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Dominia Mud is based on the popular card game 'Magic: The Gathering' by Wizards of the Coast. Your adventure begins in the fabled City of Brass, where members of all races and classes mingle without restriction. As a beginning character, you are given the choice of playing one of twelve classes, and one of eight races, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Chaos Mages are masters of destructive and combat magic, Saboteurs can build bombs capable of destroying entire rooms, Necromancers swell their armies of followers with the bodies of their enemies, Hunters shoot their prey from many rooms away with deady accuracy, and the remaining eight classes have similarly clearly defined areas of expertise.

Above level 11 players may multiclass freely, at a cost in 'credits' much greater than the single credit required to level in the primary class.

Our community of players consists of a mix of magic addicts from around the world and non-magic players who found themselves strangely unable to stop playing.

Mud Theme: Magic: The Gathering

Dominia MUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Scott
Posted on Thu Aug 4 19:58:59 2011 / 0 comments
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I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun Dominia Mud is. I played magic the gathering regularly at the time I originally started mudding around 1995 and am glad to have to happened across this world. This is a great blend of two nostalgic high-school pleasures.

Dominia makes use of the standard 'mana' that most muds use for casting, but add in the twist of skills and spells requiring colored mana that you can gain from lands or a few rare objects. The world is unique to the mud as are many of the skills and spells are either unique or have a twist that makes them work for the mud.

The other players are helpful and friendly and there are people that have been around the mud for years that can give advice if you ask. The game is not as challenging or brutal as some muds I have played on, but it is lots of fun. I can stop in for a brief amount of time or spend a few hours playing. The multiclass and reincarnation system ensure that there will be new skills and spells to play with for a long time to come.

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Review posted by Chuck
Posted on Sat Apr 24 21:31:03 2004 / 0 comments
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I'd just like to write a review for Dominia MUD, as I have been playing there for around 6 years and absolutely love it. The community is great, it is free to play, and there are extensive helpfiles that make even the newest person to a MUD feel at home.

The players are all very nice, and punishments for breaking the rules are meted out fairly as well. Dominia MUD just has this addicting quality to it that is hard to find anywhere else. This addictiveness goes beyond the simple RPG need to continue playing once started. Dominia MUD is just so amazing that one thinks of it and wants to get on and play everyday.

Gameplay is great with inbuilt quests that are both fun and challenging to complete. There is trivia, tag, and survival quests that can be started by montors, elders, or gods. I would absolutely recommend that everyone try this MUD and stick with it. I've certianly had a lot of fun so far and I have no intention of stopping.

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