayer text-based game ever, has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players since 1989, and gets better every day! Explore up to 30,000 unique rooms, enjoy custom items and character appearances, hundreds of intelligent creatures to hunt and interact with, unique spells, festivals, roleplaying events, and constant improvements and expansions.

Visit the documenation section on our website for detailed info on our races, professions, organizations, in-depth history, items and more.

With a staff of over 100 professional GameMasters working day and night, GemStone III is continually improving and expanding to meet your needs and wishes. Over 1000 players during prime hours share the fun every day - sign up for a FREE TRIAL and join the adventure! Or contact directly if you would like a free trial without the hassle of providing a credit card.

Mud Theme: fantasy roleplaying

GemStone IV Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Matt
Posted on Fri Nov 22 05:34:20 2019 / 0 comments
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My first experience with Gemstone was Gemstone III on AOL when I was around 14 or 15 years old. I was a big fan of fantasy novels by authors like Melanie Rawn and David Eddings and it was enthralling to explore a fantasy world and create a custom character. I'm an avid reader so exploring a world via text and using my imagination to bring it to life is more attractive than graphics that might not match up with what you envision. I've played a lot of modern MMOs since then and nothing scratches the same itch that Gemstone does in regards to creating a unique character. From features, to clothing, to items, etc. there are numerous ways for you to make your character unique albeit in the form of text on a screen. If you enjoy exploring a world, interacting with other players via roleplaying, and not running full tilt towards an end-game/dead end, then Gemstone IV might be a very worthwhile experience for you.

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Review posted by Geijon
Posted on Mon Mar 16 08:29:29 2015 / 0 comments
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I returned full time in 2010 and haven't regretted it for a minute. The storytelling has been fantastic across the game from GM Kenstorm's multiple storylines to the involvement from GM Marsteform in Icemule to aid from GM Haliste and others for River's Rest then across to Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Illistim. Teras has a new guru and the game seems more alive with updates, stories, events, merchants, and community over the past 5 years it feels like a golden age for a game I've played for 20 years.

I greatly endorse giving it a try or checking the gswiki out with the recently announced f2p accounts you can experience all the aspects of the community and roleplaying it has to offer then take the robust mechanic and combat system on the trial basis.

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