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Mud Address:    muck.spindizzy.org 7072
Web Address:    http://www.spindizzy.org/
Codebase:            [MUCK] TinyMuck 2.2 Fuzzball 5.64
Listing Last Updated:     October 29, 2004


Imagine using a continually updated text-based system in which one, by typing out descriptions of oneself and one's activities, and in turn reading the descriptions of others and their activities, simulates the experience of being in strange an unearthly places doing all sorts of imaginative and even not physically possible activities.

Now consider Spindizzy, a product of modern design and the latest in scientific engineering. Our electronic brain, called a 'computer,' makes it possible for people from all over the world to participate without learning the tedious punch-card skills and assembler instructions that older, less sophisticated systems demand.

Mud Theme: Mixing the fun parts of pop culture

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Spindizzy Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed6782
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status174
Total Telnet Attempts2960.044
Total Website Attempts5520.081
Telnet Attempts This Month2558.226
Website Attempts This Month47015.161